What are the risks of an untreated tooth infection

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A:Untreated tooth infections can turn into an abscess which causes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, itching, breathing problems & death. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-risks-of-an-untreated-tooth-infection ]
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root canal infection?
Q: i got into a bike accident that left my two front teeth gone. the dentist put a crown and used the two others to hold it.when iwas about 14, i was in another accident where the teeth holding the crown got their roots damaged. so a root canal had to be done in both of them. one of them, has been causing me great deal of pain every six months or so (rough estimate). the first time, i went to the dentist and they had told me that there was an infection. they said i could take penecillin and hope that it would take care of it, if not i would have to get surgery in my gums to remove the infection.not having the money to go through this, ive put off what i realized is the needed procedure. this pain has come back about 3 or 4 times. each time a bit less intense but still painful nonetheless. now i am suffering from the pain, but it seems like its not the tooth with the root canal this time. its the tooth next to it. is it the same problem? and what are the risks of leaving it untreated?
A: Sounds like you had a root canal on both anchor tooth and after a while your having some infection.so that’s why the dentist is giving you antibiotics hoping it Will clear up. but still reoccur after a few months. is that right? Well, the only person who can help you is a root canal specialist, an Endodontist to retreat the tooth because it is way out the ability of a regular dentist to handle that teeth or tooth. redo the root canal or else you will have a bad infection that will eat the tip of the root that will lead to another type of surgery or it might not be savable ending up to losing your teeth. if you wait longer the more costly it will be to you not only financially but also to your health. bad infection can travel to your brain especially when it is a upper tooth. if that’s my tooth the first thing i will do is to stop the cause of the infection and the endodontist can do that for you.
Crown Problems?
Q: I had a crown fitted last year – and in the week I became seriously ill – and in excruciating agony from it.The dentist said the person who put the crown in didn’t perform the root canal correctly ( someone who formerly worked at her surgery) and dead cells and a infection have gathered under the tooth..that could possible disintegrate and hollow out my lower jawbone if untreated…So I have a infection (dead cells) under the crown and my whole face on the one side is the size of a tenis ball.I have to either get the tooth pulled (and have a wisdom tooth removed) or have the crown refitted and root canal work done again – by a specialist.She is charging me 300 quid for this treatment (when her surgery put the crown in to begin with).What other organistation on earth can botch a proceedure (put your health at risk, put you in excuciating agony – that requires surgery) and then charge you twice for it?Yep I have anti-biotics..They seem to have helped with the “pain” (i use the term loosly).I don’t intend on reporting them btw.. That’s just not what I’m about..As one of you said, maybe they should have explained that this could happen clearly. I would have had the thing pulled on day one if I realised (or was informed) of the risks.
A: Hi..I’m VERY surprised that they are CHARGING u for correcting poor work performed in their practice.More surprised they Admitted it… and AFTER admitting liability are Not repairing the work FREE of Charge and recompensing you for your discomfort/time and expense.You certainly dont have to accept this treatment and suggest you dont. A root canal is a root filling.It fills the channel or canal in the root therefore sealing it off (IF done correctly!)If the root filling DOESN’T COMPLETELY fill the root canal and there is even a mm of space left at the end of the root canal, bacteria can, and usually will build up again.Antibiotics will kill the bacteria off, you’ll be ok and then the bacteria will regroup,create another infection and so on..The bacterial infection can spread into your lower mandible (jaw) compromising the strength of the bone.It needs to be treated asap.Another root canal MAY work but you cannot be guaranteed it will, especially as the root canal tapers off at the end,it can be hard to fill.Your other options are extraction as a last resort,or, an apisectomy.The apisectomy is where the apex (tip) of the root is accessed directly by incising the gum and working on the area directly.This procedure is not as bad asit sounds.You have a right to better treatment from your dental surgery.I’m sorry to hear of these difficultiesPaul
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