What can be done to get rid of a sebaceous cysts

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Place a warm moist cloth over the area may help the cyst drain & heal. Good hygiene may prevent the formation of Sebaceous Cysts. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-be-done-to-get-rid-of-a-sebaceous-cysts ]
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What can be done to get rid of a sebaceous cysts
Place a warm moist cloth over the area may help the cyst drain & heal. Good hygiene may prevent the formation of Sebaceous Cysts.

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Can sebaceous cysts really be healed by applying a hot water bottle?
Q: Just wondered if anyone has had any success with getting rid of cysts in this way. Also, what can be done to prevent getting them? I’ve had 7 or 8 over the past 20 years on my back neck and face. I’ve never had a satisfactory answer from a GP on prevention methods and thought it might be time to put the question to the masses.
A: Other than deep cleansing in an attempt to keep the ducts free of debris, there is little you can do. A hot-water bottle won’t help.
sebaceous cyst – how to deal with it?
Q: I have few lumps on my head and it started by one small lump that grown bigger over some years but now recently I have ended up with more that are growing big. I went recently to the doctors and without any scan of the head, He simply told me it was sebaceous cyst, because it does not hurt. He said it helps when the scalp is oily and ingrown hair. He said if I wanted it removed it would be done by surgery. I don’t want have surgery done because of the pain and because I have about five or more lumps on different parts of my head I would need surgery all over my head. Also these lumps might come back on other parts of my scalp after surgery, so I want a way to stop these lumps or make them small or remove them without surgery. So far I have checked some website and there are few ideas like adding heat to the lump but none of these seem to work. I was wondering if anyone knows anyway to get rid of them without surgery. Has anyone had sebaceous cyst that was treated without using the surgery method. Sebaceous cyst does not affect a lot because it covered my hair but when I go to the salon it feels weird because when someone deals with your hair and can feels lumps on your scalp you wonder what they are thinking about my head. I do really want to get rid of sebaceous cyst on my head but just without surgery. Does anyone know of any shampoo or creams etc that can help my problem PLEASE? Thanks
A: Another common and effective method of treatment involves placement of a heating pad directly on the cyst for about fifteen minutes, twice daily, for about 10 days (depending on size and location of the cyst). There is some anecdotal evidence however that this home remedy can lead to infection in a previously uninfected cyst. This may be caused by an over-heated or non-sterile heat pad.This method works by bringing the wax-like material inside of the cyst to a temperature at which it melts, and can be reabsorbed and processed by the body, as a small amount of oily fluid. This method is preferred over surgery both for reasons of associated costs and risks of surgery. Under no circumstances must one try to pop the cyst, as it can lead to infection of the surrounding tissue. The neck is a particularly dangerous region, due to the glands and blood vessels.
What Can I do about a Vaginal Sebaceous Gland?
Q: I have a small bump on the inner side of my labia, which was diagnosed by an OB/GYN as a sebaceous cyst. It’s pretty small, but I’d like to get rid of it somehow. My OB/GYN said that they sometimes go away on their own, but if they’re become larger or irritated/infected, that they are removed. Is there some way to quicken the disappearance of sebaceous cysts? Would a warm/hot washcloth help? How can I prevent them in the future? I don’t understand how I got it in the first place, I’m a very clean person; I shower every morning, and take a long, warm bath at least once or twice a week.
A: A sebaceous cyst is just a blocked oil gland, much like a pimple elsewhere on the body. Using warm packs may help them drain sooner by softening the plug. Just be careful not to burn yourself. Using warm sitz baths may help as well. It’s also possible that you are describing an Bartholin’s cyst, which is a gland near the entroitus (entrance) of the vagina. This provides natural lubrication to the area, but occasionally becomes inflamed or infected. Sometimes antibiotics and local treatment with heat will resolve this, but they can become very large and painful and may need to be opened and even need a drain inserted. Some women may have one flare up in a lifetime and others have repeated problems that require surgical removal. (This is a fairly minor procedure, but has to be carefully done to prevent a relapse.)Getting one of these doesn’t mean you aren’t hygienic, but good hygiene may mean they heal sooner. Overactive oil production is the culprit here and that just goes along with having hormones.
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