What could cause growths on the gums

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A:A lump may be caused by a gum or tooth abscess or by irritation. Noncancerous growths due to irritation are relatively common. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-could-cause-growths-on-the-gums ]
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What could cause growths on the gums
A lump may be caused by a gum or tooth abscess or by irritation. Noncancerous growths due to irritation are relatively common.
What causes a nodule growth on gums behind last tooth in my 5 yea…?
The first thing that comes to mind is that the permanent first molar is beginning to erupt. This is normal for his/her age. It may be tender for a while until the cusps break through the gum tissue. Another possibility is that the last toot…
Can TMD cause a bone growth on the lower gum??
No, most likely these are not related because it sounds like an exostosis (torus). It can easily be removed surgically.

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what could these symptoms be?
Q: ive recently started noticing a horrible discharge and alot of iching,ive also noticed small growths at the opening of my vagina. so made an app. to see my doctor they took swabs and everything came back finea week later the symptoms were still there so i went to my local gum clinic, they took swabs too, everything came back as fine except i had b.v.its now 2 weeks later and im still experiencing these symptoms except the iching isnt as bad, i dont know whats wrong with me could it be warts? i have nothing on the outside just inside, and why didnt the doctors pick up on it? im so confused and scared! has this happened to anyone and it not been warts? can b.v cause these symptoms? also could they be skin tags?please any advice?
A: If you had warts the GU clinic would have picked up on it. They have already given you a diagnosis – BV. BV is very common. Did they gie you any antibiotics, or any other kind of treatment? If they did and you still have the symptoms then it obviously hasn’t worked and you need to go back for alternative treatment. It is also quite common for BV to not respond to treatment and it then requires something more intensive. BV is also something that often reoccurs so you need to take steps to prevent it in the future, advice which you should have already been given from the GU clinic includes, always wearing cotton underwear, not using (down below) soaps, bubble bath or any other substances for cleansing, water is all that is required as the vagina is self cleaning and using anything else washes away all the good bacteria that stops BV occuring, and it is also believed that the coil can contribute to BV. There is a new treatment available that can not only be used to get rid of BV but to prevent it. It is called Balance Activ and used once a week will help to prevent reoccurence. However the best treatment is still believed to be antibiotics and then using Balance Activ afterwards to prevent future infection. If you have already been given antibiotic tablets and it hasn’t worked ask for the antibiotic cream instead as I believe it is more effective but people tend to prefer the tablets as the cream can be messy. They should have told you all this and if they didn’t then your local GU clinic is sh*t.
Iron Deficiency Anemia – Among other things – PLEASE HELP?
Q: Hi, I’m 14, Male. Just had a growth spurt (just under a foot) over the past 6 months or so. I know that this could cause a lack of iron in my body, But I want to know If I actually have it, or not. I’m a paranoid person, So yeah. I hardly ever eat healthy, I didn’t eat much for about 2-3 weeks about 3 months ago, This is when I started to get sick ect. I have an enlarged lymph node on the backside of my neck, No bigger than my index finger fingernail. I also have white spots on my arms, A fair few of them at that. Yep. My fingernails are spoon shaped, Just found that out then, the also have vertical stripes on them, slightly raised, they also have white spots on them. and they are paleish, Enough about my fingers. my body feels hot, then cold then hot, Been having mood swings. Can’t concentrate, Feel like eating stuff like ice, but don’t (yeah that’s a symptom). I can’t go to bed, (insomnia). It’s 3:30AM right now 🙂 I’m not active, I’m pretty lazy, I weigh about 60 Kilos, Also have trouble breathing at times, as well as not being able to hold my breath underwater as long as I used to. I’m also Very tired at times. I also get dizzy, and ‘see stars’ at times. A little joint pain (But that’s all the fun of growing, right? :P) My heart pulse is weak, and sometimes pumps fast, and slow, Also a bit of chest pain. My tongue is sore too, And my gums feel bigger than normal.. Basically I’m freaking out…I’m really scared I guess. Does any one have ANY idea what I have? what to do? and who to see/ask about it? ask questions, i will answer them 🙂 I’m not sure what else to add…. (I can post pictures of anything you need (within Reason) if needed.) THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING YOUR TIME TO READ AND (Hopefully) REPLY!__________________________________________________________Also Have occasional ringing in my ears…to Britt -My mum has never had much iron in her body. Which she has said to me before. But yeah that’d be it, thanks for answering 🙂
A: It kind of sounds like you read too far into this and could possibly “think” you may have all these symptoms. If you really do though, yes those are symptoms and you’ll need to get blood work at the doctors. Does anyone else in your family have it? Genetics can play a role in if you get it. Again, you’re at puberty age (right past I would think) so a lot of chemicals are changing, especially causing mood swings, pains, etc etc.
Dog cancer Q/A website, support group… mast cell tumor?
Q: My dog had a mast cell tumor removed in early October. Surgery went well, clean margins etc. I researched and researched and decided to change her regular kibble diet to the ‘canine cancer diet’ to prevent it from returning. Everything seemed to be going well, no new growths or anything.But today while she was laying on the floor something just didn’t look right to me… I investigated further… the color of her foot pads were pale, I checked her gums, pale, even under her hair the skin is pale. So I went back to my dog cancer literature… I need to get her to the vet asap… have an apt for tomorrow.In the meantime from what I can piece together… it seems like the cancer may have spread possibly into her bone marrow… which would cause the ‘anemia’ that I believe I am seeing.Long story… I apologize I’m very upset and emotional. Does anyone know of a dog cancer online support group… I have so many questions that I want to ask and I want to know what other peoples experience with this has been.Any good websites where I could find such a thing would be greatly appreciated.Thank You.
A: karin please no reason to apolgize your worried about your beloved pet. Your doing the right thing by researching what you can off the net. Many come in her lazy or have no interest in searching for themselve. When my dog was sick or just under the weather I always looked up things even there medication. So good for you that your being proactive. I like your investigation skills :-).Okay so i’ve looked on the internet for you and found some things you can visit to see if this will be helpful for you.. just copy and paste into the search engine i have copyed it exactly as you see it. bonecancerdogs : Bone Cancer DogsOnline Pet Cancer Support | Dog Cancer SupportCanine Cancer: Discussion and Support Groups that can HelpCancer: Support Group Message Board at WebMD once your in you need to type in the search area canine cancer or else you’ll get human cancer talk boards.Canine Cancer Support GroupsCanine Cancer: Discussion and Support Groups that can HelpYahoo! Groups: CanineCancer | Yahoo! GroupsYOu have 7 here I hope you find comfort and support happy that these groups are out there for you.I’ll say a prayer for your baby too. God bless!
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