What causes an absess

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A:Abscesses are caused by an inflammatory reaction to an infectious process (bacteria/parasite) or to a foreign substance (MORE?) [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-an-absess ]
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What causes an absess
Abscesses are caused by an inflammatory reaction to an infectious process (bacteria/parasite) or to a foreign substance (MORE?)
What causes absess in intestines?
The problem is when you try to eat feces your intestine tries to digest twice. It get caught in sort of digest loop and cannot escape so abscess forms. Probably you ate feces as child.
Can the removal of an absess tooth cause vestibular disease in do…?
Vestibular disorder can happen spontaneously, and can come and go. Most cases can resolve within 2 weeks..some longer. Has your dog been diagnosed with this? Sometimes dogs can circle for other reasons…my jack/dachsie mix lost hearing …

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ive just had an absess….what causes this?
Q: ive recently had an absess,and have been taking antibiotics to sort it out. what would cause an absess? would it be something to do with my roots,or maybe wisdom teeth?? thanks….
A: better way is go to see a dentist
what is the cause of an absess in the mouth?
Q: They hurt – how do you get rid of them
A: You get infection or an abscess 2 ways.A tooth infection is the result of the nerve inside the tooth dying. Dead tissue in our body (like a splinter in your finger) results in the body sending in White Blood Cells to attack the dead tissue. Pus is produced and that is the abscess. They hurt so much because they are growing inside bone, they are contained so there is a lot of pressure. The infection is acidic so it will start to eat away a little of the bone. One the infection eats through the bone it will puff up the gums. Once the gums burst and the infection is released, there will be a reduction in the pain.The other kind of infection is a gum or periodontal infection. This infection if coming from the gums and results because there is a deep pocket where bacteria can get in and grow.Antibiotics fight infection.Having a tooth root canalled or extracted removed the source of the infection, the dead tissue within the tooth. A gum infection can be flushed out and treated with medications. Ultimately, you may need gum surgery to reduce the pocket and stop the infection from reoccurring.
Serious, knowledgeable answers please! About body piercing!?
Q: Ok, this is JUST a question. What could cause an absess on the bottom of your tongue, at the exit hole of a tongue piercing? Piercing is over 8 weeks old and extremely sore on the bottom of tongue. I went to a state licenced shop, but the piercing, jewelery included was only $15.00.
A: I would start by calling the shop; maybe they have seen this happen before. If they can’t help you, I would ask a doctor. Doctors are dumb and they will probably tell you to take it out.
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