Do you need surgery for a meniscus tear

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Maybe.See a doctor.An injured or torn meniscus causes mild to severe pain(particularly when the knee is straightened)depending upon the extent of the tear. Severe pain is common when a torn meniscus fragment catches between the femur and tibia.ChaCha [ Source: ]
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Do you need surgery for miniscus tear?
If you are in pain or you are having trouble with support are the reasons for any knee surgery. But you may have more damage than you think. If you have surgery it might prevent future decay of the meniscus. When I tore my ACL I was told to…
Does a Meniscus Tear Always Need Surgery?
John is a 40-year-old triathlete who came in to see me with a painful knee and an MRI scan. “Doc”, he said, “my knee has been hurting for a few weeks, so I got an MRI from my primary care physician. I looked at the report, and it says I hav…
How long will rehabilitation after allograft meniscus replacement…?
Return to sports requires the ability to perform sports specific drills at competition speed. Depending on the rigors of the sport, the preoperative condition, associated injuries, and other individual factors, return to a chosen sport gene…

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Alternative treatment for meniscus tear?
Q: I have had surgery to fix one tear and I’m going back to see my doctor about another tear in about a month. I really can’t take the time out for surgery for about 6 months since it’ll be at most a 15 week recovery. The tear is bad and needs surgery, but are there any alternative treatments? anyone out there living with pain from a meniscus tear? what do you do to make it feel better?
A: recovery from menisectomy is relatively short, recovery from meniscus repair is several weeks to months
Meniscus Tear (arthroscopic surgery)?
Q: I went for an MRI and was diagnosed with a torn meniscus, a tear on my PCL and my front tendon is “overstretched” cant remember the wording the doc used. I have been like this for a month. The pain is still there, but not as much as it use to be. Last time my dog jumped on my knee and it hurt like crazy the next day. I can’t squat, bend, walk normal, have to use crutches, and my hands are getting numb. I have been getting tingling on my hands and have a hard time sleeping. I have a hard time sitting down because when I stand up my knee hurts a lot. Also, I can drive but my knee hurts or feels very uncomfortable. My question is, has anyone ever experienced this injury? How long did it take for you to recover? Did you have surgery? How long did it take for you guys to recover after surgery (arthroscopic surgery).Dr should tell me on Monday when I will have surgery. I want to plan ahead and have an idea how long I will need to recover. My Dr. said one month. Hope that’s not the case.
A: It depends on how much work he has to do on your meniscus.I had five atrhroscopic surgery on my keft knee.Each surgery had different time limit,it went between 3 weeks to 6 weeks.Hope this helps.
No Health Insurance – Need knee surgery?
Q: I am 25 with no health insurance and a torn ACL/Meniscus who badly needs surgery. I’ve already had 3 doctors confirm I need surgery or it will not heal properly.My injury has been limiting me from basic daily activities including having a fulltime job full time school enrollment, playing sports, sex life, and many common daily chores. I can also notice its affect on my overall health and well-being, occasionally causing depression. I seem to reinjure it every 2-6 months. I cannot sprint for more than 50 feet without injury (so obviously I don’t), My range of motion is very limited, I cannot lift heavy objects without constantly having my knee bent (or it will collapse, very painful!). EVERYTHING I do involves thinking about my knee and the chance of a re-injury. This is a very miserable existence and I am my breaking point. What are my options out there. I’m not looking for a free pass. I just want to move on with my life!!! Hell, if I had the money in my pocket to pay for my surgery (I’m sure people in my situation would agree) I’d do it in a heart beat! Unfortunatley that’s not an option. Speaking of option, why are republicans so against a public option? What if next time your house is on fire or your being raped you had nobody to call because you didnt have the money? Just thinking out loud..Anyway, thanks, any help is appreciated
A: Get the surgery, take the bill and file for bankruptcy.
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