How do I get rid of a cowlick

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If you want to permanently altering or eliminating your cowlick, you can try hair waxing, electrolysis, or plastic surgery. [ Source: ]
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Washing your hair would be the best way to get rid of a cowlick. After washing. apply some hair gel to the cowlick and comb through it until the cowlick stays down. Then blow dry in a downward motion on the cowlick.You can find more informa…
You don’t get rid of a cowlick. You can cut it completely off, which will not work unless you wear a buzz cut or you can let it grow longer and the weight of it will pull itself down. It is best to wear a style that will work with it. If yo…
You are born with cowlicks & they are yours for life. It’s best to allow your bangs to be just a little bit long when one has a cowlick. That way, it won’t split or stick up if they are kept short. Take a fine toothed comb & tease y…

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How do I get rid of cowlicks in my hair?
Q: I’m a 19-year old male. I have fairly short hair, the top is about 2-3 inches in length and the sides are roughly about 1-2 inches in length. And I have this very annoying cowlicks on the left side of my head and I have a very annoying cowlick on the top left side of my head
A: Just cut it. If you cut it and keep it cut then it wont be there. that’ss really like the only thing to do. I have an annoying cowlick too man so I know how it feels. And my name is Carlos to aha what a coincidence.
How do i get rid of a cowlick?
Q: I have a cowlick at the parting of my hair but i have just got a fringe and the parting is stopping the fringe from staying. How do i get rid of the cowlick so that my fringe will actually stay in place and not flick about everywhere?
A: tellla cow to lick it back in place :D….jki dont know i hate cowlicks .,, i think you should get your hair cut so that it dosnt do that
how do you get rid of a cowlick?
Q: I’m just wondering if there’s a way to get rid of a cowlick or am i just stuck with it forever?wonderful-note the sarcasm-
A: Sorry sweetie it is yours to stay. Depending on where it is a good cosmetologist can work around them to achieve any style.
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