Has Meg Ryan had plastic surgery

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Yes, Meg Ryan has had plastic surgery on her lips, and and cheeks. She has also had a face lift and may use botox injections. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/has-meg-ryan-had-plastic-surgery ]
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Is it true that Meg Ryan had plastic surgery
Meg Ryan has had lip implants. She has never confirmed that she had plastic surgery on other parts of her face or body.
Did meg ryan have plastic surgery?
Yes, she did. She did something to her nose and mouth. She is still pretty but she was prettier before.

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Poll: Do you think Meg Ryan had bad plastic surgery?
Q: She looks so strange in her movies now. Do you think she is a bit heavy on the botox??? Or has she had bad surgery?
A: Yes, she looks like the Joker now.Shame, she was so pretty.
Has Meg Ryan’s new look (after plastic surgery) changed the way you feel about her?
Q: She was one of my favorite, or my favorite romantic comedy actress, but one day she decided she wanted to change the type of movies, lose the image that had made her so popular, she had her lips shooted with collagen and I don’t know whatelse, but she doesnt’ look the same anymore…She still a good actress, but she lost that cute look she had, she was so naturally beautiful before…now she looks like all those artificial looking actresses that spend too much time under their plastic surgeon’s knife…she didn’t have to do this, it’s too bad….she looks like plastic and artificiallWhat about you, has it changed how you feel about her, would you still watch her new movies?Cute face before :http://hairbrained.files.wordpress.com/2008/01/meg-ryan-hair.jpegBefore/after pictures :http://j-walkblog.com/old/images/megr.jpghttp://j-walkblog.com/old/images/mryanthennow.jpghttp://plasticsergeant.com/uploads/Cu/N9/CuN9WRYcKlgN4JfPbgXGSQ/celebrities_plastic_surgery.jpgSeashell : I’m not shallow, I just think its a shame that she changed her natural, beautiful and young look for an artificial one. She’s still the same person inside, she didn’t need to do this…she was perfect just the way she was….I have no problem with someone fixing a flaw that’s been bothering you all your life, then go ahead and do it…but why fix something that’s not broken…
A: she looked SOOOO much prettier before the surgery.
Did Meg Ryan have plastic surgery go awry? If so… was it publicized?
A: I think she has just had too much done. A friend of mine’s mother goes to the same plastic surgeon in NY that she goes and she obviously does her lips and botox. It also looks like she has had cheek implants.
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