What are the syptoms of staph

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A:It can have a abscess, boil, or furuncle. The affected area may be red, swollen, and painful. Drainage or pus is common. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-syptoms-of-staph ]
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What are syptoms of staph?
Symptoms of MRSA will vary. This is dependant upon which area of the body is affected with the mrsa or staph infection. The most common symptom of MRSA presents as a skin infection. Very often this appears as an abscess or perhaps a boil. M…
What are the syptoms of staphylococcus infection
I set with a elderly lady… I just found out today that she has a staph infection. She has had this for at least a couple weeks.. She has open sores all over her body and I have to apply oinments to her body… I also have to clean up sani…

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Is this a staph infection?
Q: I didn’t really think about it until I heard the syptoms on the news.1. I notice that I am shivering even when I am not cold.2. I get hot toward the evening even to the point of sweating in a room that is about 70 degrees.3. Feeling slightly sluggish on some days.Now for the really weird one.According to the stuff i’ve read on the internet, you need to usually get some sort of cut for the virus to enter in. About a month ago I cut finger pretty deep with a knife, but I cleaned it with idoine.About 4 days ago, there is a really weird bump that has appeared on my “you know what”. It looks sorta of like a zit, but I’m not too sure about it. And no, It can’t possibly be an std because I haven’t had sex.one more thing. Maybe unrelatedI have also notice a spike in the oil that is on my face. I mean I know it is normal, but lately it’s like in super overflow mode.opps forgot to add these details earilier.I don’t think hydrocondria because this bump came before I even heard of the staph infections. But I have had a lot of crap happen to me……………..anyway, I don’t sit on toliet seats either…not even at home.
A: Sounds more like hypochondria. MRSA has been all over the news.
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