What do you do for abscess

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A:Go make an appointment with your doctor to check up on it. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-do-for-abscess ]
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Use a nitrofural or furazolidone based ointment.
Sometime excess sweat can make them worse. Try to stay dry, sometimes medicated powder helps. I would ask your doctor and he/she may be able to prescribe you something.
An abscess may occur on any part of the body, or may occur internally. This is particularly the case with the vital organs, and especially the reproductive glands of women. One may notice pain in the area around the uterus or ovaries, sugge…

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Has anyone ever had an infection in their bone after a tooth abscess ?
Q: Hi,Similar to my last question, but slightly different. I am looking for answers from people who have either had this condition, or are dentists.I have had a root canal on a tooth with a bad abscess. The root canal was unsuccessful, so I needed to have the tooth out. Unfortunately, my pain continued and the abscess has spread to my bone. I am on strong antibiotics but they are making no differece. I also have a swollen gland in my neck.For those of you who have had this, what happened next ? What do I need to do ? Is this dangerous ? I’m worried, and could do with some help !
A: Hi! I’ve been in dentistry for over 25 years. Any abscess is troublesome and somethimes the wrong antibiotic is prescibed. The swollen gland is because of the infection. This is typical. The biggest concern is getting the infection under control. Some things that you can do is rinse 3-4 daily with very salty warm water. Don’t smoke eat sugar or drink alcohol because it lowers your immune system. Taking a heavy duty health food daily vitamin everyday (Twin Labs, Solgar etc)and high dosesof Vitamin C and Zinc will help heal and fit infection. You need to drink 8-10 glasses of water to flush the infection out of your whole system. Part of any infection while it shows up in one place, it is in your whole blood stream. So you need to do your part as well. Call the DR tomorrow and see if you need a stronger spectrum antibiotic and have a blood test done to see if you have any other issues. Any long term infection is dangerous to other organs and the heart. So this is not something you sit on and wait. If you have any other questions, please ask. M
How do you treat a guinea pig abscess?
Q: My guinea pig has an abscess on his left side about the size of a large gumball. I have been treating the abscess with an herbal salve and peroxide. It is a little bit better but I would like to give him an internal treatment such as an antibiotic, but I know guinea pigs are sensitive to them. I need to know how I could purchase an antibiotic for a guinea pig and also any advice on what else to do for the anscess. (No vets). Thanks for your time. NEED HELP!!!!!!!!I can’t afford a vet, and the salve I’ve been using has cured skin cancer! If there’s a cure for cancer out there without a doctor there must surely be a cure for my guinea pig without a vet. Call me a bad pet owner if you want, but he’s getting every treatment I would get!
A: You are not a bad pet owner. Sometimes people cant afford the care because its over priced. I have a suggestion. If the piggy is alone keep him separated and clear of any little things that can get in the wound such as bedding and food, etc. Then you want to buy Neosporin and antibactrial cream used to heal wounds. apply that generousley to the area. if the wound is open and you can see deep tissue there is a high chance of infection and death. you must keep the wound covered and cleaned with peroxide and then more antibacterial cream . you can get a gause pad and a bandage and wrap it around him as loose but tight as possible. keep him omfortable like in a little soft pillow and talk to the piggy and make it feel happy it will help the wound should heal withing a week or two.m My Cavvy had a 1.5 inch wound on his side from a piggy fight they go through worse things so this should be nothing. take a picture of the wound and send it to [email protected] I will access the damage further if you need.
What to do if antibiotics fail for abscess tooth? should I be prepared for death or loss of jawbone?
Q: The reason why I ask this is because I went to the dentist last week with severe toothpain and he said I have some abscesses, and he gave me antibiotics to get the swelling to go down so he could remove them. The pain has stopped but my gums are still swollen and it has been a week. I am afraid of what happens next. I know that an abscess can kill you if it is never treated. but now that treatment doesnt seem to be working what do I do? I am starting to get scared.
A: So the antibiotic the dentist gave you worked to remove the pain, but not all of the swelling! Great!! This is often enough so that the tooth can be frozen and either a root canal or an extraction can be performed. If you need to try further antibiotic action, the dentist could;1)increase the dosage and or the number of times a day you take the antibiotic. 2)try a different antibiotic. 3)try a cocktail of antibiotics. 4)have the necessary procedure done under general anaestesia instead of just local. So, you see there are a number of options available to you and your dentist. I wouldn’t go looking for funeral plots just yet.
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