What do doctors use during surgery to make you go to sleep

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As the type of anesthetic you may require is varied, so are the medications used to produce the anesthetic state. Sodium Pentothal is the drug used that most people are familiar with, but it has been largely replaced by newer drugs, such as propofol. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-doctors-use-during-surgery-to-make-you-go-to-sleep ]
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What do doctors use during surgery to make you go to sleep
As the type of anesthetic you may require is varied, so are the medications used to produce the anesthetic state. Sodium Pentothal is the drug used that most people are familiar with, but it has been largely replaced by newer drugs, such as…

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What kind of specialist would I need to see for my tonsils and adenoids?
Q: When I was young I was told that I probably should have my tonsils removed but I never got it done cause my parents couldn’t really afford it. Then when I got to be like 11 or 12 I was told that I should have my tonsils and adenoids removed and again I didn’t get it done cause my parents couldn’t afford it. Now that I’m older I’m finding that I’m having all sorts of throat and allergy problems and I’m strongly considering going to go see doctor about getting my tonsils and adenoids removed. So my question is would I need to see an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist about this or what kind of specialist do I need to talk to? Would they be taking my tonsils and adenoids out on the same day? I’ve never had any kind of surgery before so what method do they use to put you to sleep during surgery and would the medicine make me goofy? If I get my tonsils and adenoids taken out would that cut down on some of my throat and sinus infections that I usually get?
A: Yes, I’d say it would be an ear, nose, and throat specialist. It might help with your throat infections. If you have a lot of allergies, you also might want to go to an allergy specialist. Removing the tonsils and adenoids is one surgery.
I’m sick of my life,my family is made me worse to their own benefit?
Q: ok so i’m 19 and before EVERY ANSWER I GET is MOVE OUT i want you all to understand i can’t that’s not possible,it’s a cultural things kids don’t move out (no matter what,until they graduate and have a job) which is 2 years for meanyhow i have really bad anxiety and i get stressed really easily,and thanks to my family who refuse therapy btw, they made me worse to their benefitfor example when i was little i used (and still) worry ALOT about my family and their health,and one time(i was like 7) and women died during sleep(she was sick) but my mother told me that the women died “because her kids did not listen to her and she was so upset” she used this to make me scared of not listening to her (and it worked) and i was never a naughty kid,i was always a good oneparents always told their kids”to be like me”but its still not enough to my familyevery time my mother got sick she will tell us the doctor told her that “she have naughty kid at home who made her sick”and she have to have a surgery im dead scared about her now,and whenever she sees me happy or in a good mood she will randomly mention “the surgery” it’s not just that, i feel i’m the only 19 year old in my class who lives in so muc stressmy body twitches involuntary (which i looked it up and it say (webmed) that this happens in extreme stressi also have body cramps daily and have migrines dailyplease understand its not just with my mother i just cant write everything or i will write a booki just gave you my problem with my mother as an example so all of you will be able to understand what i go through
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Am I being over-emotional or do I have a legitimate reason?
Q: My husband and I have been married for nine years. Although I love him very much, at times I feel like he is not very supportive.I had something happen recently that confirmed this. I have been sick a few times during our years together but, thankfully nothing too tragic. When I have been sick I still had to do my usual routine of taking care of the house, kids, pets, etc. It didn’t bother me too much though because I think all of us mothers have to do what we have to do, whether we have the flu or not.Recently I had to have abdominal surgery. I was in a lot of pain for the first week. My stomach was bruised and stapled and it hurt to even breath, cough, or laugh. I came home from the hospital after two days but, my doctor told me that I must take it easy for the next week or two. I was going to take his advice and my husband stayed home from work to help me around the house.This is where the problems came in. I’m the one who just had surgery and he spent almost all the days at home sleeping, watching T.V., or playing on the computer. There were things that needed to be done, that couldn’t be put off such as cleaning the cat-box, doing dishes, etc. and I did them all! I couldn’t ask for his help because he was taking a nap. I was a little angry at first but, I thought it over and I figured he was just being your typical man. I mean…who wants to do housework right? But, then there were other things.I had such a sore back from the gas they used during the surgery. My doctor gave me some muscle relaxant cream to rub on my shoulders. Well, I couldn’t reach my shoulders because it hurt so, I asked my husband if he could massage some in for me. He just quickly wiped some on my back and left it at that. It hurt my feelings a lot. If I thought he was in pain or sick then I would do everything I could do to make him comfortable. I think I have been very thoughtful to him through the years. Making him soup, bringing him a hot water bottle or ice pack, stopping at the pharmacy to get him some medicine, etc. And not once can I be sick or hurt and have someone take care of me?It made me kind of scared in a way. What happens if I ever did get seriously ill? Would he be there for me? I don’t know. Half of me thinks I am overreacting and I should buck up a little and then the other half of me says that I am completely right.Am I being too over-emotional? What do you think?Thanks!
A: i think you are being very rational and not over emotional at are and let me first start by saying i am sorry. your husband sounds frankly lazy. your not over emotional your in pain and you need support. as a husband he should be there. part of the marriage isnt it? for better or worse? it sounds like its bad and he wants to sleep? Thats bullshi* you have every right in the world to be mad at him and also you shouldnt push yourself to hard. i know things have to be done but that doesnt mean you have to do them. if you keep if up you could end up hurting yourself. tell him that. tell him that you need his help and support and your in pain while he sleeps. if he is like that he doesnt deserve you.Not Over Emotional. Human.Good Luck! =)
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