How long does it take for the femur bone to heal

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It takes about six weeks for bone to heal, and if you’ve had surgery the healing time might be even longer. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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How long does it take for the femur bone to heal
It takes about six weeks for bone to heal, and if you’ve had surgery the healing time might be even longer. ChaCha on!
How long does it take a femur bone to heal if the patient is 8 we…?
Infants heal fractures fast, 2 to 3 weeks, but the larger the bone, e.g. femur, takes longer. Probably between 3 to 6 weeks. “How long a bone takes to heal depends on the age of the child, how big the bone is, and where the fracture is…
How long does it take for a femur leg bone to heal in a 14 year o…?
Follow doctor’s instructions. A femoral fracture is a serious injury, and can take 3-6 months to heal. – Keep on doing the ChaCha.

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How long does it take for a deep bone bruise of the knee to heal?
Q: I collided knees with another student while sparring in Taekwondo back in November. After waiting about 3 months I finally went to a doctor because the pain got so bad and my whole leg was going numb. He prescribed me with an anti-inflammatory and diagnosed me with a deep bone bruise. (I got X-rays but those came back clean) It has now been about 6 months and I have been seeing a chiropractor for about two months who realigns my knee. (My tibia is going one way while my femur is going the other) If any could give me any information to what could be wrong I would be so grateful….
A: I would continue to listen to your doctor (and when I say Doctor, I don’t mean your chiropractor). 1st off, a bone doesn’t really bruise. What a bruise is blood pooling at the injured site. When he said your bone was bruised, he/she may have meant it was partially fractured or chipped. From describing that your tib/fib and femur are displaced, you may have done damage to the cartilage that surrounds and supports your joints. It will take a while for your body to reproduce that in that area. I suffer from a condition in which the joints in my knees and arms are lacking cartilage. I have had surgeries in each of my knees to remove bones spurs that have formed because that connective tissue is limited. I’m not implying that you would require surgery, but it was a good 4-6 months that I got back to normal.Finally, I would stop seeing a chiropractor and see an orthopaedic surgeon. Yes, chiropractors do make things feel good (I see one for my back frequently), but they are not meant to treat injuries. They cannot perform surgeries, and next to podiatrists are the laughing stock of the medical world.
How long does it take for a cat’s bone to heal? details of the fracture given..?
Q: the x-ray report says… Right Hind Leg.There is oblique fracture distal femur seen.Joint spaces and articulation surface intact.Soft tissues are normal.IMPRESSION:Fracture femur as stated how long will it take? My cat broke his leg 15 days ago. The vet said that cats r fast healers and that he should be ok in no time but he is still limping. i am taking him to the vet tommorow .maybe they’ll have to put him in a everyone-thanks for answering..if thats possible ,then it hurts me even more to see him limping around the house bcause usually hes my warm ,bouncing ,out-of-control fur again thanks for answering..wish i could give those 5 marks to everyone..
A: Unless the fracture is stabilized, like with surgery, they take a very long time to heal. And when they do heal, they are usually crooked. The reason is that the new bone can’t easily bridge the gap unless the gap is very tiny and the bones aren’t moving around.Oblique fractures tend to slide around a lot, so I’m really surprised that the vet has not done anything to stabilize the fracture already. Reading this report, I can’t see any way you should expect this fracture to heal well without doing anything to fix it. Perhaps in another couple of months if you leave it be, the bone will be solid and the leg will be permanently crooked and shortened, leaving a permanent mild limp.Sadly, a splint or a cast will not fix a femur fracture. Casts only work when they can be applied over the joint above and below the area of a break. In this case, to stabilize both broken pieces of the bone. It’s easy enough to cast over the knee and keep the lower bone piece from moving, but you can’t cast over the hip to keep the upper bone from moving. So it’s got to be fixed with a bone pin, bone plate or an external fixator. If your vet suggests casting it, run to another vet. Seriously. A cast will only make it worse.Once it’s stabilized, it should take 4-8 weeks to heal so that there is no more fracture on the X-ray. But with a surgical fixation, animal are usually able to walk on the leg within a few days. They will usually limp slightly until the surgery wound heals, but they walk much faster than those who have a cast placed.
Baby with a broken femur and hip bone!?!?!?
Q: My niece is 1 1/2 and her new step dad and her where playing, he tripped and fell on her, causing her to break her femur and her hip bone also. I was wondering if this sort of thing has happened to anyone on here! I was wondering how long it will take to heal? Will this effect her growth at all? What we can do for the pain? Will she have to re-learn to walk again? Or perhaps physical therapy?
A: As syl c. eluded to, the bones of young children and infants are able to adapt and remodel quite readily. Unless a growth plate was fractured, your niece’s bone should remodel and will most likely be perfectly normal as she grows and develops. The bones of young children and infants are quite soft and do not fracture so much as they get kind of “mushed” (for lack of a better term). The bones are soft because they are still developing and able to respond to the forces put on them as they learn to walk, climb, run, etc. The bone will slowly be replaced by more traditional adult bone as she ages. Kids are very resilant for recovery on this type of thing. Formal PT might not even be necessary.
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