How to lighten skin

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Sunscreen and avoiding sunlight can help further darkening of the skin, while some surgeries can also help. Good luck from Chacha [ Source: ]
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Lemons are an effective way to lighten your skin. Simply cut one up and rub it on the skin. If you wish for something more powerful you can go to your dermatologist and ask to be prescribed hydroquoine. Another natural method is using licor…
・ Avoid exposing your skin to direct sunlight. ・ Use a good sunblock while going outside. ・ Drink plenty of water regularly. ・ Use an organic Papaya Soap particularly Likas Papaya Soap. Using it regularly will whiten your skin…. ・ Watch y…
to whiten skin, you can use several whitening products. to whiten skin in the face, you can use the egg white mask. it can whiten skin and tighten pores. first, crack the egg and put it on a small bowl. remove the yolk. then get a brush and…

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How to lighten skin from exposure to sun?
Q: My skin is very tanned from the sun. How can i lighten it without the use of tablets or bleach stuff?is lemon or skin whitening soap effective?
A: lemons. and lots of them.also, exfoliants are very good because they scrub away some of the dead skin cells, so your skin should have a lighter, brighter layer underneath.if you want a combination of the two, you can try using sea salt mixed with lemon juice – this can be quite harsh on your skin though. on the other hand, you can let the professionals do it – lush have made an ocean salt cleanser which helps to brighten the skin. its for your face and body, check out the product page if you’re interested. this helps 🙂
How do i lighten skin tone in photoshop cs3?
Q: Like how do i lighten or change skin tone in photoshop cs3? Can some one link me to a good viedo or explain it to me?
A: Mask the area you want to change. Then go to image – adjustments. From the drop down menu there are several options. Choose between Levels or brightness and contrast, But the one I like most is curves, that will do the job ok.
How to lighten skin using lemons?
Q: I heard that you can lighten your skin using lemons. So after you rub the lemon on to your face do you wash it off? And will limes also have the same effects as lemons do?
A: what i use is milk and lemon they work really good and will give u a clear skin and black marks will go away.first have 1/2 of a lemon and 3 spoons of milk mix them together and use a cotton wool to apply on face at night and let it dry. wash off in the morning.p.s it will smell but it works!!!
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