What does BDD stand for

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Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) refers to people who see themselves as “ugly” & often avoid social exposure to or turn to surgery. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-bdd-stand-for ]
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Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) refers to people who see themselves as “ugly” & often avoid social exposure to or turn to surgery.

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Needing advice from a smart older women?
Q: I was watching Oprah one day and she had some people on there they thought they were really ugly and stuff. So there was this physciatrist( that is probably spelled wrong) anyways she said they have BDD it stands for Body Dismorfic(that is probably spelled wrong too) Disorder and I think i may have it to so what should i do any advice. like should i see a therapist or something i want but they are really expensive.
A: I’m sure there’s a name for everything. When a person is young, there are many insecurities we feel…are we going to fit in, be popular, pretty enough? We want to be accepted and we compare ourselves to other people.We are all unique and created for a purpose. I heard this all my life, but not until I got older did I believe it. Read in the Bible what God says about you. He thinks you’re pretty special. Ask Him to show you that. He will.
Does anyone else have BDD(body dysmorphic disorder), and if so, can you relate?
Q: I’m the kind of person that strives to be perfect about my appearance, but I am so far from it! I broke down and cried a million times today. I look at myself in the mirror from every angle for hours hoping I will see something better. I feel like a monster. Whenever I take a picture of myself with my phone facing my direction (without the mirror), I’m SUPER ugly! I don’t know if this is because it’s hard to take pictures from that angle, or what. I feel like my nose is ugly and big. I don’t bare to smile because I have a bad bite. I want to get surgery on my jaw, and I’m going to because it’s necessary. I want to get remove the bump in my nose to make it straighter.I am currently on a super strong pill for acne called accutane. It seems to be working, but very slowly. In the meantime, I wear make-up.. and I’m male!! I just can’t stand the sight of me without make-up.I feel like I’m fat so I’m trying to drop twenty pounds. My dad and counselor says I have body dysmorphic disorder, but I truly feel like I am ugly …… I LOOK LIKE A TROLL.
A: yes i literally do.( like, ive been told) but you aleady knew that… hun you KNOW i can relate. were like the same peopel! LOL. aaww reading this makes me sad 🙁 i have cryed so hard because of acne too. :(also dont worry about wearing makeup even though your male. since when do males not have insecurities theyd like to cover? AND dont worry about your looks from what ive seen/read your a beautiful person on the inside and trust me thats all that counts. you so nice its scaryy! :DDD also ino how it feels to feel like a troll. uno like when people first see you and you ntoice there eyes just sticking to your acne.. and you want to look away? i get that everyday. 🙁 Dont starve youself. ive dont that..and its not good. It wont be long till the accutane really kicks in , hopefully not long than atleast one of us can be happier :)hope this is helpful.
could my deppresion have caused me to have BDD ( Body Dysmorphic Disorder)?
Q: I am a 24 year old male, and have had sever depression for years, and have recently deveoped BDD. This seems like it would be a mental illness that women would get, no offense ladies. I can assure you that I am a mans man, 6’1” 220 lbs of mostly muscle, and I love beer and women so damn much. But I have develped BDD over the past few years. I am at the point now where I see a hideous inhuman monster staring back at me in the mirror. I have actually broken mirrors over this, because I couldn’t stand what I was seeing. I have a medium sized head ,I wear a size 7 hat, and a medium face(7 inches long, and 4 and a half inches wide) on a large body.I actually measured………. but i see a huge gigantic head and face. I used to think I was good looking and wasn’t too concerned about it anyway. I also suffer from other forms of mental illness, so maybe this branched off of them. What do you think, does it sound like I have BDD…..
A: There’s really no point in breaking mirrors.Either you’re joking or your perception is off or the beer is clouding your mind or someone has caused you to feel evil.I hated my image in the mirror when I first started recovering from Bipolar and PTSD. I had a counselor tell me to look at myself in the mirror every day, make eye contact and say “I love you.” It was horrible at first, I couldn’t do it. My mom used to say I had Satans eyes and I was half scared of myself. Everyone elses eyes were blue and mine were brown, my mom hated them. But she hated me anyway. She had problems of her own and used to beat the h3ll out of me pretty much every day. When she got me down on the floor she’d hiss and scream at me that I was the devil’s child and my eyes were evil.She was wrong, it wasn’t me.
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