What anesthetic is used to put you to sleep in surgery

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A number of different medicines may be used. It depends on the kind of surgery and your medical history. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-anesthetic-is-used-to-put-you-to-sleep-in-surgery ]
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What anesthetic is used to put you to sleep in surgery
A number of different medicines may be used. It depends on the kind of surgery and your medical history. ChaCha!

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Has any one ever had a porcelain crown and how long did it take and did you have to be put to sleep?
Q: Okay I have to get a porcelain crown put in and I am just wondering how long of a procedure it is and will I have to be put to sleep like surgery or will local anesthetics be used? I am not scared of having any dental procedure done but I am just 21 and I have absolutly no Idea what I am going to be facing or what to expect. All answers will be greatly appreciated.
A: yes I have one. First visit they grind down the tooth and measure for the crownBefore you leave they install a temp crownnext visit if all goes well they pull the temp and glue in the new crown. Local shot only, no sleep.In my case the “new” crown did not fit correctly so I had to go back a third time. As they sent the crown back to the lab to be redone.
Sonography Essay Help/Corrections?
Q: I’m looking to get into the Sonography field and these are the two entrance Essays, if you find any misspelling, punctuation errors or problems with either of them, it would be much appreciated if you could point them out <3 thank you for your timeESSAY ONEPlease Explain in your own words why you wish to enroll in your program of choice.I’d like to enroll in sonography because it seems to be a largely growing field that will not be ‘replaced’in the medical world, I also love Photography as a hobby of mine and Sonography is a type of Photograph,Taking pictures of the body using ultrasound, I strive to help people whenever(or however?) I can and will preforma medically necessary test to help people become better, as well as make the experience as pleasant as possible for the patient.I think the service is well needed and I would be the perfect person to preform these services.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ESSAY TWOPlease Tell us about experiences in your life that have led you to a career in health care.(my younger brother was a cancer survivor, I was born with tibia torsion in my legs, asthma, and an in-growth fingernail disorder) Well its been a troubling life, to start off, when my brother was about four he developed a skin cancer and was brought in to a hospital, my parents were very worried about him, as I was sent away to live with my grandparents… they were painful times, I didn’t often get to see them but I was told stories of what was happening, my brother had radiation treatment for the cancer, then was put inside a room inside 4 or 5 other rooms to keep him sterilized, as his white blood cells were so low that even the smallest trace of bacteria could kill him,everyone who entered the room had to wear a protective suit to keep the germs away, in some cases reckless doctors would just barge through all the doors, and then the patient would died. This didn’t happen to my brother, but there was another problem…a nurse came in one day to clean his bedsheets. picking him up and moving him to a nearby chair, or at least that’s what she had hoped to do. while she did, she was stepping on his IV pickline, when picking him up, it was completely ripped out, she panicked and left calling the doctor finding out this particular hospital didn’t have and of those specific picklines left, my father rushed out to another hospital, bought a pickline, and rushed back, saving his life from what could have been a fatal accident, I don’t want to ever see such a horrible thing happen again due to workers slacking and accidentally or purposely doing things that cause tragedy, but enough of my brother. I haven’t quite had the perfect life either.I was born with a finger nail disorder, Asthma, and Tibia Torsion on my legs, the Asthma was triggered by many things, when I was younger, and I had many allergies which caused it to flare up. I’ve never truly had a life threatening Asthma attack because most of the time I had an InhalerI went in for surgery at age 16 to fix the Tibia Torsion in my legs because I walked different then everyone else and was made fun of for it, at the beginning, before I was even put to sleep there was a nurse attempting to give me an IV, she just kept poking me in the arm making me bleed, missing the vain completely, to say the least it was painful, but after the 7th try, she got it, I was wheeled in to be operated on and put to sleep by anesthetics, the procedure was meant to only take 2 weeks, but I was moved to another hospital as I was doing better for physical therapy, and my legs started oozing a green flesh rotting bacteria called gangrene, I was quickly moved back to the original hospital and my legs were hooked up to a vac to suck out all the bacteria. I was in the hospital for 3 months due to ‘unforeseen problems’ and I don’t what anyone else to suffer such pain, giving me the drive to go into the medical field.
A: Perform not preform.The second essay is too detailed about the medical issues and comes off as whiny. The essay comes off as “you are all a bunch of idiots and I can do better.” Everybody has had an experience that was less than pleasant in healthcare, focus more on what you learned from those experiences and not on the details of what happened. Like “during my preperation for surgery I realized what a difference skilled caregivers can make for a patient’s comfort and healing. I want to be one of those skilled people…….yada yada”
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