Is Mederma good for old scars

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Mederma(r) Cream works for old and new scars resulting from surgery, injury, burns, acne and stretch marks. [ Source: ]
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Is Mederma good for old scars
Mederma(r) Cream works for old and new scars resulting from surgery, injury, burns, acne and stretch marks.
Does Mederma work on old scars?
tjj2320,do you mean the cocoa butter scar serum or the mederma?if it is cocoa butter scar serum you are using right now, i never experienced any peeling from it at all.may be some kind of skin reaction to it i guess but very unlikely cos i …
Will Mederma work on old scars?
Scars are fully healed after about a year. The time to treat them is while they’re still healing. Most scars will continue to fade after they’ve healed, but lotions and creams won’t affect the rate at which they fade – although some people …

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What is a good treatment for old scars? I’ve tried Mederma without any luck. Any ideas?
A: fair and flawless worked for me. you should check out their website.
Mederma on new and old scars?
Q: I recently had mole removed. It started out fine, they cut around it and removed the mole and stitched me up. However, there weren’t enough stitches and although the wound kept bleeding between the stitches they removed them anyway and slapped on a steri strip. The steri strip fell off taking the scar with it leaving me with a huge gaping hole in my back. It’s hideous and currently infected. I have been prescribed an antibacterial ointment which I use 3 times a day and it appears to be finally healing.Has anyone used mederma? I have a couple of those raised, (Keloid?) scars and I’m scared this will now turn into one of those.Will Mederma really work to make this new scar look better and to prevent it from raising up? I plan to start using it as soon as my back actually heals.What about on an eraser-sized raised scar that is about a year old?Thanks for all your help!
A: Mederma seems to work on some people, but not on others. I’ve tried it. It works at the pace of the snail by the looks of it.Try bio-oil. It’s raving good, and works on both old and fresh scars. I was stupid enough to use it on the face. One word: DON’T. But on any other body parts’ is fine. It’s one of the best scar fader out there.
Where can I buy Mederma Cream in the Philippines?
Q: Please..I need your help.Im havin a hard time with the scar in my face and right leg.Their both old scars from my childhood.I heard that Mederma cream is good for old scars.Im having trouble finding stores that sells the product.Where can i buy it in the Philippines?Please help.Thanks.
A: These were the companies listed under pharmacy or drug stores in the Philippines.* Mercury Drug* South Supermarkets* Carlos Pharmacy* United Pharmacy* South Star DrugCheck the links, you might have to order and have it deliveredby by mail.
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