How can you tell if a human has worms

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A:Worms in humans, can cause blockages in the intestinal tract, loss of appetite, appendicitis, abscesses in the liver, etc. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can a hook worm survive in a human
Yes, a hookworm can survive in a human for around 3-4 weeks. ChaCha!
How to get rid of human worms?
It is also best to drink less sodas, caffeine drinks and processed juices. Parasites love to feed of these products and the less of them you drink and themore water you drink the fater they are flushed away and killed.
Can humans get worms from dogs?
Roundworks and hookworms can be transmitted from a dog to a human. If a dog has worms that have laid eggs on them and you pet the dog, don’t wash your hands and ingest the eggs then the worm has been transmitted. The key here is good hygein…

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human worms, how do you tell? what kinds?
Q: i was working as a building contractor in a care home when i overheard 2 nurses talking about a patient that was so riddled with worms she was literally ‘c***ping spaghetti”. how do we keep ourselves healthy and how can we spot these unwanted pasrasites? should we de-worm ourselves? do we get swollen stomachs and lack nutrients of the food we eat since the worm will consume them? what should we do if we think we might have them, what should we look out for??
A: The women most likely had roundworms. They are long and white and look like spaghetti. The best way to keep yourself healthy is to wash your hands. Most worms are spread from coming in contact with fecal material and then somehow eating it. Ex. cleaning a cat box and then eating dinner without washing your hands. (Yuck!) You can also get worms from eating contaminated food. Uncooked pork has been known to occasionally carry parasites. In this case, it is important to wash your hands when preparing food and make sure you cook it thoroughly.In severe cases of worms there would be distension of the abdomen and nutritional deficiencies. This is very common in third world countries, where they don’t have access to clean food and water. Most likely you would feel nauseous, constipated, or have diarrhea first. You may even see the parasite in your stool. If you feel that you have been exposed to some sort of parasite ask your doctor to do a stool sample and they can easily tell you if you have anything. There is no reason to routinely de-worm yourself. Just wash your hands and safely prepare and cook your food.
How can I tell if I have worms???
Q: I think that I have worms because my anal passage itches like mad, it feels like I have squirmy things inside my bum. This is a serious question and I would appreciate someones advice, a parent or nurse perhaps. How can I know for sure? There are little white things in my stools – are they the worms? Also, my girlfriend has never heard of humans having worms – do you agree with her and that animals only get worms? If they are not worms then can you tell me what is wrong with me please.
A: Yes you have worms. They are called pin worms, because they are about size and shape of a pin. Humans can get them just from carrying microscopic eggs in on our shoes. Then we inhale the eggs that are airborne and that causes an infestation of worms. We can also get them if we allow our dog to lick our face or cat to get close to our face.It doesn’t mean you are not clean. However you need to wash your hands thoroughly after using the bathroom for a number one or two. Change your underpants daily and don’t share your towel. Change your bed sheets don’t share your bed. Wear underpants in bed. clean the toilet seat with disinfectant after every use.Go to the pharmacy and get over the counter product to get rid of worms. You will need to repeat in two weeks after the eggs have hatched.Hope that helps. Don’t stress about it just get the medicine and do all the other stuff this will prevent others from getting them and from a re infestation. Oh, and wash your clothing on a hot wash.
How can you tell if your dog worms are dangerous to humans and what type they are?
Q: Can I fix this myself or do I have to take them to the vet. I have a pit that’s about a month or two old.
A: You should go to the vet.BUT for your own information, the most common worms that you will see in feces or vomit are roundworms and tapeworms. Roundworms look like spaghetti. Tapeworms can be either long and flat like ribbon, or if they are small, they look like grains of rice. Tapeworms can infect humans if you ingest them or the eggs. I’m not sure about roundworms. You can get dewormer over the counter, but honestly, you need to go to the vet. Your puppy probably needs shots as well. Be a responsible owner and do what’s best for your dog.
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