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A:This poultice will draw the abscess out of the gum and will form a pimple on the gum which can be broken by pushing on it. This will relieve the pain and pressure. When the abscess breaks spit out the poison, it will be bitter, so you will ….MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-do-for-an-abscessed-tooth-more ]
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Ice packs can help with the swelling. Warm salt water rinses with releve pressure. See a denistist or oral sergen as soon as possible. Once the area is infected aggressive antibotics will need to be used.
・ Identify the problem. An abscess most often presents itself through a persistent pain in the tooth, followed… ・ Contact your dentist and describe your symptoms. He will probably want to do an oral exam to check for… ・ Drain the absces…
Why hasn’t your dentist given you antibiotics? That should have been the first thing he did. It will never clear up on it’s own. I don’t think a root canal is the right thing to do either. If I were you I would go to the emergency room at …

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My dog has an abscessed tooth. Vet isn’t open for another 2 days? What to do?
Q: My 13 year old Shih Tzu has his 2nd abscessed tooth in 6 months. The first one occurred while we were living in the US and I was able to get it taken care of quickly through a local Veterinarian. Now however, my husband and I are stationed overseas in Japan and are having the same issue… swollen, puss-filled bump under his left eye. I just discovered the problem today (about 30 minutes ago to be exact), but unfortunately the veterinary office on base has ridiculous hours and won’t be open again for another 2 days. I want to get my dog seen right away, but going to a vet out in town is going to cost about 4 times as much as it would on base, not to mention the language barrier. Does anyone with *credible* knowledge on this subject have any advice as to how waiting the 2 days will affect my dog? For the previous abscessed tooth in the States, my dog was given antibiotics until he could be seen for the surgery, which was about 3 days after the initial swelling in his face began. I am worried that now, if he waits 2 days WITHOUT antibiotics that it could cause more serious problems, especially with him being so old… What would you recommend? Thank you in advance for your answers.
A: find another vet quick
Can more infections come after Abscess tooth is treated with anti-biotics?
Q: My Boyfriend went to the ER about a week ago for an abscess tooth. His face was completely swollen on one side. After seeing him, the doctor gave him some anti-biotics and pain killers. A week later the swelling had gone down but for the past two nights he has been vomiting on and off. Then last night, when we were going to be, he said it felt like his heart was beating really fast, so fast that it was uncomfortable to lay down. I have asked friends and they are saying possibly blood poising, I would like to know what everyone else thinks and what should we do or how serious you make think it is – reminder – he does not have health insurance
A: lilkel-Whether your boyfriend (bf) has health or dental insurance, he needs to see a dentist or a physician as soon as he can. In many areas, there are free health clinics for those without insurance or money to pay. Contact your county health clinic. In the mouth there are normally many bacteria and some fungi which can cause major problems if they invade the gums or a tooth abscess. When antibiotics are given to kill some bacteria, other bacteria or fungi (like Actinomyces) not killed by the antibiotic then tend to start growing a lot and can cause infections of the jaw which can spread elsewhere. That is why your bf needs to see a health care specialist as soon as possible.
what to do for a toothache?
Q: do not use heat on a toothache , i worked in a dentist office for 12 years. he always told patients to take motrin for inflamation , if you don’t have prescription strength, use over the counter, count your mgs. take every 8 hrs. no heat at all on toothaches or ear infections. it will cause swelling. use cold packs, 15 min on and 15 min off. upper teeth abscesses are more dangerous. go see a dentist or md for an antibiotic asap. infections can go to the eye or brain.
A: I just drop something really heavy on my foot to take away the pain in my tooth. It works and it doesn’t cost a dime. p.s. don’t drop anything too heavy cause then you might have preferred the tooth ache…
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