How do you remove or lighten a birthmark

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You can get cosmetic surgery or other cosmetic producer to remove or lighten a birthmark. For more on this see the link below. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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How do you remove or lighten a birthmark
You can get cosmetic surgery or other cosmetic producer to remove or lighten a birthmark. For more on this see the link below. ChaCha on!

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How do I explain to my parents that I want surgery?
Q: Okay so I have a “Port Wine Stain” birthmark. I’m 15 years old by the way. I have done some research online and have seen that there is a laser treatment procedure that you can go through to remove or just lighten the birthmark. I want my birthmark to be removed. I have tried to remove naturally by using the lemon juice to lighten it thing, i have done all that. It wont go away. Plus, I don’t remember having this birthmark so big. I remember having it as a little kid but it didn’t bother me because it wasn’t as noticeable but now it seems more noticeable. So I want to tell my parents that I want it removed. I don’t know what they’ll say though. My mom said that I have it because God made me like this and he marked me for a reason, but if I say I want it off…you know I don’t want to hurt her feelings about the whole thing. She’s a strong Catholic. I just want it off and I don’t know how they’ll react to this. My self esteem is not the best because of this. ughh.
A: I believe a lot of how they will react will depend on where your birth mark is.. I mean, if it’s on your upper inside thigh, or maybe under your arm, then most will never see it anyway.. But, if it is very large or in a very noticeable location like the side of your face, then that is a different story.Set some time aside ahead of time with your mom (seems to be the key person in your life from what you wrote).. and talk to her much like what you did with us right here. Remember a few things.. She is right.. you were made that way and most likely, it was for a reason.. If school kids and your friends are picking on you big time, it’s very hard.. and your right, it will affect your self esteem.. BUT, learning to deal with that type of teasing, will make you a stronger person and you will understand the ‘being bullied’ side of bullying.. That often makes you much more compassionate to those that have problems themselves.. It helps make you a different person.. one that needs to help others.. Not a bad quality to have.. is it? Tough way to get that quality.. true.. Anyway, sit mom down.. maybe make her some tea or what ever.. and explain that you have been bothered by your birth mark and have been looking into it a bit and want to know how she would feel if you were to have it removed.. By being adult about it all, and not throwing a fit if it all doesn’t go just your way, she will realize that you are totally serious.. and will be much more inclined to ‘listen’.One problem is that most health insurance policy’s do not cover such a procedure.. and I would suspect that it is pretty expensive… Unless your parents are doing very well for themselves, even if they wanted to help you out here, the simple fact is that they may not be able to afford it… A simple fact of life.. Have you been to a Dermatologist to see what they might be able to help with? I know my own daughter had a problem and went through every home remedy she could find, and nothing helped.. We took her to a Dermatologist and within a few weeks, her problem was solved by some cream he had given her.. Just a thought.. Anyway, be as adult like that you can (I realize your 15 and so will she).. and ask.. The worst that she can say is NO… If that is the case, then look into it on your own and start saving your pennies.. You’ll be 18 soon enough.. Good luck!
Is there any procedure that can lighten the appearance of the color of birthmarks? =(?
Q: Thank you for viewing this. I was just wondering if there is a procedure in which birthmark color can be lightened. I know that it’s the interior of the person not the exterior of a person that matters, but sometimes I just would like a boost of confidence in having great skin for once. I know they can be removed, yet that can lead to potential scarring. (I am more at risk in getting Melanoma, since I have sensitive skin) If someone does find information please direct me to a site or number to reach such facts. By the way, should I be worried how I look? I certainly concur that society can be harsh – brutal to people who look different,but It would be nice to be satisfied with myself.
A: You need to talk to your GP and get his/her advice, but try this website for general information.
i have a small cafe au lait birthmark on my cheek about the size of a 10 pence/quater how can it be removed?
Q: Baring in mind I live in the UK in wales, I suppose you will recomend i see a cosmetic surgen but how can i get in touch with one and which is the best to go to, has anyone ever had laser on theres, what was it like, did it scar? Im basicly looking to get rid of it with no scar or lighten it the moment its about 2-3 shaded darker than my skin tone which is fair.thanks.
A: just lots of foundation, its much cheaper than surgery or leave it … it’s part of who you are and thats what makes you unique 🙂 hope i helped
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