What are silicone based oil products

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Silicone is an oil derived from the mineral silicon. It can be used for filling in plastic surgery, and has acquired a poor reputation as a result of misuse over the past twenty years. Use 1-800-2ChaCha for unlimited questions! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-silicone-based-oil-products ]
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What are silicone based oil products
Silicone is an oil derived from the mineral silicon. It can be used for filling in plastic surgery, and has acquired a poor reputation as a result of misuse over the past twenty years. Use 1-800-2ChaCha for unlimited questions!
Where to buy silicon oil or a silicon based product??
I live in Thailand (huge humidity) and my wife uses hair clay to keep her hair straight. You might want to give it a try. You can propably buy it at any barber/hairdresser shop.
What are some oil based products?
Hey i go to the same school as you(i’m hannah) I haven’t found anything yet 🙁

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Straightening products question?
Q: I have read that Biosilk was one of the best serums to use for straightening. I have been using Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum. I Really like it a lot. Since I am a product junkie, I am always looking for something better and sometimes something cheaper. There are so many silicon cone based serum on the market and I am having trouble deciding what to buy next. Can anyone suggest a good product that would make my super thick curly hair straight. Oil/silicone/wax based products only. Cream products make my hair frizzy.
A: I have used both Biosilk and the Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum. Paul Mitchell’s works the same but gives you a lot more product for your money. You could also try using a straighting shampoo and a tiny bit of Biosilk Silk Polish shining paste. Use a brush and blow dry your hair straight.
Frizzy hair and humidity?
Q: i have naturally curly hair. it’s reeeeally long. like just under my butt. so it’s not so curly now. it’s wavy and frizzy. i can usually keep the frizz under control but something really bugs me. i got a flat iron recently and when i straighten my hair its really smooth and pretty but when i go outside it starts to frizz/curl back up really quickly. i dont really know of any products to control the frizz. that’s what this question is for. i had heard of using a silicone oil or a silicone based product but i have no idea where i could get that or how much it would costso my question is, what can i do about this? are there any products i could use that arent too expensive? thanks!
A: well you can just simply use jell. and when you straighten just spray a little bit of hairspray then straighten again. then put the jell in.
What type of bearing is used to support the connecting rod on the crank pin and the wrist pin in high rpm two-
Q: 3. What type of bearing is used to support the connecting rod on the crank pin and the wrist pin in high rpm two-stroke engines?A. Roller bearing B. Plain bearing C. Needle bearing D. Bushing 4. What is the purpose of the fibers in grease?A. It’s the actual lubricating element in the grease. B. It prevents the lubricant from evaporating. C. It traps the lubricant and holds it in suspension. D. It thickens the grease. 5. Which type of outboard motor cooling systems is a variable volume system?A. Revolving cam pump B. Plunger pump C. Impeller pump D. Pressure vacuum pump 6. A PCV valve is used to control theA. amount of oil coming out of the oil pump. B. oil injected on a two-stroke engine. C. air that enters the crankcase. D. flow of exhaust gases. 7. The API C classification for lubricating oils pertains to which type of engines?A. Single-cylinder four-stroke gasoline engines B. Multicylinder four-stroke gasoline engines C. Two-stroke gasoline engines D. Two- or four-stroke diesel engines 8. What additive is added to lubricating oil to help the oil absorb water?A. Oxidation inhibitor B. Emulsifier C. Corrosion inhibitor D. Improver 9. Which of the following bearing types doesn’t have an inner and outer race?A. Needle B. Roller C. Ball D. Tapered roller 10. Which one of the following oils isn’t a multiviscosity oil?A. 5W-30 B. 10W-40 C. 10W-30 D. 50W 11. Type SA oil is used forA. highly turbocharged gasoline or diesel engines. B. light trucks and cars from 1980 to present. C. engines that operate under mild conditions. D. light-duty naturally aspirated diesel engines. 12. An impeller pump in an outboard motor uses an impeller made ofA. stainless steel. B. bronze. C. synthetic rubber. D. brass. 13. Water circulates around a water-cooled engine’s cylinder head and cylinder inside the waterA. jacket. B. deflectors. C. passages. D. tubes. 14. A thermostat opens to allow coolant flow when what component of the thermostat has expanded?A. Piston B. Boot C. Wax D. Pressure top 15. A breather is used toA. vent cylinder head pressure to the atmosphere. B. balance the pressure at the carburetor of a two-stroke engine. C. allow clean air to enter the crankcase of the engine. D. allow pressurized gases to vent from the crankcase. 16. Synthetic lubricants are made of products based onA. mineral oil. B. silicon. C. vegetable oil. D. graphite. 17. Multipurpose greases use a thickening agent such asA. short fiber. B. aluminum fluoride. C. lithium soap. D. calcium soap. 18. When you’re flushing a cooling system, you should use an approved acid and aA. neutralizer. B. retarder. C. purifier. D. accelerator. 19. Which one of the following grades is a proper grade of multipurpose gear lubricant?A. SAE 40 B. SAE 60 C. SAE 80 D. SAE 100 20. Air-cooled engines use what form of heat transfer to remove most of the heat from their cylinder head and cylinder?A. Conduction B. Radiation C. Convection D. Absorption
A: Hey kid. I just checked all of your recently asked questions. Quit wasting your time, and our time. Some of us actually try to help people out here. You need to find some other interest. You obviously have no talent or ability when it comes to automobiles. The answers to all 80 or so questions have to be learned with hands on training. If you don’t do the work, you don’t get the answers. Source(s):Self taught ASE certified tech.
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