What are the signs of an abscess tooth

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A:Signs of an abscess tooth include Fever,Pain when chewing,Sensitivity of the teeth to hot or cold and Bitter taste in the mouth. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-signs-of-an-abscess-tooth ]
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What are signs of Tooth abscess Health Article?
The patient will feel pain when the dentist taps the tooth. Biting or closing the mouth tightly also increases the pain. The gums may be swollen and red and may drain thick material. Treatment
What are the signs of a serious infection from an abscessed tooth…?
Throbbing inside the gum under the tooth. When you bend over you can feel a pressure. If not looked after by your dentist it can cause pain in your jaw and ear. Unless you go months (which you won’t because of the pain) it’s not fatal, but …
What are the warning signs of an abscessed tooth? how would i kno…?
Severe, persistent toothache Fever Bitter taste in mouth Swollen glands (in neck) Open sore on the gum around the tooth An abscessed tooth can be very, very painful and extremely dangerous if left untreated. Seek professional medical attent…

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what are the warning signs of an abscessed tooth? how would i know if i had one?
A: swelling. like ur whole face can swell up. it will hurt pretty bad, you might be able to taste infection
Do I have a tooth abscess?
Q: So before everyone yells at me – yes, I’m going to the dentist, but he can’t fit me in for a week – so here’s the story…I’ve thought I probably had a cavity for a while because my left middle-to-back tooth was sensitive to cold water and breathing in cold air through the mouth. But I was being cheap and didn’t go get it checked out. I noticed yesterday when brushing my teeth that the gum of my mouth around that area hurt when brushing it – so I took a look in the mirror and I have what looks like a canker sore on the gum. But the thing is it doesn’t follow any of the signs for tooth abscess that I’ve been reading online – it doesn’t hurt – I have no tooth pain, nothing. It’s just sort of there and I can touch it etc. without any pain…the only that hurt was brushing my teeth because the bristles were rubbing against it. So….tooth abscess? Should I be worried? Should I make an emergency appointment or wait the week till I can see the dentist?Thanks!
A: Generally cold sensitivity is just that. You might have a little recession in that area. It’s not a big deal. You do need to get it looked at, though. It might be a canker sore. An abscess from a tooth infection usually looks like a little pimple. You should be Ok, but keep your appt. for next week. If it becomes very painful, then call for an emergency visit.
I am on my 4th day of antibiotics and my tooth abscess shows no signs of going away, help!?
Q: 6 Days ago one of my front teeth hurt to touch and put pressure on, because this lasted a couple of days I contacted my NHS University dentist and got an appointment that day. By then there was a little bit of swelling but that was it. He prescribed me Amoxicillin (250mg) to take over a week and booked me in for an appointment the following week. I am now on my 4th day of the antibiotics however the swelling seems to be getting worse and has seemed to have formed a lump at the top of my gum. I can feel the abscess which seems to be just a bit large than a 2p piece and surrounds my lower left nostril and part of my cheek. The strange this is during the day the pain isnt that bad at all but as night comes the pain is unbearable and I am in agony for the whole night, painkillers dont work. I am so worried by this as I have read so many horror stories online about abscesses. It is now Sat and I cant see my dentist till Monday at the earliest. I havnt eaten in 2 days as it is either too painful or I just dnt feel hungry, I now feel very faint and sick when I stand up for longer than a few minutes. Please help I dont know what to do :(Thought I would just let you all know what has happened over the last 24 hours as you all gave me such good advice and I was so happy with the results I got, so thank you so much! Because I wasnt willing to pop the abscess myself as god knows what I would do and I didnt want any risk of more infection I went to A&E, they gave me more antibiotics (Co-amoxiclav 375g) and painkillers (Diclofenac Sodium 50g) and these were a god send! I had my first good night sleep in a week and finally managed to eat a small meal! I woke this morning to find most of the pressure had gone from my face… then reaslised the abcsess had popped (lots of blood and pus, was extremly gross!) I feel so much better now and have booked an appointment at my dentist for Monday. Hopefully all will be well now, thank you for all your advice!!!!
A: As every dentist learns in dental school, but some seem to forget, is that antibiotics do NOT treat a dental infection. Let me rephrase that: Antibiotics can, in some cases, suppress the symptoms of the infection just long enough for you to get treatment done, but they cannot cure the infection. This has never happened, although it is a very unfortunate misconception that some general dental offices seem to hold on to. Their patients unfortunately end up with massive bone loss, and have to seek treatment at an endodontic office (root canal specialist) to get resolution, or by that time can only have an extraction.Root canal or extraction are the only two cures for dental infections. Root canal can only be performed in the earlier stages of the infection – once the infection has eaten away at bone tissue for long enough, there is not enough bone left to hold the tooth in place and it has to be extracted. That is why it’s important to have the first stage of root canal done immediately. There is also a risk (although it is a very small risk) of the infection traveling throughout the rest of your body to other organs if not treated – but I’ve only seen this happen to one patient out of thousands, so it is very rare. Bone loss is usually the most worrisome side effect of prolonged infection.Some dentists will put you on antibiotics for a short term to suppress symptoms – if your dentist did that, he should have given you a stronger antibiotic, such as Clindamycin, or a larger dose of Amoxicillin (minimum dose of Amox. should be 500mg taken three times a day for a total of 1500mg daily). He also should be planning to initiate root canal or extraction within the next few days. If he isn’t, get to an endodontist (root canal specialist). They are MUCH more familiar with the ins and outs of treating dental infections, even if you don’t need root canal.1. Call your own dentist and get a stronger antibiotic ASAP. Also ask for Vicodin or another painkiller.2. Use ice on your face as much as possible. 3. Elevate your head at all times – when laying down, don’t lay flat – keep your head raised. 4. Use Advil – 600mg at a time, (3 tablets) every 4 hours. You can even take it at the same time as Vicodin, if your dentist gives you Vicodin.5. Call an endodontist if your own dentist doesn’t show any signs of treating the abscess with a root canal within the next day or two, or doesn’t give you a stronger antibiotic (or both).6. Head straight for the nearest hospital if you have a fever or if the faintness/sick feeling doesn’t improve or gets worse – at that point, this becomes an immediate emergency!!6. DO NOT try to “poke” the infection yourself! Doing so can cause a separate localized gum infection, and anyway, the type of abscess you have is not a “gum infection”, it’s inside the root of the tooth. Even though your gum may be swollen and sore, “popping” or “draining” it will not help. Sometimes your dentist will perform drainage through the gum if it is VERY swollen (the size of a golf ball) at the same time as the root canal, but this is a surgical procedure not to be done at home!!
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