What do they do when you are getting your wisdom teeth removed

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In preparing for your operation your surgeon will explain how to prepare the surgery. For example, if you smoke you will (MORE?) [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-they-do-when-you-are-getting-your-wisdom-teeth-removed ]
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What do they do when you are getting your wisdom teeth removed?
In preparing for your operation your surgeon will explain how to prepare the surgery. For example, if you smoke you will (MORE?)
I am getting my wisdom teeth removed on Thursday, I’m so nervous….?
I don’t think you should be nervous, it’s a pretty simple procedure and they will either gas you or put you to sleep during so you won’t even know what happened until you wake up. Healing is pretty quick and when it’s done you never have to…
Does getting your wisdom teeth removed hurt?
Not if you’re put to sleep or numbed, which you should be. You may have soreness afterwards, but your dentist will give you pain meds & probably have you rinse or use a syringe (no needle) to squirt salt water solution into the holes to…

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What medicine do they give when getting wisdom teeth removed?
Q: When you get your wisdom teeth removed, what is the painkiller they give you.I know it starts with a “p” and it is basically a legal version of herion. (its for a project)thank you
A: Aronie is correct…PercocetThere are generic forms as well!Best of luck!
What does it feel like to be put to sleep when getting your wisdom teeth removed?
Q: And are you really fully put to sleep all the way? I might have to get my wisdom teeth pulled this summer and I don’t want to just be partially put to sleep if I have to. I’d much prefer to be put to sleep all the way. I’ve never gotten an IV before. Never had surgery. I don’t want a needle in my gum. Why don’t they inject the needle into your gum after you’ve fallen asleep? I’m really scared. Please help.
A: I got all four impacted wisdom teeth out last month. I was so scared, but it’s really not that bad for me. Technically you aren’t asleep during IV sedation, but it feels like it. And they do put the needle in your gum after your asleep. By the way, you can’t eat or drink 6 hours before the surgery, so try to schedule an appointment in the morning. And make sure you have some to drive you home. Anyways, when i was sitting on the dental chair, i had to drink a motrin pill with a tiny sip of water. Then I had to swish my mouth with some disinfection rinse, that kinda tingled. Over my left arm, the assistant put a blood pressure checker, a oxygen thingy on my finger, and placed heart monitors over my heart, and 2 other places I can’t remember. As the chair started to pull back, I got so nervous. They sprayed some numbing spray over my injection site on my right arm. But the dentist quickly put the needle right in. The IV needle feels similar to the needle of a blood test. I asked them how long would it take for the effect to come and she said “as soon as I walk across the room.” And she was right. It’s kind of hard to explain how it feels, but I kinda felt lite headed. And I said “woah” (lol) and they laughed. Then everything went black. I don’t remember anything of the surgery. And I don’t remember walking to the recovery room. But I kinda remember bits and pieces of laying there and walking to the car. I started to become aware while going home.
When you have your wisdom teeth removed, do they knock you out with something?
Q: I’m gonna get mine out soon. What exactly is the procedure?
A: I just had mine done 2 days ago and still have stitches in my mouth. You have 2 choices when getting this done. And the decision will come down to how much you are willing to spend. Getting knocked out is the way to go if you can. But, it is expensive and not all insurance covers everything. I chose to have 3 removed and wasn’t knocked out. It wasn’t fun, but it can be done. If you can get knocked out do it as it will be much easier on yourself. If not, don’t worry too much about being awake. Each tooth took about 2-5 mins. Also, I’m 41 so if you are young (20s or below) your teeth will probably come out very easy with no stitches required. The main thing is to be prepared for after the surgery. Buy some liquid foods ahead of time. You probably won’t want to eat any solid foods right away (it causes pain). So, protein shakes, yogurt, juices, etc… The first 2 days don’t have anything planned as this will make things easier for you. The hardest part is right after surgery. In my case, my mouth was numb, I had gauze packs in my mouth to control bleeding and stiches as well. Generally after the first 24 hours the pain meds can relieve any pain.
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