How do you get rid of an abscessed tooth

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A:If you have an abscessed tooth, your dentist will give you antibiotics to kill the bacteria causing the infection. MORE? [ Source: ]
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How do you get rid of an abscessed tooth
If you have an abscessed tooth, your dentist will give you antibiotics to kill the bacteria causing the infection. MORE?
How do you get rid of facial swelling from a abscessed tooth??
Get the tooth fixed and the swelling will settle by itself.
Will antibiotics gets rid of my swollen cheek from tooth abscess??
Antibiotics will help with the swelling, but it will not address the cause of it. If it is not treated by a dentist, then the swelling will return. One option is to have the tooth extracted and that will not only address the problem, but wi…

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How do you get rid of an abscess over a tooth without going to the doctor ?
Q: I have a tooth that needs to come out but I don’t have insurance. It is giving me a headache; a tension headache.
A: You must go to a dentist now! It only cost about a hundred bucks to get a tooth pulled. Call them and tell them. They will probably take you on an emergency basis and some will even work out payments with you. Do not wait an abscess will only get worse and can be dangerous.
How do you get rid of swollen around a tooth?
Q: My mother has an abscess by one of her teeth. How does she get rid of the swelling and the pain? Any home remedies?
A: There are no effective home remedies for an abscess. Get your mother to a dentist straight away so they can fix her up.
I would Like to know about Blood Poison and how having an Abscessed tooth can Contribute to It thnx?
Q: i have always believed that if you get and abcessed tooth you can most likely contract blood poison from it if you pulled the tooth while the infection is present is this true?? also i went to a dentist who was going to pull the tooth but was not going to do anything about he infection and when i was told all they were going to do is pull the tooth and nothing about the infection i got up out of the chair and walked out did i do the right thing?? i have since gone to another doctor and they have prescribed an antibiodic meds to help me get rid of the infection and then they are going to help me find another dentist. did i do right by walking out or was i in the wrong because i was told wrong about never having a tooth pulled while infection is present in the mouth around the abcessed tooth thnx i am trying to survive such pain from the pressure of the infection pocket i am in need of help thnx
A: You were right in leaving. I mean you should always trust your gut instinct where your health is concerned and you are able toget a second opinion. I heard the same thing. When I had a tooth that got so abscessed that I ended up with cellulitus on my face itwas so swollen they ended up putting in the hospital on IV antibiotic therapy. No dentist would touch that tooth becuase of all the poison in the tooth. The only thing I would have asked is maybe if it is just a small abcess it is not necessary to wait. However everyone in my family has always had to wait for the swelling to go down. Good luck and hope you feel better
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