What are the long term health effects from heroin

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A:Dependence, infectious disease, collapsed veins, bacterial infections, abscesses, infection of heart lining and valves, arthritis. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-long-term-health-effects-from-heroin ]
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What are the longer-term health effects of heroin use??
Some of the longer-term effects include: scarred or collapsed veins, bacterial infections of blood vessels and heart valves, lung complications, Abscesses at injection sites, in the brain and elsewhere, clogged arteries or veins due to addi…

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I need a closing paragraph for my essay. Please help.?
Q: I’m doing an essay on why marijuana should remain illegal. I know that a lot of you would disagree with me, but that’s not what I’m asking. All I need now is to add a closing paragraph and then I’m done. What do you think I should put as my closing paragraph? Thanks. Here’s my essay:The legalization of marijuana has been a debate that has been going on for a lifetime now. There are many debates that support or go against legalization in which no final solution has been determined. These debates include health problems, addictiveness, harm to society and crime. Many debates state that the legalization of marijuana would be a good thing for society and that there is no harm associated with the drug. Despite all the theories that support the legalization of marijuana, there are also many facts proven that suggest that marijuana should remain illegal, due to many harms associated with the drug. These facts prove that marijuana is an addictive drug and that the drug does cause harm both psychologically, and physically. Facts also prove that marijuana is one of the most popular drugs among teens today which have negatively affected both their educational and personal activities. Marijuana is the most popular illegal drug in the United States, topping cocaine, meth, ecstasy, and heroin. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, formally called the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse, 95 million US citizens over the age of 12 has experimented marijuana at least once. The survey also states that three out of every four users have used marijuana within the previous thirty days of the survey. Marijuana has gained its popularity among the youth in the 1960’s, also referred to as the Woodstock era. Many users during this generation have not suffered any serious side effects, such as cancer, respiratory problems, and serious side damage to the brain. Therefore, these previous users may not see the point in keeping marijuana illegal and are quite often in favor of legalizing it. However, most marijuana used by today’s users are exposed to a more potent substance which has been proven cause many health problems. These problems include respiratory problems, brain damage, addiction, and has even been linked to cancer such as testicular and pancreatic cancer. Many people have stated that marijuana is less harmful than cigarettes and alcohol. However, studies have proven that marijuana does harm in many ways and the most vulnerable to damage from the drug are kids. Short term effects from this drug could include memory loss, trouble with thinking and problem solving skills, anxiety, and depression. Students who have used marijuana, both teens and adults, could find it difficult to learn and pay attention in class, therefore, preventing them from reaching their full potential. Long term affects could be respiratory problems and serious brain damage. Marijuana has even been linked to suicides due to the long term effects of depression that the drug causes. Users who suffer from depression of the drug often find themselves to be dependent on the drug because they think that it will make them happy and make them more active. This is false because studies show that depression worsens with further use of marijuana and the emotion of depression will turn to anger often causing aggressive behavior. Many people feel that marijuana makes you mellow and that it would make your environment more peaceful. This is false due to research showing that kids who smoke marijuana are four times more likely to engage in aggressive behavior. Such behaviors physical assaults, stealing, and destruction of private and public property. Users were also reported to be twice as likely to disobey at school as well as other authority figures, such as police and parents. Another study showed that marijuana users are more likely to commit weapon offences than with any other drug. Studies have shown that marijuana can start off what is called the “Gate Way Drug” theory. This means that when the high of marijuana no longer becomes enough for the user, they will search for other drugs that will provide them with a higher high. Such drugs include cocaine, heroin, and methylamines. This theory leads to the user developing an addiction to these drugs and will lead to many mental and physical health problems. Mental health problems could include anxiety, depression, panic, and stress. Physical health problems could include brain damage including strokes, cancer, and respiratory/cardiac arrest. One of the most popular debates is that marijuana is not addictive and therefore, will cause no harm to the user. However, according to the 2002 National Survey on Drug Abuse and Health, 4.3 million U.S. citizens were classified with a dependence on the drug. That number was equal to 1.8 percent of the total U.S. population and 60.3 percent of people who are dependent on illegal drug use to satisfy the
A: Here’s an idea “Most people who argue for the legalization of marijuana claim that the drug is non-habit forming, and does not negatively harm the user. However multiple studies have proved this wrong on many accounts, a survey shows that millions of people are classified as addicted, and others show that the drug is related to misbehavior, social, psychological and physical reverberations, and defiance of authority. It is also linked to increased rates of violent crime, and decreased rates of educational and social success. For these reasons it is clear that marijuana is not a safe or harm-free drug, and should continue to be used for medical purposes only.” Now don’t quote that word for word, plagiarism you know, but there’s an idea.
need help with health 10pts! multi choice?
Q: 5. What is the first step in the alcohol recovery process?recoverydetoxificationadmissioncounseling 6. Which statement about prescription medicines is FALSE? The body can develop tolerance to certain medicines. Medicines can enter the body in different forms. Bacteria can develop resistance to medicines. All medicines have one or more side effects. 7. Which statement about alcohol advertising is FALSE?Alcohol advertisers make drinking look fun.Alcohol companies spend billions of dollars on advertising each year.Alcohol advertising connects drinking to a sophisticated lifestyleAlcohol advertisers show the negative impact of drinking. 8. Which type of substance slows down the body’s functions and reactions?narcoticsdepressantsstimulantshallucinogens 9. Which is a short-term effect on the respiratory system caused by smoking?change in brain chemistryfrequent colds and fluincreased heart ratelung cancer 10. How long does a recovering alcoholic generally have to struggle to maintain sobriety, or live without alcohol? only during detoxificationfor the rest of his or her lifefor a few months after recoveryfor a few years after recovery 11. What is the most important reason for young people to avoid drinking? It promotes foolish behavior.It harms their healthIt disappoints those who care about them.It is illegal. 12.What percentage of blood alcohol concentration is illegal for people under age 21?.08 percentanything above 0 percent1.0 percent0.1 percent 13.At what blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is a person in most states considered intoxicated?0.1 percent.02 percent1.0 percent10 percent 14. Which statement about withdrawal from drugs is TRUE?Withdrawal is easily handled with medication.Withdrawal only involves physical symptoms.Withdrawal is often a painful process.Withdrawal is only a problem with certain drugs.15. Which statement about nicotine is TRUE?Nicotine addiction is rareNicotine addiction takes a long time to develop.Nicotine addiction is the most common form of addiction in the United States.Nicotine is less addictive than heroin or cocaine. 16. Which statement about alcohol is FALSE?Alcohol can interfere with the effects of medicines.Food in the stomach slows the passage of alcohol.Alcohol affects men and women in the same way.The same amount of alcohol has a greater effect on a small person than on a large person. 17.What type of medicine are vaccines?medicine that prevents diseasemedicine that relieves painmedicine that treats chronic health conditionsmedicine that fights infection 18. Which chemical in tobacco products is addictive? carbon monoxideTarnicotineflavoring 19. Which is an internal influence that causes teens to take up smoking?smokers in the familystresspeer pressurecigarette advertising 20.Which statement about the effects of tobacco on babies is TRUE?Which statement about the effects of tobacco on babies is TRUE?Women who smoke usually deliver their babies to a full term of pregnancy.Parents’ smoking does not increase the incidence of sudden infant death syndrome.Smoking can cause low birth weight.
A: 5. admission6.d7.D8. Depressants9.C10.B11.D12.B13.A14.C15.C16.C17.D18.C19.B20.CThere ya go! hope this helps out.
please help with health test please?
Q: 1. Illegal stimulant with dangerous effects that has seen an increase in use in recent years (1 point)heroinmarijuanamethamphetaminecirrhosis2. Permanent mental and physical problems in babies whose mothers drank alcohol while pregnant (1 point)tolerancefetal alcohol sydromecirrhosisoverdose3. Sharing needles while using this illegal narcotic can lead to HIV infection (1 point)stimulantsmarijuanamethamphetamineheroin4. What you may suggest when refusing drugs or alcohol (1 point)alternativeoverdosetolerancestimulants5. Drugs that speed up the body’s fuctions (1 point)marijuanastimulantsheroinmethamphetamine6. Scarring and destruction of liver tissue (1 point)fetal alcohol syndrometoleranceoverdosecirrhosis7. Condition in which there is a need for greater amounts of a substance to achieve the same effect (1 point)cirrhosisoverdosetolerancealternative8. A drug that comes from the hemp plant (1 point)marijuanaheroinmethamphetaminecirrhosis9. To overcome an addiction and return to a mostly normal life (1 point)tolerancerecoveryalternativeoverdose10. Taking a fatal amount of a drug (1 point)overdosetolerancealternativefetal alcohol syndromeTrue/FalseIndicate whether the statement is true or false. 11. A physical and mental need for a drug is called tolerance. (1 point)TrueFalse12. A person in drug rehabilitation lives at a facility with other recovering addicts. (1 point)TrueFalse13. Alcoholism can be cured. (1 point)TrueFalse14. Al-Anon and Alateen are community support groups to help the families of alcoholics. (1 point)TrueFalse15. Alcohol carries short-term and long-term risks. (1 point)TrueFalse16. A person’s body weight does not affect how alcohol may affect the person. (1 point)TrueFalse17. In the Unites States, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to drink alcohol. (1 point)TrueFalse18. Drug abuse affects all sides of a person’s health triangle. (1 point)TrueFalse19. Hallucinogens are drugs that relieve pain. (1 point)TrueFalse20. The best way to avoid being pressures to use illegal substances is to use refusal skills. (1 point)TrueFalse
A: As a retired nurse epidemiologist and counselor of 30 years here is my answers:1 meth2 FAS3 heroin4 alternative5 stimulants6 cirrhosis7 tolerance8 marijuana9 recovery10 over dose11 true12 true13 false14 true15 true16 false17 true18 true19 false20 truegood luck
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