What do you do with an abcessed tooth

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A:To eliminate infection, the abscess may need to be drained. Achieving drainage may be done through the tooth by a procedure…M? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-do-with-an-abcessed-tooth ]
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What do you do for an abcessed tooth?
By far the best thing is to go to a dentist. Abscessed teeth can lead to a more serious condition, not to mention hurt a lot. The dentist will open the tooth and pack it with antiseptics and probably put in a temporary filling.
How to Treat an Abscessed Tooth
・ 1 Getting started on a prescription antibiotic is always the first task once an abscess begins. Calling… ・ 2 Using an ice pack will help minimize the pain associated with an abscessed tooth, and you will need… ・ 3 Continue with the ri…
Do I have an abcessed tooth?
savannah, it sounds like the nerve is dying in your front tooth. I can’t say why. Maybe the filling was very deep and hit the nerve or the tooth may have been injured in the past. But the symptoms do not sound good and if I were you I would…

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How long can i wait on my abcessed tooth?
Q: i went to the dentist and he prescribed me ampicillin and tylenol 3(for the pain). im not sure what hes trying to do but i heard you can die of leaving abcessed tooth alone. he told me to come back a week later to get it drilled. im not sure if i can die of abcessed tooth in a week but what do you think? will the antibiotic help with abcessed tooth?
A: I don’t want you to think too much about this answer and get scared! Any infection in you body that is left untreated could potentially cause the infection to spread to other parts of your body and eventually (length of time depends on the type and strength of infection, immune system, etc) could cause death. Your doctor is trying to treat the infection so he can safely correct the problem. The antibiotic will take care of the infection, but you will still need work done on your tooth. If he drills an infected tooth, the infection could spread and/or get much worse. No good doctor will fix an infected tooth so just wait it out and you will be fine!!
When you have an abcessed tooth, what causes you to have a bad taste in your mouth??
Q: Remedies until you can see a dentist? I was on antibiotics and now I’m done with them. 🙁
A: the bad taste id the pus or infection leaking out of the abcess. try rinsing with mouthwash frequently until you get to the dentist.
If you have an abcessed tooth, will antibiotics clear it up until you get the money to pay for the procedure?
Q: I have an abcessed tooth and its killing me. I’m going tomorrow to get pain meds and antibiotics. My question is, with antibiotics, how long will this stay cleared up after the infection is gone or how long does it usually take before something like that comes back. Can i get away with not having to get it pulled or a root canal for a few months?Also, What are the chances of a dentist hitting a nerve while filling a cavity. Is it more common when a root canal is being done? Thanks:)
A: The antibiotics don’t really get rid of the infection; just keep it under control until you get a more permanent treatment. The nerve is still infected and dying. The best way to remove the infection is NOT antibiotics, but to remove the source of the infection either by pulling out the tooth or doing a root canal.If you have a really deep cavity, then it is possible for the nerve to be exposed. It really can’t be avoided if the decay goes that deep. Sometimes a liner can be placed to promote healing but sometimes, the tooth is too far gone for that and will need further treatment.And the dentist will definitely hit the nerve while performing a root canal. That’s the whole point. They remove all the infected nerve from the crown and roots of your tooth, sterilize it, and seal it up with a rubber-like substance all the way to the tips of the roots so that the infection is gone.
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