What can a lip piercing infection do to me

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A:Abscesses or boils, inflammation or nerve damage, and infection in the gums can happen from an infected lip piercing. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-a-lip-piercing-infection-do-to-me ]
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What can a lip piercing infection do to me
Abscesses or boils, inflammation or nerve damage, and infection in the gums can happen from an infected lip piercing.
How do you get rid of a lip piercing infection?
You could: ・ a) Return to the people who pierced your lip for advice – if they’re licensed, they should have access … ・ b) Go see your GP. They’ll know how to clear up the infection (with antibiotics usually), but I doubt …
How do you get rid of puss in a lip piercing and is that a sign o…?
Ok, professional piercer here. These people don’t know what they’re talking about. FIRST, NEVER EVER put peroxide on a piercing, if it turns out NOT infected, then you’ve just created an unnecessary problem by drying out and irritating yo…

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Do I have a lip piercing infection? And if so, what can I do to treat it?
Q: 5 days ago I got a lip piercing. I didn’t have any problems afterward, it didn’t even hurt when I got it done.Well this morning when I woke up my lip was extremely swollen, I felt heat around the area, it was sensitive, and a little pus was coming from it. Not on the outside, but on the inside. Is this an infection or is it just irritated from something?
A: It is infected. The heat, pus and swelling tell us that. You need to see a doctor right away and he/she will most likely get you some antibiotics.While I don’t normally suggest running to the doctor everytime you get an infection in a cut, with piercings you have to be very careful.You can go to a walk-in clinic if you do not have a family doctor. Please don’t wait to see if it goes down, go as soon as you can. Piercing infections are not something to play around with.
Lip Piercing INFECTION?! =/?
Q: okay so i pierced my lip yeaterday with a safety piin and it was too small. i have a 14g ring. so i took the saftey pin out and pierced it with a thin nail (which) i sterilized) and i made another hole.. i ended up putting the piercing too far on my lip so it just hangs off..so i took it out and it wont go back in..now my lip is all swollen inside and has little white blister looking bumps…what can i do to get rid of this? and how can i clean the outside? and also, when can i get it repierced? i need to know, like soon because i want my lip pierced…and i know i shouldnt have pierced my lip..but it looked good except for the fact that i did it too close to the tip of my lip..if i had done it more far back, it would have been okay.. but please..give me advice!!!!!also, the outside part of the hole looks reddish black. like a scab.
A: See your doctor.
Lip piercing infection question!?
Q: okay well i got my lip pierced july 1 and it is july 4.my left one seems to be healing regularlybut im scared my right one is infectedthe stud is diggingn into my lip.the back of it is like totally into my lip right nowand this morning when i woke up i pushed it out of my lip a littleand it started pussing like alsfjas;lkfjs;lkfjljbut my lefted on pussed to.so im realy scared and pariniod about itand i can’t wait to see the girl who pierced itso if you could tell me if i have oneif im getting oneand what i should do. thanks youu:)oh and it hurts a little/really bad.
A: Lmfao……Keep poking it………
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