How do you get a bood infection

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A:The causes of Septicemia, an infected blood stream, include abscess and pneumonia or an Intestinal infection. [ Source: ]
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How do you get a bood infection
The causes of Septicemia, an infected blood stream, include abscess and pneumonia or an Intestinal infection.

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Help…cat diagnosed with HCM?
Q: We rescued our (now 6 months old) kitten, Hershey, 2 months ago from a local marketplace. When we first brought him in, he had mange (a kind of skin disease) and a serious hairball problem. We took care of him, with frequent trips to the vet, cured the skin problem, had him vaccinated twice, even had him tested for FLV and FPV. Everything turned out negative. We were sure that we’d done the best we could for him to be healthy.Then we tried putting him up for adoption (something we do often, we rescue lots of kitts), but no one wanted him. And then we made the final decision, to keep him, as part of the family. Things seemed fine until a few weeks back, when I noticed that his breathing was getting harder than usual. Took him to the vet, and they suspected a respiratory infection, and recommended antibiotics. But as time progressed, Hershey’s condition only got worse. He started breathing HARD, with his mouth open…and his belly started to look bloated. Nothing seemed normal.Two days back, we brought him to the vet again, and after an x-ray, our vet told us that Hershey had fluid all around his lungs and abdomen area. To get a clear idea of what was causing it, we took him to another vet for a Ultrasonography test, after which they confirmed his current condition, HCM.His ventricles were huge and swollen, pumping blood twice as fast. And a back-flow of bood was occuring, causing tension to the arteries and lungs. This in turn, was causing fluids to ‘diffuse’ out into his body and tummy, because of the extreme pressure to the walls.The vet drained the fluids by getting a needle into the chest and tummy (no sedatives, and Hershey remained quiet…i’m not sure if he was in pain). And prescribed a few pills, which he’ll have to take twice a day, for the rest of his life. He told us that the fliuds will keep building up, and that Hershey would have to keep coming back for needle draining (this is what bothers me the most, he’s got pierce marks around his tummy and chest…i can’t imagine how it would feel to have a needle stuck into your chest without sedatives etc). And the last thing he told us was the possibility that Hershey may not live past the age of 1. That this condition was a birth defect and has taken over him at such a young age. His arteries are so small that chances of blood clots are high too.Hershey returned yesterday. He seemed happy to be back, ran around for a bit, with his playmate of the same age. It almost made me cry to see him so happy, knowing that it was only temporary, and that the condition would return.Today, I noticed him getting a little quiet and sedentary again. Not as bad as he used to, but it’s starting again…and his tummy’s swelling again.This is all to painful for me to watch and handle. People never wanted him because the other kitts were much more beautiful. But this fella had the sweetest personality out of them all. He even made the vet smile, kept rubbing his cheeks on the vets face while he was busy checking the ultrasonography results.This is just HARD.For me to handle the medical expenses on a long term…and to wait for him to eventually die. He hates meds, and it really bothers me to think he’ll have to go through the same procedures again with the vet. The vets suggested that we’d probably want to consider putting him to sleep, to relieve him of this condition. But it was only a suggestion, and they said that the decision making was up to us. Help me…do I wait for signs of him suffering before relieving him…or do I take action now, knowing what lies ahead for him? My heart feels torn in two. Is euthanasia painful? What will he be feeling when they do it? I don’t want him to feel ao much as a needle prick on his body when they do it. Do they sedate kitts first before putting them down?And will Hershey forgive me? I need support from all of you, I need to know that I can forgive myself if I ever proceed with this decision…please help??Here a picture of him from back when things were alright:
A: Hi. I didn’t look at the photo, but of course you should forgive yourself. You’ve done a lot so far with the little guy and HCM is a tough diagnosis. But just a couple of ideas to toss out there (not to change your mind, because you’ll make the right choice – just to make sure all bases are covered). First, your vet sounds competent, but with this type of diagnosis (I’ve had cats my whole life) I’ve always gotten a second opinion, ideally from a cat specialist. It’s just a one time visit and I’d say half the times I’ve done this, I’ve gotten something quite different than the first vet gave me. There are conflicting reports out there on treatments and longevity for this disease. If you think this might be worth it, call cat rescues in your area and ask what vet they recommend. Second, if you do decide to ride this out for a bit and have concerns with cost, there are organizations that help with serious illness, some even cat-specific. I’ve included one link, but there are others. I just wanted to mention this in case that’s part of your decision-making. Third, I assume you’ve done this, but it’s always helpful to learn as much online as you can about your kitty’s condition. Obviously, the source of the info needs to be taken into account, but since this disease has become more common in recent years, there’s more research being conducted on it, and new info pops up frequently. Finally, like I said earlier, none of this is an attempt to sway you. You know your kitten and you’re clearly a great mama to him. Take your time, make your choice, and never second guess it.
Probiotics or formula switch? HELP!!!?
Q: my son who is 7 weeks old has milk protein allergy (wheeze, reflux, blood &mucus stool, gassy, cranky) but he is thriving and gaining quite a bit of weight. was born 7lb 8 oz at one month he was at 10lb 9oz. We have had him on nutramigen since 2 weeks of age. Some of the symptoms have subsided but we are still getting an occ. blood & mucus stool, gas & cranky and lots of crying unless he is being held and grunting . 2 weeks ago he had gross bood in his stool and doc sent it out for testing. the results negative on the cultures for infection or bacteria. So she believes we should switch formulas she recommened going to an amino based formula neocate or nutramigan AA. Both are so expensive. But I read that probiotics may help so last night i ordered Ther-biotics infant formula. And asked his doc if we could try this 1st before going to the amino based formula. Has anyone given their child probiotics and seen an improvment in their child regarding the symptoms of mspi? If we do have to switch to neocate or nutramigen AA which one would you recommend? How soon after starting probiotics or switching formula should I see an improvment in him? I guess I am at my wits end on switching him because he seems so content and fine then he will just start screaming and crying (real tears rolling down his cheeks. I feel a little lost and not real sure about my decisions and my husband just tells me do what I feel is best but sometimes I just don’t know what is best. So please can someone help me out with this. My 2 yr old daughter also had MSPI and had to go on nutramigen but that seemed to work well for her and she now consumes milk. I also have a milk intolrence. I guess I might have passed it to them. Just wanted to add that he also always seems sleepy. I know that’s not a bad thing but could it be because he is pain and just wants to sleep or am I reading into things. I guess also my daughter never was a good sleeper during the day and I was used to a baby that was up all day long mostly. I guess I don’t have a good comparison.
A: I’m sorry but I really don’t know how to help you! My daughter was on Nutramigen due to allergy, but she is still allergic to milk and cannot have anything that contains it or she has a horrible reaction! I would speak with your doctor. He is the most experienced about all this!
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