What can you do to get rid of bunions

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Surgery is the only way to get rid of bunions. Even with surgery, bunions can grow back. There are things you can do to dec More? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-you-do-to-get-rid-of-bunions ]
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What can you do to get rid of bunions
Surgery is the only way to get rid of bunions. Even with surgery, bunions can grow back. There are things you can do to dec More?
How to get rid of bunions?
To get rid of a bunion you can try a toe straightener or bunion aid. You can try different kinds to suit you. Try toe dividers in your shoes. Toe strengtheners may also be an option.
How To Get Rid Of Bunions Without Surgery
A corn is a type of callus, a protective layer of dead skin cells that form due to repeated friction. It is cone-shaped and has a knobby core that points inward. This core can put pressure on a nerve and cause sharp pain. Corns can develop …

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how do you get rid of bunions? :)?
Q: i have 3?! bunions on my feet, for some reason, both have tailors bunions and one has a bunion on the other side, for some reason the right foot only has one, it makes my feet disgustingly ugly and i really want to get rid of them , aside from surgery ; what can i do – also if you have the time can you answer any of my other 2 questions ? thankyou! 🙂 x
A: First hand experience.Aside from surgery – there is nothing. I know 3 people who had surgery. It’s not as bad as they say!The only way is by surgery – it’s called a bunionactamy. (spelling may be wrong) get those done ASAP as they will cause future damage to the rest of your feet as time goes on. Don’t worry – just do it. Call your doctor and make an appt. You’ll thank me in the long run! I promise you.
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Q: I work in a small store. This girl, well she’s like 30, is a regular customer. She seems nice, but lately she is extremely annoying, stays there for hours at a time, asks lame questions (what’s this? How does it work? Do you like it?) and won’t take the hint when I walk away and ignore her. Then she started staying after closing while we count the money, and asks for a ride home (the assistant manager lets her stay and gives her rides since I ignore her when she asks). Today I was doing errands and she saw me getting in my car and asked for a ride. She told me she was having bunion surgery and wanted a ride to the drugstore. I couldn’t say no, but when I dropped her off she wanted me to write down my number and asked for a pen and paper. I lied (I NEVER lie) I didn’t have any and she asked when I was working next and said she’d come in. It’s bad enough I have to deal with her at work, but NO WAY am I gonna spend any free time with her. I don’t know how to say no, she doesn’t seem to take hints. She has a husband and kids, the kids don’t live with her so she must have mental issues (I can tell it’s not substance abuse issues)so she can’t be that lonely. I was thinking I should pretend I have a problem with crack because I have no idea how to get rid of her without being mean. Help!
A: Tell your manager what you have had enough of this customer hassling you.Unfortunately it is not easy for you to tell a customer to get lost, but your manager will know how to explain it to her. Your manager could tell her that she is unhappy with you being distracted.If you see her outside of work, you have a right to tell her to please leave you alone. Have the courage to explain that you are flattered, but not interested in her attempts to befriend you.You might lose a regular customer – but you have a right to tell a person to stop hassling you, it is still your life.
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