What are the effects of heroin on the body

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A:Heroin is relatively non-toxic to the body, causing little damage to body tissue and other organs, long-term effects more [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-effects-of-heroin-on-the-body ]
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What are the effects of heroin on the body
Heroin is relatively non-toxic to the body, causing little damage to body tissue and other organs, long-term effects more
How does Heroin effect the body?
you don’t sniff it you inject it and yes its very bad for you and it gets in you blood stream it damages your heart and all other organs it is th worst drug you can take
Can someone please tell me some of the body parts that herion eff…?
every part of your anatomy. I can’t think of any part of the body heroin doesn’t do damage to. teeth, gums, liver, skin, kidneys, heart,lungs,digestive system, circulatory system,

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What are some short and long term effects of heroin on the body?
A: Okay, imagine that the links in your brain are a lock and a key. They fit together perfectly in a normally functioning brain. When you take heroin, they break that connection the first time you use between some of the neurons, and they will never be fixed.Heroin destroys brain cells, permanently, which is why people coming off of Heroin have to take Methadone from a clinic because it provides a fake connection, between neurons and takes the place of heroin in a healthier way.Coming down from the high leads to the chills, and shaking, feeling nauseated, or vomiting.22% of all people who take heroin the first time become addicted. If you have not heard of BARBING, please let me explain.When you use heroin, the tip of the needle crystalizes with the remnants of the drug. It turns into little sharp prickly things, like barbed wire that are invisible to the eye. HOWEVER, when you inject the drig into your vein, these little barbed crystals attach themselves to your veins, and when you pull the needle out, the vein can come right out of your arm.Using dirty needles can also lead to Hepatitis, or HIV. Heroin use can also leaf to infertility in men and women.Heroin not only kills your brain cells, but takes the place of everything you have a passion for in life, becuase the high is so intense, any activities you enjoy doing no longer give you that “rush”. Please read : “Chasing the High: a young persons first hand account with substance abuse” if you are looking for an interesting read about heroin addiction or use. He was a heroin addict, his story is terrifying.Feel free to email me, if you have any further questions.
What are the effects of heroin a year later?
Q: I need to know the effects of heroin on the body a year later after becoming dependent on the drug. It is for a school project.
A: If the person was injecting, it can cause collaposed veins. also permanant lung, heart, liver, and i think kidney problems. depending on the method of which the drug entered the body.
Shrooms and what are the after effects on the mind and body?
Q: My boyfriend is going to do shrooms this Friday. I believe that no one should do any type of drug, but he wants to do them. I have done research and the only sights I can find are ones promoting taking them. My questions are 1) Can you become physically or mentally addicted to them? 2) Can you harm your body in any way? 3) Are they truly even the slightest less harmful than something like cocaine or heroin? 4) Will he change in any sort of way in which it will affect our relationship? 5) Will he be the same as he was before?
A: I have had some friends do shrooms before. They are not mentally or physically addicted to them. Being on shrooms can produce and “bad trip” though, where your boyfriend will not be having fun at all. You are basically poisining your body to the point of hallucination. I do not think there are any long term side effects and I also do not think this will change him, or your relationship, unless you want him to stop and he continues to do them. I just wouldn’t recommend any sort of hallucinogen, because they can produce bad trips and bad experiences. I would recommend that you stay with him on the night he does them, just to watch over him and make sure he is doing ok. Hope this helps 🙂
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