What could it mean if your vomit has blood in it

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A:The possibilities are – 1. Gastric ulcer. 2. Pulmonary abscess. 3. TB 4. Ruptured blood vessels in wall of stomach. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-could-it-mean-if-your-vomit-has-blood-in-it ]
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What could it mean if your vomit has blood in it
The possibilities are – 1. Gastric ulcer. 2. Pulmonary abscess. 3. TB 4. Ruptured blood vessels in wall of stomach.
When does a person vomit blood? what does it mean?
There are several reasons for a person to vomit blood : 1.Ingested blood. If you swallow blood during a nosebleed, for example subsequent vomiting may include some of this blood. 2.Prolonged or vigorous vomiting. Vomiting may cause a tear i…
What does it mean when a pregnant girl vomits blood
This is not a common pregnancy symptom, so the girl should seek medical help immediately! Delaying could be harmful to her health!

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I think i may have a blood pressure problem, I need your oppinion.?
Q: Okay i am 16, idealy i would exersise atleast 5 times a week, meaning working out,Jiujitsu,wrestling. But what i am asking is I regulary feel really light headed or either pressure in my head and a feel to vomit sometimes after a vigorous workout. Apparently i also look very pale when i feel this way. So Is this a blood pressure problem? Is this normal? Should i visit a doctor?Also when i wake up i am really pale and my eyes are puffy, my brothers often when they see me in the mourning think i am very unhealthy. Another symtom is that when i am sitting on the couch for a extended period of time i get major headrushes, One time it lead to me passing out for a few seconds, When i passed out i simply dropped all the things I was carrrying and I fell to the ground. I heard the dishes break when i was passed out. If someone could direct me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.Im not on any particular diet, I should be. But i know i eat healthier than the average teenager. I pee clear, and i try to keep hydrated
A: could be a blood pressure problem. low or high sugar level, I have noticed sometimes teenagers are so worried about getting fat. (a real concern) But may not have good knowledge about nutrition. Are you urinating at a normal schedule. dehydration can cause low blood pressure. diabetes needed to be ruled out quickly though
Do you think that “church vomit” will really prevent people from being decieved by the antichrist?
Q: JESUS SAYS THIS TO HIS LUKEWARM CHURCHES IN REVELATION CHAPTER THREE.”I want you to be either hot or cold for me but because you are lukewarm, I will VOMIT you out of my mouth”.(Rev:3:16).JESUS wants us either to be totally committed to following him in spirit and truth (hot) or totally “cold”, meaning having nothing to do with Christianity, His Name or The Gospel. Christians who are “lukewarm” become hypocrites and turn people off to GOD and The Gospel.A clear example of this are Baptists who plead for mercy for their own sins and them SCREAM for Death Penalty (execution) for “sinners”, for those they hate. When the world sees this blood lust and revenge in the eyes of those who claim “Christianity”, they quickly reject JESUS as savior and seek elsewhere for their spiritual answers.Most people interpret “vomit out of my mouth” in a figurative sense, as rejection. But what if this verse also has a shocking, literal meaning as well?Within days after the First Rapture happens, The REWARD for the true followers of JESUS, those who are committed to living The Lord’s Prayer (i.e. “hot”), Antichrist (666) will come onto the world scene. Antichrist (as world teacher) will explain away the First Rapture as ALIEN ABDUCTION. He will claim those one million or so people who vanished where TAKEN because they were either close minded and unable to accept the new age of mankind or possessed by the “forces of darkness” and TAKEN as the wicked Aliens fled their “earth” bases. Yet GOD does not want people to believe Antichrist, GOD doesn’t want people to take the Luciferic Initiation (666) and worship Satan…GOD wants people to believe The Bible and reject the false message of Antichrist.WHAT BETTER WAY FOR GOD TO SHOW THE WORLD THAT THE BIBLE IS TRUE THAN TO VOMIT DOWN UPON THESE TWISTED PERVERTED CHURCHES AND THEIR LUKEWARM BELIEVERS.FUTURE SHOCK! What if the First of Two Raptures (for the true followers of JESUS) happens on a Sunday Morning while Church Bells are ringing loudly and WHAM! GOD literally VOMITS DOWN on these church buildings. Church steeples, bells and roofs covered in VOMIT? VOMIT, VOMIT EVERYWHERE, ONTHE WINDOWS, IN YOUR HAIR.The Revelation Warning of JESUS, “IF YOU ARE LUKEWARM, I WILL VOMIT YOU OUT OF MY MOUTH”… would certainly ring “loud and clear” in the minds and hearts of these lukewarm, LEFT BEHIND Christians as they slip, slide and fall in the church parking lots, trying to get to their VOMIT-covered cars and trucksWhat if the VOMIT rains upon The Churches on Easter Sunday?VOMIT ON YOUR SHOES, VOMIT ON YOUR CLOTHES, VOMIT ON YOUR CHILDREN, VOMIT UP YOUR NOSE.Can you imagine THE STENCH if GOD VOMITS upon these Corrupted Churches in late spring or early summer say during a national heat wave across America and Western Europe? “CHURCH VOMIT” WOULD CERTAINLY SHOW THE WORLD HOW REAL AND TRUE THE BOOK OF REVELATION (BIBLE) TRULY IS.Maybe a chemical analysis of this Church Vomit will show to contain wheat, fish, water and traces of wine? When we read The Gospels, this was the traditional dinner that Jesus ate, bread and fish and wine.If you believe The Bible Code, the word “rapture” and “vomit” are encoded together 1400 times. With Vatican City covered in VOMIT, and the massive, clean-up underway, it will make The Pope’s Acceptance of Antichrist as “MESSIAH” all the more sickening and evil in the eyes of millions of Catholics.Remember in the Old Testament, GOD rained down “manna from heaven” (bread wafers) to feed Israel, GOD brought plagues upon Egypt such as the river turning to blood, a plague of locusts, frogs and then fleas.. SO GOD COULD RAIN VOMIT DOWN ON HIS FALSE “LUKEWARN” CHURCHES THAT I AM SURE NAUSEATE HIM WITH THEIR PERVERTED, SELFISH PRAYERS, NIGHT AND DAY AND NIGHT AND DAY! Going a step further, it would be much harder for the world to believe Antichrist’s Claim (Lie) of “Alien Abuction” when every church around the world is covered in VOMIT.I am not positive this will happen, that JESUS will literally VOMIT upon these twisted, evil Churches, but it is certainly “food for thought” and would send a powerful message unto all as,The Bible says, “JUDGMENT BEGINS WITH THE HOUSEHOLD OF GOD, WITH THE CHURCHES and this warning would be strongly re-enforced as those “left behind” partake in this nasty clean up project. (1 Pet:4:17).ONE FACT IS CLEAR; Antichrist is coming and coming very soon and we can ESCAPE his coming (and the Second Holocaust he shall trigger) – IN THE FIRST OF TWO RAPTURES. (Rev:3:16).
A: Its too bad there is no Jesus to vomit on those self righteous Fundy churches cause that would be funny.
Is your pet food making your pet sick ?
Q: IF YOU OR SOME ONE YOU KNOW HAS HAD THIS HAPPEN SHARE YOUR STORY AND YOUR MEMORIES HERE We, the public, are usually caught ignorant and unaware about what choices we have when our pet need’s us the most .Recently I switched my cat’s food from Purina One to a private labeled canned cat food made by Del Monte/9 Lives. This food was not one that was listed as a public recall .About two weeks after my cat’s easting this food my Oldest of 17 yrs. became very ill , He began to loose serious weight and hada very hard time digesting anything he ate or drank . He began to seem very sluggish and began to vomit and have loose stool’s , this went on for a week . At the start of the next week his breath became very foul and he began looking and acting very ill , later that night we found his vomit and stool’s contained alot of blood . I proceeded to take him to the vet the very next day , he was in kidney failure and probably wouldn’t have made it because of his age . Therefore my angel had to be put to rest . I thought nothing of this being he was a old cat , but couldnt help it wonder why he had gotten so ill so fast .Two day’s later my 5 yr. old cat started to vomit and have loose stool’s with blood as well . It was then it dawned on me that this could be a result in the change of food . I imediately contacted the vet and he had confirmed that it was definatly a possiblity to watch my other cat closely and start her on a brat diet , he told me she is young and she will probably be ok , bring her in if there is no improvement in a few day’s .Mean while I contacted this company who apologized and offered me nothing more but a year supply of food . They were unwilling to test the un used portion of food or to do anything else.Now why would I want a year supply of food that probably contributed to my cats death .At times we are so emotional and distraught that we perhaps take the advice of professionals who might not be sensitive to our and our pet’s needs.When we lose a loved one or they become ill , our emotional vulnerability allows us to be taken advantage of very often.Had I not been so distraught , I would not have been so nice .Few would argue that our pets are considered part of our family and, when they die or become ill, we experience feelings of grief and loss as we would for any other family member. Since the human/companion animal bond has been recognized to be a strong emotional one, there should be the same kind of protections in place to prevent a distraught pet owner from being deceived and exploited.We pet owners cannot change the past but we can change how care is provided in the future. We should demand that our companion animals be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.http://groups.msn.com/BlackiesAngel/_whatsnew.msnw
A: OK??
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