How do you lose leg cellulite

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A couple ways to get rid of cellulite are: diet and exercise, surgery and creams and lotions. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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How do you lose leg cellulite
A couple ways to get rid of cellulite are: diet and exercise, surgery and creams and lotions. ChaCha on!
How can i lose cellulite on my legs?
if you have cellulite on your thighs and glutes (bum) there are 3 strategies you need to implement to get results. first, you need to exercise. remember to really target the cellulite area with the exercises. like leg curls: laying on the l…
What’s the best exercise to lose cellulite on upper legs??
I need a good EXERCISE (NOT pills!) to lose cellulite on my upper legs. It’s not excessive, but I still don’t like it. I don’t want diet pills or anything like that because it’s just my upper legs that are the problem, not my stomach or any…

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How much weight do you think I would lose…?
Q: with 4weeks of tennis, So far I lost cellulite off the back of my legs and I lost some of my butt (prob like 2 pound).im 15, I just want to look slimmer 🙂 to fit in my pants better.
A: well it depends a sport like that u will lose fat and gain muscle so u mite gain weight its not bad at all ull still be looking slimer and more tuned just eat right no diets specialy if ur to young 😀
How to lose fat on legs and not gain muscle?
Q: I have A LOT of fat on my legs, and cellulite, and when I tell you this I’m not kidding. I want to lose weight but I’m trying to figure out what to do so I lose weight on my thighs and calves without gaining muscle. Help?
A: Ok, cellulite is caused by bad circulation, toxins, dehydration and bad (saturated) fats.. First off… drink more water.. aim for 2L per day. Drink max one coffee per day, but if you can switch to green tea that’s alot better. Cinnamon is known to be good for getting rid of cellulite, so add it to as much food as you can.. on stewed apple it’s really nice, or with brown rice and pure organic maple syrup as a health dessert.You need to avoid saturated fats, salt and artificial sugar like the plague.. and I mean that!!! Cut out as many processed (packaged, pre-prepared, frozen) foods as you possibly can from your diet. Don’t eat pizza, burgers, any of that nonsense. Make fresh pasta sauces.. you can make pesto sauce from scratch.. grated parmesan cheese, basil leaves, garlic, olive oil, ground pepper (don’t need salt, the cheese is salty enough) and put that onto freshly cooked penne pasta or spaghetti. My point is switch to pure wholesome foods.. fruit and veg, lean meats (not fried!! and avoid red meat its full of saturated fat and unless it’s really really lean like a very lean young beef steak, then it’s a recipe for a coronary, let alone cellulite.) For snacks have fruits, nuts, yogurts, drink freshly made fruit and vegetable juices, fruit smoothies.. Look online for recipes, there are numerous different ones to suit all tastes and you can further experiment by yourself.In terms of exercise and not wanting to gain muscle.. sorry to burst your bubble but here are the cold hard facts: If you diet without exercising you will become flabby.. when you diet your skin loses elasticity (i.e. it becomes less toned).. this is NOT what you want if you have cellulite. There is a big misconception with sooo many women about exercise.. people think that if you work out then sooner or later you are going to turn into a female body builder… it won’t happen!!! Those women take steroids, protein shakes, lift seriously heavy weights in the gym very often and even then not all of them can achieve muscles like you see online/ on t.v. Oh and you know Victoria’s Secret models and what amazing thighs they have….?…. yeah? well I promise you that they work out… most likely a couple of hours per day in the gym with a trainer doing low weight repetitions as well as swimming or running or both. If you want to get rid of cellulite, aside from changing your diet, you NEED to tone up.. a perfect slim firm thigh has muscle.. You won’t see any muscles sticking out, but it will be strong! You need to exercise…. in any case if will take months until you notice a real difference but it WILL happen. Run or swim at a moderate speed (whatever feels comfortable for you but so you still feel like its a work out.. you should feel like you are exerting youself/putting in effort but not to the extent that you are going to collapse). Swim for 20 mins 3 times a week and you will notice an improvement within a few months. Your best option would be to join a gym and get a personal trainer but not everyone can afford this of course.. some gyms will give you a free session with a trainer when you join and they will make a program for you and you can just do that when you go to the gym and don’t need regular sessions with the trainer. See what is available. I have been running and swimming regularly for 5 years and i don’t have cellulite but i am also not muscular.. if I did not exercise I am SURE that I would be flabby. Exercise makes all the difference, you just have to decide whether for you firm thighs are worth the effort of sticking to an exercise plan (no excuses!).. .
how do you lose cellulite?
Q: it bugs me to death!it is so gross!my legs are quite muscular(not all the way)but i have cellulite which makes my legs look awful!please help!! and i dont want surgery, laser or creams!
A: Walk and light jog long distances.
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