Is there a home remedy for an abscessed tooth

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A:The home remedy for a tooth abscess is antibiotic Strepsil throat lozenges. Cheap, fast and easy to obtain. The MORE? ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is there a home remedy for an abscessed tooth
The home remedy for a tooth abscess is antibiotic Strepsil throat lozenges. Cheap, fast and easy to obtain. The MORE?
Is there a remedy for swelling due to an abscessed tooth??
You really need to see a dentist. Abscessed teeth, even when there is no pain, do much harm to our bodies. A friend of mine, who is a dentist, told me that abscessed teeth that are left untreated continue to get worse and do damage to our o…
Does Anyone Know A Home Remedy For And Abscessed Tooth??
Hi. My husband’s tooth is infected and we can’t afford health insurance. So, if anyone knows a good home remedy or a good over the counter medicine (that actually works) please let me know. Thanks. Abscessed Anyone Does Home Know Remedy Too…

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are there home remedies for an abscess tooth?
A: Yep, there are home remedies for an abscess tooth and they work about as good as the home remedy for an infected appendix. It’s called temporary pain control…Neither one is going to be cured through a home remedy. And, either one if left untreated can in the end do you in. I’m not kidding. If your abscess infection gets into your blood stream as the infection gets worse, and you happen to have a heart problem, you could suddenly be on your way to the old happy hunting ground in the sky. If your looking for a temporary pain control until you can see your dentist I can help with that. Go to the drug store and purchase an over the counter product called “OraJel”…follow the instructions, but know this, tooth abscess aren’t cured, their removed by dental intervention and antibiotics. Get in to see a dentist ASAP. Good luck and I wish you well.
IS there any at home remedies for a abscessed tooth? I am in alot of pain and no dental insurance :(?
A: If you go to a minor emergency clinic or even the emergency room, a doctor there will prescribe you some painkillers and some antibiotics. It will only be a temporary fix. The hospital or clinic can get you in touch with a free or low cost dentist that can fix/remove your tooth. For right now, rinse out your mouth with Listerine as often as you can stand to do. It is also helpful to saturate a cotton ball with Listerine and hold it against the abscess. The Listerine will kill a lot of bacteria, remove the nasty taste from the abcess and offer a little pain relief. But remember, do not swallow the Listerine!
Any home remedies for a wisdom tooth swollen gum?
Q: The gum around my lower wisdom tooth is infected and there is a warm bump (abscess) around it. The wisdom tooth is being pushed up so that I cannot close my mouth properly. I have been to the dentist who wants me to have the tooth pulled. But there is nothing wrong with the tooth, only the gum, and there is no pain. I have been using an oral irrigator with hydrogen peroxide and salt solution but the swelling persists. I would appreciate any and all suggestions.
A: There may be nothing wrong with the tooth, but it has no room to fully erupt. By that I mean that it will never be able to erupt high enough for the tissue not to cover the top of the tooth, thus keeping the tissue surrounding this tooth in a constant active infectious state that is affecting you’re whole body. The dentist can remove the flap with electrosurgery, but it usually grows back. The wisdom teeth are just too far back, in a very tight area that doesn’t allow enough room for them to fully erupt. This makes it impossible to keep the area clean allowing it a perfect environment for bacteria to grow under this flap of tissue. These teeth are almost always trouble for patients and difficult for us to work on as well. That’s why he’s recommending the extraction. It will wind up being a constant infected abscessed area that will eventually affect the bone and the rest of your body and remain a problem until you have it removed. I hope you follow your dentist advice and have it extracted to clear up all of this infection. Good luck and I hope I’ve been of some help with this problem.Additional info: You may want to use just warm (as warm as you can stand it) salt water rinses on this area and take 800 mg of Advil or Motrin for the inflammation. Peroxide is very irritating to tissue so you may want to back off (or dilute it greatly with warm water) on it for a couple of days and see if the area does better. I’m just not sure if you are using too much of the peroxide or if your “forcing debris” under the “tissue around the tooth” or under “flap of tissue” with your irrigator both which can be causing more harm than good. If you don’t get any relief from doing these things then you either need an oral antibiotic or to have it extracted. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, it can be cleaned out at the dentist office to give you more time if needed. But as soon as you eat, particles of food are going to pack in there again causing this to go on and on and on. I guess you can tell I’ve thought about your problem quiet a bit, and seen it happen many times to patient’s. It’s just one of those problems that is going to keep your mouth a mess until it’s removed I’m afraid. Good luck and I do hope you’ll take my advice and get it extracted soon so you can start feeling better.
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