How can you treat a hyperextended knee

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Hyperextended knee treatment options include: 1. Stretching 2. Ice and heat 3. Physical therapy 4. Surgery [ Source: ]
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How do you treat a hyperextended knee?
To treat a hyperextended knee you need to stay off of it and keep ice on it. You will probably be in some pain so you should take a pain reliever.

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I think I hyperextended my knee?
Q: I was playing lacrosse yesterday and i fell on my knee and i felt it bend the other way. Now my tendons on the back of my leg doesnt allow me to straighten my leg out completely. i am able to walk on it but it hurts a little bit and i can not get a full step with my left leg. So any suggestions on how to treat this? any ideas on what happened? and any other information will be appreciated!Thank You!!!
A: My first inclination is to say: go to a doctor/physical therapist?On second thought, I would say just go to a physician.
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