What can you do to help your breasts grow faster

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Nothing really works, except surgery. Let yourself grow easily. Besides the sooner they get large, the sooner they start to wilt. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-you-do-to-help-your-breasts-grow-faster ]
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What can you do to help your breasts grow faster
Nothing really works, except surgery. Let yourself grow easily. Besides the sooner they get large, the sooner they start to wilt.
What foods will help your breasts grow faster?
don’t know of any foods in particular, but was watching MANswers one night and discovered that females who drink copious amounts of beer will show some growth in their breasts.. if they’re lucky.
Is there anything i can try to help my breasts grow faster??
There are no particular foods or drinks that will help gain breasts unless you choose to gain weight and just hope that the fat will go to your breasts (however the fat can easily go to your butt instead and not your breasts since you can’t…

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does massaging your breast make them grow??
Q: hi am 14 yrs old i am only a size 32A usally all the girls my age have bigger boobs i am so ashamed of having small boobs i just wish that there was a way that they can grow faster naturally and i want to know what bras to were and what i need to do but i heard massaging can make them bigger so how are you suppose to massage your boobs and will that make them sagg i need help pleaze!! i hate being called flat chested i want to have a way to make them bigger without having to get fake ones or waisting money naturally
A: the onyl way is to gain weight.
Questions about saggy breasts?
Q: Well I’m only 14(34B) and noticed my breasts are already a bit saggy. I think it’s probably because, since my breasts grew quite fast, I didn’t always have supportive bras. So a few questions…Is there anyway to reverse the sagging I mean besides surgery and wearing a push up bra? (after all isn’t that only going to change it when you’re wearing the bra and it’ll still be saggy when you take it off?)Does wearing a bra while you’re sleeping actually help to stop further sagging? (my mother said I should were a lightly supportive one, like a sports bra, but I’ve always heard that you shouldn’t wear one.) Or is this all just gravity and I can’t do anything about it at all?What are your opinions on sagging breasts anyway? Is it weird to you or what?As for sport bras what’s the difference between that and regular bras? Should you still wear regular bras when you work out if they’re supportive enough?
A: Sagging breasts are a fact of life and aging (even if you’re as flat as a pancake). Once they have stretched they will not perk up without the help of surgery or a great bra (doesn’t need to be push up).The most important thing to prevent further sagging is getting fitted with the correct size bra that is of a good quality. A correct fitting bra will help raise the bustline giving good proportions and you’ll be comfortable. Wearing a bra to bed would be uncomfortable and not necessary. Though a crop top or singlet with support would be ideal if you wanted to sleep with support. You should be most worried about sagging because of high physical impact such as exercise- here you definitely need a supportive sports bra. Whereas in bed the most you will be doing is a few tosses and turns.Anyway hope this helps 🙂
Q: What does douching mean,I heard a women say if its safe/good to douche herself….and I was like what does that mean….also when a girl orgasms what happends?……can you transfer body fat into your breasts instead of getting implants? …..and what helps to make your hair grow faster?
A: I have watched discovery health channel and that was one of the new procedures with breast enlargements. They use your own body fat out of places like your buttock, thighs, and love handles. I would love to do this but my hubby wont let me. You can try puting shampoo in your hair before you get it wet in the shower and give your head a massage. You can also try pre-natal vitamins to grow your hair faster. Douching is washing out your peeper. and You will have to figure the orgasm part out for yourself.
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