Do you get a fever, sore throat, stuffy nose, and aches

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A:The symptoms you’ve given do not match those of a staph infection. Abscesses, boils or furuncles are symptoms of staph infection. [ Source: ]
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What does it mean if you have stuffy nose, sore throat, fatigue, …?,-sore-throat,-fatigue,-aches-and-pains-but-no-fever
Your symptoms may describe sinusitis, the common cold or influenza. You should see your doctor for a diagnosis. Feel better soon.

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Pregnant. Stuffy nose, sore throat, fever like symptoms…?
Q: Hi all. I am currently 31weeks pregnant. And I have been having sore throat, sinus, body ache, stuffy nose and it feels like I have a fever or I am getting one. I did take my temperature, but it just says 98.0… Is there anything I can take that wont harm my baby? Will my baby be affected by my sickness? I appreciate your time. Thank You
A: Hi, Tylenol is good for a lot of symptoms. Saline nasal spray can be used for a stuffy nose. Most medicines can’t be used though. Just call your doctor’s office and they will either tell you, or have you come in. It will be well worth it, for you and baby. I had a sinus infection and bronchitis for the first 3 months of my pregnancy. To this day I feel that if it had gotten treated sooner it wouldn’t have lasted that long. Hope you feel better soon and good luck with everything!
What does it mean when your lymph nodes are swollen?
Q: I have had swollen lymph nodes befor everytime I get a cold sore and the doctor said it was OK, but now both lymph nodes under my jaw are swollen. I have had a cold for the last day of two and that is around when they became swollen. This has never happend when I was sick befor. I just want to see if this is serious or if it happens sometimes.By the way my cold symptomes are:slight feversore throatstuffy noseaches and pains thrughout my bodyThanks for any advice you have.
A: Lymph nodes which are swollen are usually a sign of infection. Sometimes the body can fight the infection, in which you don’t get sick and the lymph nodes go back to normal size. Other times you get sick, and you have to go to a doctor. Slight fever eh? Seems like you’re going to need to go to a doctor anyway. Especially if the fever gets a little higher each day. This is a sign of a bacterial infection. You’ll most probably need to get on some antibiotics. Some soup and orange juice wouldn’t do you any harm either. You can take tylenol or ibuprofen for the fever….just follow the label directions. But I think you need to be seen by a doctor. That way you’ll feel better sooner. I hope you feel better really soon, and wish you the best of luck. If you go to the doc, send me a message and tell me what’s up.
Cold/flu symptoms accompanied by temperature and cold sweats? PLEASE ANSWER! 10 pts. to best answer!?
Q: i’ve had a cold about the past three weeks, but nothing enough to make me want to sit around and do nothing…as of yesterday i’ve had these following symptoms:stuffy nosesore throathead achesvery tired/fatiguedvery weakfever-99 and today it’s gotten up to 99.5during the night i woke up with cold sweats… I was sweating, but yet I felt cold, and needed to be under the blankets… what could this be a sign of… just the flu or something more??i need any help i can get…thanks sooooooooo much!!BTW— any dumb butt answers will receive a thumbs down… you don’t want to mess with me when i’m sick, and i’m for real……
A: There is a chance that you may have contracted swine flu or another virus. See your doctor ASAP.
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