How safe is laser eye surgery

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It’s extremely rare for complications from this procedure to cause permanent, significant vision loss. Also, many… (MORE?) [ Source: ]
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Like any surgery there are risks that your doctor will go over with you, but the percentage is very high on successful laser eye surgery.
Pretty safe, just make sure to go to the clinic with the most cutter LASIK technology. There’s a small chance that something in your eye might slip.. But it’s very small chance. My mom got LASIK and she said she’d reccommend it. At first sh…
Some risk with eye surgery: High blood glucose weakens the attachments of cells on the front surface of the cornea, known as the epithelium. As a result, people with diabetes have a higher risk of corneal erosions -areas of the cornea where…

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Is laser eye surgery safe now and where is the best place in Melbourne?
Q: I have been waiting for years for this surgery because of its risks and downsides as well as costs. My right eye is good but left one might need prescription, so I might get a surgery only to my left eye. Where is the best place to get it in Melbourne and how much does it cost? How long dost it take until I don’t have to go see doctor at all?
A: Asking “Where is the best place to get LASIK done?” in any city is a bit like asking people “What is the best car?” The answers you receive are going to be based on their values and experience, not yours. Someone who values low price over quality is going to recommend a different surgeon than someone who values peace of mind over price (you can’t have both). Which are you?Probably the most important decision someone who is considering LASIK must make is what surgeon to choose. Although I do not perform LASIK, I have created a document for my cataract patients to help them in choosing a surgeon. The article can be viewed by clicking this link: The advice in this document can be applied to choosing any surgeon in any specialty, not just cataract surgeons.Sincerely,David D. Richardson, M.D.Medical DirectorSan Gabriel Valley Eye Associates, Inc. “LA and So Cal’s Trusted Source of Eyecare”207 S. Santa Anita Street, Suite P-25 San Gabriel, CA 91776 626.289.7856
how safe is laser eye surgery? have you heard of anyone with bad experiences?
Q: i know there is a possibility of the operation going wrong which can cause blindess which is why i do not want to have the surgery, but i am fed up with wearing contacts/glasses/nothing and being unable to see!
A: Well, there is always the risk of high order refractive error, halos around lights, dry eyes, discomfort, etc. I’ve heard of laser surgery detaching years after the surgery, but that mainly only refers to the old techniques like RK.
how safe is laser eye surgery?
Q: i wanna get it but I’ve heard people going blind and others getting headaches after. Those people who have done the surgery what are your opinions?
A: I did years ago…best thing I ever did…I’d do it again, note that I had an older procedure, PRK. Lasik is better.With PRK- they disolve the top layer of the eye, then do the correction, then you wait for that layer to grow back (it’s agressive but takes almost a week to see clearly).With Lasik, they “flap and zap” you see pretty good when it’s done. There are risks as with any procedure, mine went very well and I walked out with better than 20/20 vision, my sister had lasik and had no problems either. The biggest risk is infection before your eye heals…the days right after, take super care of your eyes, use the drops according to direction, and do what the doctor says.Edit- note that it’s wierd, they prop your eyes open and mess with them, you will feel odd pressure but that’s about it, they use anasthetic so you won’t feel anything but that pressure. Also, you may catch a whiff of burning….that’s what the laser is doing. Lastly, the machines are very good and adjust to your movement because it’s almost impossible not to move, they’re even “power outage safe”. They did give me valium before I had mine (not sure if my sister had that), it did help relax me. You get a temporary contact (acts like a band aid) and go back the next day for a follow up. At my next day follow up there was a guy there in agony, I don’t know why, I did not have any pain outside of minor irriation from the contact (since I could never wear contacts).Highly recommended.
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