What are the chances of surviving a massive surgery

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It depends on type of surgery but most massive surgeries have a pretty high survival rate. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-chances-of-surviving-a-massive-surgery ]
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What are the chances of surviving a massive surgery
It depends on type of surgery but most massive surgeries have a pretty high survival rate.

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what are the chance of surviving?
Q: im 19 now and i have brain tumors i will need my 4th operation soon. i expect to survive but… at this rate i will need surgery every 5 years.what are the chances of me surviving 10 brain surgeries (i will be around 50 at that time)and also should I even look for love knowing that my wife will probally be a widow and in massive debt by the time I am 50.
A: Believe it or not your entire body has an amazing capability to heal itself after a trauma such as brain surgery. Although any type of surgery is dangerous, with time, the body can repair itself. I have been an RN in Neuro-ICU and did a internship as a floating neuro-surgical RN. Take care of yourself, don’t smoke or do drugs, eat healthy, exercise, and checkup with your doctor regularly. There is no reason why you cannot live to be 90 years old. Also, studies have been done in patients with brain tumors. Those that had a positive attitude about their condition, took care of themselves, and had a strong support system resulted in a much better prognosis than their non-compliant counterparts.
What are the chances she can survive this?
Q: My friends mom was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer in 2008 i believe. I know statistically the survival rate for the first year is about 30% and surviving it 5 years is like a super low percent. Its been about 2 years now. I want to know what her chances are of surviving this cancer, to give me a better answer, here are her symptoms:-Jaundice-really really dark urine-massive loss in muscle mass-super weak-no apetite what so ever-vomits everything she eats-severe abdominal pain-if it wasnt for her pills she would have died from pain..not joking..pills are what is holding her together..pills like oxycodone and oxycoton..ect…She’s in and out of the hospital..in fact as my writing this my friend just told me her moms been put back into the hospital. My family is really close to her family and we’re all heart-broken. She’s like my own family to me. She’s had surgery but the doctor said he couldnt do anything so the surgery was useless. Shes going through chemo-therapyIs there any way she can survive this? P.S she went from weighing at 190 to 98 pounds in those two yearsjust help pleasee….
A: Based upon your description, the patient has stage 4 pancreatic cancer and is approaching the end of her life. The fact that her doctor declined to do surgery back in 2008 meant she was already stage 4 at that time. Unfortunately, her health will continue to decline until the inevitable happens.
what are the chances of recovery from stage 4 colon cancer?
Q: i have an aunt who is diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. According to the doctor, the tumor is quite large and surgery is out of the question because it will cause massive bleeding. It scared us all. Is there anyone out there who has come across or know anyone with this stage of cancer and survived?
A: “BSherman’s” answer is superb – and indeed some patients with stage 4 colon carcinoma do survive for 1 to 2 years – but what you describe sounds like it may be a shorter prognosis.I would suggest being prepared for something in the order of months rather than years.I hope I am wrong in this estimation. Just being honest with my experience of 20 years as a cancer specialist doctor.A large tumor volume and no chance of surgery is a bad sign.If she has significant liver or lung involvement, less than a year is expected.But we doctors NEVER know exactly how long any person may have – even the doctors who know the details of the case – which we do not.I would rather be prepared for the worst and be pleasantly surprised if things turn out better.
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