Is an abscess contagious

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A:Abscesses are not contagious, but the bacteria that cause them can spread from person to person. [ Source: ]
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Is an abscess contagious
Abscesses are not contagious, but the bacteria that cause them can spread from person to person.
Are Abscesses Contagious?
Abscesses are not contagious, but the bacteria that cause them can spread from person to person and can cause other types of infections. Anyone who touches a boil that is draining pus should wash their hands, and cloths or towels that have …
How Abscesses Can Lead To Heart Disease
An abscess can spread if left unchecked, and in extreme cases can lead to heart disease. According to Dental Health Magazine, patients with gum disease are more likely to suffer from heart disease. This may be due to bacteria from the mouth…

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Are hoof abscesses contagious from horse to horse?
Q: A horse at the yard who lives next to my horse has got an abscess on her hoof and we have a water tap to share between the two of us. Today,the owner of the horse took the hose and rinsed out the bowl she was using to bathe her horse’s hoof,I then filled up my horse’s water bucket with the same hose Is the abscess contagious??
A: Infections are spread by transmission of the agent, such as bacteria, from one host to another. If she had used your horse’s water bucket to soak the hoof, I would object. But using the hose to rinse the bowl, and then using it to fill your horse’s water bucket won’t transfer bacteria or fungi from the infected hoof. Virtually any infection can be spread to others by one mode or another. Drainage from an abscess that has opened to the surface is infected and can be spread to others. That drainage should be handled as such. That is why she shouldn’t soak the infected hoof in the same bucket used to provide water or feed, or even use the same bucket to soak another hoof unless it is cleaned with bleach to kill the germs first. If there is any portal of entry for bacteria or fungi such as a deep crack, puncture, or impaired white line integrity in a hoof, then soaking that hoof in water that contains infective agents from another horse’s drainage can indeed spread that infection via the portal of entry and result in an abscess of the hoof being soaked. What you describe, though, poses no risk.Add….all hoof abscesses are infections, and virtually all infections can be transferred to other hosts if they are exposed to the infected exudate. The only abscesses that are not infected are called sterile abscesses, such as may form following some IM injections. Hoof abscesses are not sterile abscesses. They are always infected.Just FYI, bacterial infections of teeth are routinely spread from one person to another through kissing and using another person’s toothbrush.
Are skin abscesses contagious meaning can they spread to other parts of the body?
Q: I had surgery on my stomach on memorial day for a huge abscess they had to cut deep into my stomach. I need to know that if it will spread and come back on other part of body at later time.
A: Abscesses can spread to nearby areas as they grow in size, but if the doctors killed all of the bacteria in the abscess, then there is nothing left to spread. A person could infect another part of their body with the bacteria in an abscess if they cut the skin after touching fluids oozing out of the abscess, or if they have reduced immunity, but this is not something that is not likely to occur with most people. Anyhow, another abscess would have alreadly showed up by now if you had spread the bacteria to another area. In some people, the bacteria that caused the abscess are always present, but only cause abscess to form occasionally and the reason is unknown.
Are dental abscesses contagious?
Q: alright well I unfortunately have bad hygiene wen it comes to my mouth. I always seem to forget to brush my teeth every night. anyways recently i started developing this dull throbbing pain in my last molar on the right side and then it slowly but surely spread to my gums and now my right side of my cheek and gums are slightly swollen and in throbbing pain. I did some research and i believe i have a dental abscess. what i want to kno is tht is my mouth contagious and how critical is it for me to see a doctor because i cant till Thursday(3days from now) i have been taking ibuprofen which has helped tremendously with the horrible pain. But i woke up this morning with relatively no pain at all
A: Your mouth is not contagious (assuming you are referring to maybe kissing someone), but you do have an infection and it needs to be treated as immediately as possible (if you could go today, I would say RUN to the dentist – it’s that critical). They will likely pull the tooth if it is too infected and damaged to save.
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