How can you make your own dimples

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You can’t make your own dimples. You can get plastic surgery to imprint dimples on your face, though. Thanks. Ask us more questions. [ Source: ]
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How can you make your own dimples
You can’t make your own dimples. You can get plastic surgery to imprint dimples on your face, though. Thanks. Ask us more questions.

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This poem means alot to me, can you please give comments/opinions?
Q: memories in your own aquariumby MEYou—-gaze into that picturesque world, crouchedbesides the now soggy New York Times, your father’s daily breakfast companion…—-thanks to that Poland Spring you just spilled. Itstares back at you with your own—-chapstick lips and acnes underneath Proactiv cheeks. You hesitate…the time you went skinny dipping at two past might, with a man who had a set of cute dimples—-whose name you couldn’t remember…now you trespass into yourbubble aquarium, as if in a guerilla attack on Mrs.Miller’s cat, who’s—-hobbies included doing unspeakable things to the daffodils on your front lawn. Youremember…waiting for the salt between your toes—-to bake in the sun before that Spring’s first thunderstorm, and yougrasp for the sands of Howard Beach that now tickle—-your memory and make your scalp itch with nostalgia…Your cichlids startto jut their dainty fins, the fond memories of the time—-your cousin Nelle did a catwalk down Gordon Road for all the guys to see…Youfeel them tingle your palm…remember how your parrot—-Colonel Bubba, who quite often bursts your bubbles, tried towake you up with his “Shoot her one more time, baby”, after you fell—-asleep on your carpet floor, the night of your awful second date?…Theysmooch the neat scar on your index finger…it was that night when you tried to—-fillet a tilapia for dinner to impress your mother-in-law that you got the nasty cut…Yourhands dangle in the bath of imaginary soap bubbles which—-used to be as real as your obsession with rice pudding and which you used tomake in your backyard with your best friend Lou-Ellis who now—-lives across the ocean on the other side of the world…7th stanza typo: at two past midnight*
A: This gives me a deep pause for thought, I have no criticisms I continue to re read it to get the full value of what is being written.
HELP- So confused about my feelings (updated version)?
Q: My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 5 months now and were really good friends for 10 years prior to this development in our relationship. He has had feeling for me from the moment we met at high school orientation day, and we became friends in high school because both of us had few friends otherwise and we simply clicked – he made me laugh and we could discuss all sorts of topics openly. About 9 months ago he told me of these feelings – although not a complete surprise to me, I was a little freaked out to think that he had not felt the need to tell me sooner. We settled into a relationship over time, and we’re both extremely happy. He has admitted that he loves me and although at first a little uncomfortable by the thought that I’d be lied to once more, I now love knowing that he feels so strongly, so deeply toward me. Our relationship is progressing well – we enjoy each others company, spend our time thinking about each other and miss each other immensely when we’re not together. However, I cannot help but feel incredibly guilty because I do not feel electricity, chemistry, a spark, every time we touch. I think that maybe I’ve grown too comfortable with him, having been friends for so long before, but I still can’t shake this feeling. A few nights ago, I got him glancing at me and smiling, and I felt this sudden flood of warmth right through my body, but otherwise, other than the occasional feeling of butterflies and sometimes pins and needles, nothing. Yet, when we kissed last time, it was slightly more intense and intimate than before, and it literally left me breathless and euphoric. I cannot deny that I’m physical attracted to him, so that’s not a problem. I know he isn’t perfect, but I accept that and do not care that he has flaws; his flaws make him unique to all others and if anything, I’m more attracted to him because of them.In addition to this, we often spend time alone watching DVDs or sitting in his car late at night – often, I catch him glancing at me when he think I’m not looking. I cannot help but smile when he does; I love that he might be more interested in me than anything else. I sometimes to do the same, and often, we can simply sit and stare into each other’s eyes, not say a word, and we’re both content doing so. It gives me good reason to snuggle as close as I can to him, put my head down on his chest, kiss him whenever I want to. I love hearing his heart beath – it’s so soothing and sometimes I’ve been guilty of almost falling asleep because I’m that relaxed and comfortable in his arms. Just once, I’d like to do so – waking up to see his happy face, his smile, his dimples – just thinking about it makes me feel warm. Several weeks ago, after saying good night to him, I cried because I hated the thought of not seeing him for several days. When I visit his house and for example, we’re in the kitchen and he’s drying the dishes after dinner, sometimes all I want to do is wrap my arms around him and kiss him. I cannot help it – I cannot put my finger on it, but it’s just that attraction – there’s definitely chemistry between us. I am just so confused as to how I feel about him – is it lust, infatuation or love? I know I must work it out for myself, but I was hoping that some of you might be generous enough to share your own feelings on the topic – have you ever felt this way, how did you deal with it, does it sound like lust, infatuation or love? I guess I’m simply curious as to why anything must be this confusing – all I want is to know for certain what I am feeling.I know that this is a long-winded question, but any answers would be sincerley appreciated and desperately needed. Thank you all :)There’s no denying that I really like him – I’ve told him that and I can’t help but tell him that I think he’s absolutely amazing. He is – he means so much to me and I care so much about him. I cannot imagine my life without him – he understand me on a completely different level to everyone other one of my friends.
A: i think this confusing-ness is coming from your love for him! it’s all of the above, love, lust, infatuation. love is supposed to be this way. not a lot of relationships are like this. i think its absolutely adorable and amazing to be able to read this story of yours cause it sounds like the most perfect relationship i’ve ever heard seem to not get sparks. but you still do. its just that some things have become more common and thats good because that only means that you guys know each other more.but like you said, there are still times when you have butterflies and flips and turns. that’ll always be there because you love him and you’ll always never know what to expect from him. you like him glancing at you but you’re also nervous about it because well.. because he’s looking! his eyes, his concentration, etc.there’ll always be lust in your relationship because there is love and understanding and feelings that you have for no one else which is an obvious. have a beautiful life with him! (:gooood luck with your confusing-ness. you should enjoy that feeling. cause it pretty much means true love
Can somebody make this better?
Q: What i’m trying to ask yahoo world is somebody make this more modern for me. I took a few pieces from a book just to see how would it sound. My story is based in 1990 and Sincere Frazier is a well respected drug kingpin at the age of 27 and claims to earn his money from real estate. I just need it to sound more modern and interesting. Thanks a million. Many friends and many others received engraved invitations to the wedding of Miss Jasmine Frazier, to be celebrated on the last Saturday in July 1990. The older brother of the gorgeous bride, Sincere Frazier, never forgot his roots and old friends though. Sincere himself now lived in a huge mansion in Upstate New York. The reception would be held in that house and the festivities would go on all day. There would not be any ‘gangsters’ in attendence so there would not be any nagging fear for the ‘good’ people. A wedding was just what everyone needed to show their joy. In Brooklyn a drug war had claimed the lives of twelve people, seven innoncent, and this was what people needed to calm down. And on that Saturday morning the friends of Sincere Frazier streamed out of New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Down South, and other surrounding areas to do him honor. They all bore cream-colored envelops stuffed with cash as bridal gifts, no checks. A card placed inside each envelope established the identity of the giver and the measure of the person’s respect for the Boss. A respect truly earned.Sincere Frazier was a man, despite his tender age of twenty seven, everybody came to for help, and they never were disappointed. He made no empty promises, nor the must used excuse ‘I don’t got’ or ‘I don’t got nothing to do with that’. It was not necessary that he be your friend, it was not even important that you had no means with which to repay his services. Only one thing was required. That you, you yourself, proclaim your friendship. And then, no matter how poor or powerless the person, God would take that man’s troubles to his heart. And nothing would stand in his way for what he had to do for his friend. His reward? Friendship, the respectful title of “God,” and sometimes the more affectionate salutation of “Uncle God.” And just to show respect was all he wanted in return. Never for profit, a humble gift-a homecooked meal or a basket of oranges (his favorite). It was well understood, as it was good manners, to proclaim that you were in his dept and that he had the right to call upon you at any time to redeem your debt by some small service. Now on this great day, his baby sister’s wedding day, Sincere Frazier stood in the doorway of his Old Westbury mansion to greet his guests, all of them known, all of them trusted. Most of them owed their good fortune, or at one point their lives, to God. Even the people performing caterings were his friends. The bartender was an old friend whose gift was all the wedding liquors and his own expert skills. The waiters were the friends of Sincere’s brothers and sisters. Sincere Frazier received everyone- rich and poor, powerful and humble- with an equal show of love. He slighted no one. That was his character. And the guests so exclaimed at how well he looked in his tux that an inexperienced observer might easily have mistaken him for the groom.Standing at the entrance with him were his cousin and brother. His brother Demetrius but called D-Nice by everyone except the Frazier family, was looked at with admiration by the younger crowd. Dee was short and thin, but was considered handsome by the ladies, mainly due to the dimple in his left cheek, and his smooth haircut that sported styling waves. But on this particular day Dee was glad to be home. He had just finished serving a term on Rikers Island to await trial for murder. He was scheduled to talk to Sincere later on as so many were. Frisco, born Michael, was Sincere’s cousin. He was a child every mother prayed for. Dutiful, loyal, and always at the service of his father. He was tall (almost six feet), and was also handsome but considered careless. At the age of nineteen he was the youngest member in Sincere’s organization who was in charge of a large crew. Despite his young age he always brought in the money.
A: Quite good-but there are a few things I’d change. Though all this is really personal opinion, and these are mostly nitpicks. I don’t think it needs to be more modern, just a bit more compelling.One of the main things that is hard to do but is quite worthwhile is withholding some information at first. THis may not sound useful, but not revealing everything that is going on will make readers interested.If you had said first just about the people arriving, and not about why they were all there or why they so admired the Boss, then it would have made the readers wonder why it was so and want to read on to find out. Also listing all the facts straight away does tend to bore more than spreading out the info while the story progresses. If you spill the man’s life without anything happening in the story, he won’t seem interesting, and there won’t be any curiousity about who he is.Mind you, that is my preffered style of writing: withheld and paced, but this is your story.Hope I helped.
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