How much money do surgeons and doctors make

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Average annual salary by specialty are: Cardiac & Thoracic Surgery $497,307; Colon & Rectal Surgery $370,602; General…MORE? [ Source: ]
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How much money does a plastic surgery doctor make
According to, the current median expected salary for a typical Plastic Surgeon in the United States is $286,540.

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Is being a doctor really really worth it? How much money do thet get? ( actual doctors if possible)?
Q: I’m only saying this I’m just wondering. I really want this to be from a real doctor’s point of view because others don’t know their lives. Yeah you know they work long hours and stuff, but you don’t know their actual life. And I’m NOT going into medicine for the money….I just really want to help people. I think it’s a blessing to be able to save a life. But out of curiousity how much do regular doctors make (not surgeons)
A: An MD just coming out of school makes about $30K for the first 4 or so years while in internship/residency. After that, it depends on the type of doctor. The hours worked also depend on the discipline: an OB works harder and longer hours than a dermatologist. Salary is heavily dependent on local, but in most cases will be from $80K-120K to start off.
does anyone know how much money a plastic surgeon,doctor,nurse,and pharmasist make in a week?
Q: im trying to figure out what i want to do in college!
A: Check Salary.com
Stop whining about how much footballers make?
Q: ugh if you really dislike how much they make than stop supporting the team, stop paying to watch the game and stop buying their jerseys, dont say that brain surgeons should make that much money or that teachers should, in a perfect world everyone would get paid millions of dollars. these guys worked hard their entire lives play pro how many doctors start doing surgeries when they are 10.
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