What are the beginning stages of staff infection

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A:There are as such no certain stages of the diseases caused by this bacteria as it can result it pimples, boils, abscesses, & MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-beginning-stages-of-staff-infection ]
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What are the beginning stages of staff infection
There are as such no certain stages of the diseases caused by this bacteria as it can result it pimples, boils, abscesses, & MORE

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can you guys plz help me summarize this article in words i understand?
Q: STD infection rates rise in U.S.A federal report shows that new cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis rose for the second year in a row.By Jia-Rui ChongLos Angeles Times Staff WriterNovember 14, 2007The number of newly diagnosed cases of the three most common sexually transmitted diseases rose for the second year in a row in the U.S., driven in part by an increase in risky sexual behavior, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Tuesday.”Increases in all three of these STDs. . . underscore the need for vigilance,” said Dr. John M. Douglas Jr., director of the CDC’s division of STD prevention, which produced the report.New cases of chlamydia, the most commonly reported infectious disease in 2006, were diagnosed at nearly three times the rate of gonorrhea, the second most commonly reported infectious disease, Douglas said.”We believe since it’s underreported, it probably represents a much bigger iceberg,” he said.Douglas said he was also worried about syphilis because “it was really primed for being eliminated, and we’ve seen reversals in what ought to be a preventable problem.”Officials are still analyzing why the STD rates are going up, but they believe the rise is related to insufficient public health funds, increased testing and a resurgence of risky sexual behavior in some groups.Of particular concern is a rising number of syphilis cases among gay and bisexual men, Douglas said. A large proportion of these men were HIV positive and became more sexually active when better AIDS drugs improved their health, he said.Earlier this year, CDC officials said methamphetamine use, which often leads to riskier sexual behavior, had probably added to gonorrhea cases in the Western United States.Dr. Gil Chavez, deputy director of the Center for Infectious Disease at the California Department of Public Health, said he believed that the drug may be driving up rates of other sexually transmitted diseases as well.The CDC estimates that about 19 million Americans a year are infected with an STD.Condom use decreases the risk for chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis, which are bacterial infections that can be treated with antibiotics.According to the report, cases of chlamydia continued their steady long-term rise, increasing to about 348 cases per 100,000 people in 2006.Gonorrhea infections rose 5.5% in 2006 to nearly 121 new cases per 100,000 people. The number of new cases had been declining for about two decades when they began leveling off in the late 1990s. Gonorrhea cases started to rise again in 2005.Syphilis cases increased about 12% from 2005 to 2006, to about 13 new cases per 100,000 people.CDC officials have been particularly interested in cases of primary and secondary syphilis, the earliest and most infectious stage of the disease.The rates of early syphilis had been going down since 1991, but began increasing in 2001. In five years, the rate jumped from 2.1 new cases to 3.3 cases per 100,000 people.Gay and bisexual men made up 64% of new cases of primary and secondary syphilis in 2006.
A: chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis are the most sexually transmitted diseases. the number of people with these diseases has increased because of risky sexual behavior (not useing protection). Chlamydia is the most common and was diagnosed at three times the rate of gonorrhea, which is the second most common infectious disease. because gonorrhea was not reported alot, they think it is just the beginning of a huge problem. they are also worried about syphilis, because they thought that it was being eliminated, and effecting less and less people. but now they are seeing more cases than they should if it was really going away. They believe that the cause of the increase of STD’s is related to bad health funds, and risky sexual behavior in some groups of people. there is an increasing number of syphilis cases in gay and bisexual men. these men had AIDS, but increased their sex life when they recieved drugs for treatment of AIDS, which helped them get better. also useing methamphetamine, which causes people to become more sexually active, helped cause the increase of gonorrhea. the drug may also be the reason for the increase of other STD’s. 19 million americans are infected with an STD a year. chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis can be treated with antibiotics, however condoms reduce the risk of getting these diseases. chlamydia is continueing to rise and affect more and more peopel each year. less and less people started to get gonorrhea in the 1990’s. but not the number of people getting gonorrhea is begining to rise again, but not as fast as chlamydia. syphilis cases are increasing too. the people at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention are currently interested in studying the earliest stages of syphilis, which are also the most infectious (harmful)stages of the disease. Gay and bisexual men make up the majority of people who get the first two stages of syphilis.hope this put it into terms you can understand =)
I think I have a jawbone cavitation, I am in agony everyday. What can I do?
Q: The dental hospital in Newcastle has not diagnosed me correctly. I have simply been left to suffer, medicated on tramadol which has left me feeling unmotivated and constantly tired.The problem started when my wisdom teeth began to grow through and I began experiencing pain around my jaw area. This was about six years ago, during this period I was living in Norway and was not experiencing any stress what so ever, my life was one of joy and tranquillity. Upon my return to England I was told it was stress, which I did not believe was true as I was not stressed. I had just had the healthiest year of my life, no alcohol, good food, regular exercise. I was put on a bizarre variety of drugs from amitriptylene to beta blockers and also had acupuncture and a massive list of drugs. Upon going to my dentist was told my wisdom teeth were impacted and they were causing the pain as soon as the dentist touched the area round the wisdom tooth it hurt. As the teeth grew through more and more it became obvious to me that this was the problem. Yet no matter how much I tried to get them taken out I have had no luck what so ever. I have had four dentists tell me my wisdom teeth are a problem but the dental hospital keep telling me it’s psychosomatic.I have another problem which is far worse than the wisdom teeth pain and feels like someone is drilling at my face 24 hours a day. This started about three years ago as a root tooth infection, I had the tooth filled and eventually out of desperation had the tooth removed only for the pain to continue. I have had many x rays but nothing has been found. The dental hospital also believes this to be psychosomatic which is wrong. I can feel a beating sensation and am strongly convinced some damage has been done to the nerves due to the long standing infection or the extraction of the tooth.This pain has caused me to fail University and has had a profound effect on my state of mind. The fact I cannot relax enough to sleep is a very disruptive problem. I am currently living in a world of constant pain where I have to try and get on as best I can. This is not the life I imagined I would be living at twenty five, on a strong pain killer which only mildly affects the pain.The staff at the dental hospital have been very unhelpful and seem to have taken a disliking to me. For example I went to ask a question only to be told “I am the doctor I will ask the questions here”. I do not believe this to be an appropriate way of dealing with distressed patients. I even had a dentist laugh at me as I sat there crying after being told there was nothing that can be done for me.I have done many hours of research on my pain and I could have a range of treatments that could fix and diagnose the problem but have not been done. This pain has driven me to want to commit suicide and if it was not for the support of my girlfriend and family I feel I would have done so. I am being wrongly diagnosed and it has led to many years of needless suffering. I am at the stage now where the dental hospital are just palming me off with pointless tasks such as keeping a pain diary for a few months then come back. The pain is constant so I see no need for any logging system, I have told them many times the pain never wavers in intensity. So why this pointless time wasting task? I am desperate to resolve this problem so I can move on with my life, any support you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
A: You poor person! I feel so bad for you. I can’t tell from the story if you have had the teeth pulled or not. Have you? That might be part of the problem. If you have had the teeth pulled, you may have a jaw infection or some damage was done to the nerves when the teeth were pulled. Have you tried going to a medical doctor and not a dentist? Try to find one that specializes in chronic pain. I don’t live in England, I live in the States, so I don’t know how your medical system works there. But I would find a medical doctor that specializes in pain and demand that a MRI be done to see if they can find something that could be causing this pain. I wish I could be more help. Chronic pain is not fun and can be very depressing. I wish you the best.
My work are being arsey with me….is it legal what they’re doing?
Q: I currently work at sainsburys and they have been treating me appalling lately. I work 8 hours a week part time to give me some extra money whilst i am at uni full time. I’ll list what they have done (this is over a period of time and i have always bitten my tongue but lately they have really bugged me!) Is this legal??1) About a year ago i went into hospital with vaginal bleeding and called in sick from work and said i was in hospital. At the time i thought i could be unknowingly pregnant and miscarrying. Luckily it was just an infection and i was given a course of antibiotics. Yet when i went into work i had to do a return to work with my manager and he demanded to know what i was in hospital for. I told him it was personal and showed him the prescription they had given me at the hospital to prove i was not lying and he said if i didnt tell him it would go down as an unathourised abscence and i would be A&C’d (like the first stage in a disciplinary procedure. You’re allowed three then have to have a formal warning) In the end i told him to avoid getting negative marks on my record but i was so embarrassed and always felt like he pushed it further than was neccesary to be nosy.2) Recently i realised that i had booked the wrong week off for my holiday when i handed my holiday form at the beginning of the year. When i realised my mistake i wrote a formal letter to my manager 5 weeks before i needed the week off saying that i had made a mistake and needed to change my holidays. Company policy states that i am entitled to change my holidays with just three weeks notice before i need the time off. He told me too many peopole were already on holiday that week and i could not have the time off, so i said i would be willing to take it as unpaid leave so i could still attend my holiday. He realised that it meant i would be off work as unpaid leave one week then on my orriginal holiday the week after and he would lose me for 3 saturdays in a row when they were short staffed. I then found my letter left in the front of a folder on checkouts for everyone to see with a comment at the bottom saying “i’ve decided to change her holidays as otherwise we will lose her for 3 weeks instead of one but i will a&c her for changing her holidays”. But orriginally he had said i couldnt change my holiday, but because it suited him he changed them but tried to discipline me for it. Surely this is unfair when i had been honest and told them as soon as i realised? And should the letter have been left lying around when it was private and addressed to my mangaer? My colleuges had read the letter as it was left lying about and were coming up to me saying they had read i was going to be given a warning. It was so embarrassing.3) Last week i started back at uni after the summer and was given my timetable and realised i was at uni until late on wednesday and could no longer work wednsday night. As soon as i realised i got my mum (who works there also) to leave a message with them to say that i could not work wednasday night and that i would be in touch asap to sort something out and arrange when i could make up my hours. I let them know as soon as i found out myself. Yet when i phoned them up my mangaer said it was too short notice and that if i didnt come to work i’d be breaking my contract and told me to skip my lecture at uni to come into work. I was gobsmacked and told her my education comes first.4) I went into work thursdsay and was told i would be recieving an a&c for not showing up to work and not calling up to say i was not coming in. When i told them that i HAD called and had spoken to my supervisor twice on the phone on tuesday and she had said not to worry about wednesday night and come in on thursday, they said they had not been told this and said they would invesigate. I thought this would be the end of it but no…4) I went into work this morning and was told that HR had said i needed to be a&c’d for not following company procedure. Apparently cos i’d got my mum to leave the orriginal message i was breaking company policy as I was meant to call myself. I explained that i had only got my mum to leave a message just to say that i wouldnt be coming to work and that i would call them asap. I thought this was the right thing to do as that way they got the message earlier than i could have got it to them and would have had longer to arrange cover for me so that they would not be short staffed. I refused to sign the A&C form as i said i believed i had only been honest and done what i thought was in the best interest to the company and i feel i am being punished for being honest. After all, i could’ve just phoned in sick on wedneday night like most people would have and they would have had 1 hours notice. I gave them 2 days!!I have heard that they are trying to get rid of people with short contracts like mine and am worried they are doing this deliberately and taking advantage of me being young and not knowing my rights. I know the question is long but i feel that people have to know the whole story to be able to pass judgement and help me. Please help me!!OH! I almost forgot, after allo the hassle about changing my holidays thye didnt pay me for one of my shifts as they said i was not down on the system as being on holiday! Even though i had spent ages sorting this out with my mangager i was not paid and lost my holiday and £30!!PS: sorry about all the spelling mistakes and typos! I was typing fast so i could get it all down but forgot to spell-check. Sorry 🙂
A: Take everything you have written here to the HR department, ask to speak to someone confidentially and show them your letter and speak to them about the way you have been treated. Tell them you want something done about it. If they won’t help go to CAB and and explain the situation they will give you advice on what steps to take to get your treatment investigated.
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