Is a colonoscopy considered surgery

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A colonoscopy is considered surgery by some insurance plans. It is noninvasive. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is a colonoscopy considered surgery
A colonoscopy is considered surgery by some insurance plans. It is noninvasive. ChaCha!

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Is colonoscopy a type of surgery?
Q: is it considered as an elctive surgery?….
A: No it’s a diagnostic test not surgery though polyps can be removed in the process. Not being a surgery means it can not be considered elective surgery.
Is on going bleeding from hemorrhoids common and/or a problem?
Q: For the last 3 years I’ve been suffering from regular bleeding episodes when going to the toilet. This may typically occur once every couple of months and last for about a week with bright red blood filling the bowel! As I am currently in remission from an unrelated rare form of cancer, every symptom I experience is always a bit of a concern. I’ve had a colonoscopy some 12-months ago and all was clear, been to the GP on a number of occasions and his conclusion was hemorrhoids which I can try using ointment, live with it or consider surgery! Regular checks with my oncologist seem to present with no cancer related issues, but I still get quite alarmed and concerned when I see a blood stained toilet bowel! Any knowledgeable and educated opinions would be appreciated.
A: I have heard the surgery isn’t the greatest thing to do but it does cure this mess and it stops what you are having trouble doing. you were right to have those tests run and i would just get suregery and take care of the problem cause its going to be there long time more and the older you get the worse it will get. seeing you are not cancerous it could accur caus eof those prolbems i wouldn’t take things so lightly.
The ER dr said (after endoscopy &colonoscopy) i have a hiatal herni protruding into my right lung.?
Q: i have had chronic shortness of breath for years. it was considered asthma. Now they recommend surgery. could this hiatal hernia be the REAL cause of my shortness of breath – not asthma??? would surgery cure this?? Please advise me. thank you! jd
A: I have shortness of breath too, and, like you, for years it was put down to asthma.After finally insisting on seeing a specialist, I found out that the airway in my throat was down to less than 5mm, and I need operations to try to widen it a bit.So I do understand the rollercoaster feelings and the many questions that must be whirling round in your head right now.The best thing, I think, to do is to talk with the surgeon who will be carrying out the operation and air all your worries. He will be able to answer all your questions and alleviate any fears you may have. Remember he knows about this, he’s dealt with it before, and you’re his patient. It’s part of his job to put you in-the-know about anything that is causing you concern. I felt a bit hesitant about asking anything at first, and, to tell the truth, part of me didn’t want to know too much incase it wasn’t the news I wanted to hear, but I ask as much as I feel I can bear at the time, and that works for me.Could you also have asthma? Maybe. Or could this other condition be the real cause of your shortness of breath? Yes, it could well be. You might like to visit this hiatal hernia support group website where you can find the answers to some of your questions, chat to others if you want to, and see the latest on treatments:
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