How bad is staff infection

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A:Staph infections are communicable conditions caused by certain bacteria and generally characterized by the formation of abscesses [ Source: ]
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How bad is staff infection
Staph infections are communicable conditions caused by certain bacteria and generally characterized by the formation of abscesses
How bad is Mersa Staff Infection
Yes the Mersa Staff infection is a very very bad bug,Considered a super bug,Resistant to penicillin.Thanks for using ChaCha!
How bad can a staff infection get
Left untreated, staph infections can lead to possibly fatal conditions such as sepsis, toxic shock syndrome, cellulitis, or MRSA.

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how do puppies get staff infections?
Q: My puppy has a really bad staff infection….((Bacteria)) his eyes are really puffy and red and has yellow stuff running out of them…he had something on the side of his eye that looked like a mole..could he of scratched it open or something and it started that way?
A: When the skin is punctured or broken for any reason, staph bacteria can enter the wound and cause an infection. I had a cat that got out and got beaten up by a stray. He got cut up pretty badly, and developed a staph infection on his shoulder. The vet gave us some antibiotics and told us to leave the wound open, to let the infection drain. We also had to apply warn, damp compresses 5 times a day, to help draw the infection out.There are over 30 different species of Staph bacteria, so make sure your vet takes a culture, to best treat it.
How do you prepare mentally to have a finger amputated?
Q: I have a friend who has to have a finger removed. it’s all due to a very bad staff infection, that keeps spreading. At first, the doctors were telling her that they can take it off at the knuckle, but now after many surgeries, they are now saying they have to remove the whole finger. She is having a horrible time accepting this..What are some things she can do to prepare herself?????? serious answers only please!!!
A: I do not know if this will help you or not, but I would say that if this works to stop this infection from spreading, this is a good thing. I know it is very difficult for someone losing a body part. A friend and a cousin had this happen to them. I know it may not help very much, but it saved the lives of my friend and cousin to do this. It will also take time to heal both physically and emotionally. You are a very good friend to be there for her. I wish you both the best of luck!
How Can I Make This Fear Go Away?
Q: A couple years ago I got a really bad staff infection that they had to lance, drain, etc. They said if it would’ve popped I could’ve died. Now I have really bad paranoia about being sick. Whenever the littlest thing is wrong with me or I get the slightest pain, I get scared & think it’s life threatening. Any ideas how I could bypass this?
A: I congratz you for admitting that you have a paranoia problem. Some people can’t admit that and so they can never change. Anyways I feel that the next time you get the slightest pain, or qualms about your health, you should tell yourself ” its gonna be alright it’s nothing serious and if it is, I’ll tackle it fearlessly.” I feel that you can’t “bypass” aka “avoid” because pain is inevitable throughout our life time and rather than avoiding, we should stand our ground and try to solve it. Just baby steps and exposure to those fears will slowly help you get over it. Let it naturally come. I’m not saying purposely inflict pain to yourself ,but to just see the pain or qualms as an old friend who visits you once in a while and that everything is gonna be alright. And if anything, you can make a visit to your doctor. Hope I answered your question ^_^
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