How do I help to alleviate a pinch nerve in the back

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The most recommended treatment rest for the affected area. Corticosteroids help alleviate pain. Surgery is sometimes recommended. [ Source: ]
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How do I help to alleviate a pinch nerve in the back
The most recommended treatment rest for the affected area. Corticosteroids help alleviate pain. Surgery is sometimes recommended.

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A gay friendly question?
Q: I’ve been having some back pain, a slipped disc, a pinched nerve, i find it difficult to get around. I posted an add in the platonic section of Craigslist, asking maybe someone lived in my area and wanted to come and give me some company, or any advice ect…I also clearly stated that I’m straight and single. I got only two replies back… one from a man wanting to come to my house and perform falacio, to make me feel better. I ignored this.. another from a fellow going to massage therapy school. There were several emails exchanged as he asked about specifics and I explained what I was doing. These emails were spaced several days, up to 48 hours apart. I’m not ready for massage therapy, as I’m still in the acute stage, but he suggested he come down and we meet for coffee, simply to alleviate my boredom. He also said “but before we do that, i want to be upfront with you. i am a decent gay man. 90% of my friends are straight if that helps to address any concern about you being friends/ acquaintances with a gay dude.”Well, I’m fairly gay friendly.. I live in Vancouver, which has a large gay population. I was brought up in an extremely liberal family. So, naturally I wouldn’t have a problem being acquainted with a gay man, and I appreciated his honesty. I became a little concerned about his intentions, as the other fellow was upfront about what he wanted to do for me. So, I pondered this for a day. Keep in mind, we have a history of not replying to emails immediately. 24 hours later, before I chose to get back to him, I received this :”i guess my being gay was an issue then. this makes me sad but you know what, people like you will learn one day that just because i am gay, it does not make me a bad person.and as far as i can remember, i have been nothing but a decent person to you.”I’m more taken aback by this e-mail and accusation than by the fact he is a gay man. I’ve since emailed him, told him this is not the case, and explained how it was slightly unreasonable for him to become upset that I didn’t respond right away. He’s apologized and owned up to being sensitive and reacting too quickly. But still, I don’t know if I want to associate closely with someone who reacts so harshly, i’m a nice person, but I don’t want to analyze what I do so I don’t offend him.I’m not sure what I’m asking… Should I have gotten back to him right away? Should I be concerned about his intentions? Is it normal for a gay man to be so sensitive? Should I meet him for coffee regardless of my concerns? Do i even have a right to be concerned?sorry for such a long winded explanation to the simple question. I know it took commitment to read through all of it. It’s just bothering me that I may have not been sensitive enough, and I’d like others opinions.
A: Its not your fault for not responding right away, but as a gay man, he has probably been insulted and judged numerous times, so its normal for him to jump to conclusions. i;m sure he’s a nice guy, and I would still meet him for coffee. also, he’s no more sensitive than anyone else really. if he were a fat woman instead and came right out and said “I’m 200 pounds overweight” and you didnt respond right away, she would percieve it as insulting….
I really need your help and suggestions, So here I am 9 days later after visiting the physical therapist?
Q: I am so tired of feeling this pain. I finally had an MRI done and here are the results;Vertebral alignment: Normal.Marrow signal: Normal.Vertebral height: Normal.Disc space height: Disc desiccation of the L3/4, L4/5 and L5/S1 discs.Conus: Normal in position and signal.Mild heterogeneity of the uterus probably representing a fibroid uterus.Findings at individual levels are as follows:L1-2: No disc protrusion or extrusion. No spinal stenosis. No neuralforaminal stenosis.L2-3: No disc protrusion or extrusion. No spinal stenosis. No neuralforaminal stenosis.L3-4: No disc protrusion or extrusion. No spinal stenosis. No neuralforaminal stenosis.L4-5: No disc protrusion or extrusion. No spinal stenosis. No neuralforaminal stenosis.L5-S1: Minimal broad-based disc bulge. No spinal stenosis. No neuralforaminal stenosis.CONCLUSION:Multilevel disk desiccation changes and minimal broad-based disc bulge atthe L5/S1 level otherwise negative lumbar MRI. Now I have done some research and have read how to deal with a pinched nerve/sciatica…and everything says that ice, motrin, and rest should alleviate the pain, well to be honest that does not pertain to me. My pain is so severe that is wakes me up at night. I was on tylenol #4, ibuprofen 800mg and flexeril, but it did nothing for the pain and muscle spasms. I am now on percocet and valium. This does help, however it makes me sooooo sleepy. I get up and walk around and do my best to be active but I walk slouching over, I cannot twist, I used my left leg to carry most of my weight, and when i use the restroom I can only use my left hand to wipe…I am just tired!!! when will i get better. what can i do, and please dont tell me the motrin will do it cause if you could just be in my shoes for just an hour you would know the pain that I am in and it SUCKS!!!!some backround——i am an active 34 yr old woman, slenderI am in martial arts/cardioI run a mile a dayI am overall an active womanHow long will this take to heal and based on the findings of the MRI, do you feel that the fibroid may have anything to do with this??????*note* this all started by the PT pulling my neck in an upward motion, and the pain was felt in my lower back.IF YOU HAVE SUFFERED FROM THIS, WHAT DID YOU DO TO GET BETTER AND HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE BEFORE I CAN WALK NORMALLY?????????!!!!THANK YOU SO MUCH!
A: Some of the things that techman suggested are common recommendations in PT. I agree with most of what he is saying, there is nothing major to suggest such severe symptoms, nor is their anything to suggest that the distraction test done by the therapist did anything mechanical to injure the spine. In fact, based on the MRI, I would expect that pulling on the neck (or possibly the legs), would have actually made you feel BETTER…however, MRI and pain frequently do not correlate. The exercise Techman recommended is helpful for MANY people who have sciatic type symptoms. However, I will make the stipulation, that while it’s helpful for most, it can actually make some people worse, It’s a common exercise recommended by PT who practice the “McKenzie Method”. That being said, it may be worth it to see a PT who is certified or diplomaed in the method ( Disc dessication is a normal phenomenon that occurs in everyone. Fibroids could be a source of back pain, but you do not give enough history to clarify whether this may be a mechanical or medical problem. If your pain is affected by certain movements and positions, then it’s more likely to be mechanical, if it’s not affected by change in movement or position, I would have the fibroid investigated further. As far as healing, it all depends on the source/type of back pain you have…which doesn’t appear that clear yet. If you see the PT who is certified in the McKenzie method and you are found to be classified as someone who has a “reducible derangement”, you will most likely feel significantly better in two weeks with the treatment. If your pain is really medical in nature, its difficult to say what the course of symptoms will bring.
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