What does it mean when a tooth is hurting && the part of gum on top of it is swollen

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A:It could be an infected tooth or gum, tooth decay, an abscess, a damaged filling, or an injury caused from chewing or grinding. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-a-tooth-is-hurting-%26%26-the-part-of-gum-on-top-of-it-is-swollen ]
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What does it mean if your teeth hurt
In most cases, toothaches are caused by a problem such as a cavity, cracked/fractured tooth, exposed tooth root, or gum disease.
What does it mean if my tooth hurts when i run?
Maybe your tooth is grown all the way down to the sole of your foot. I’d keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t break through. XD sorry I couldn’t help myself. Yeah I’d say get it checked out. I hate the dentist with a passion.
What does it mean when your tooth gums hurt when you are sick??
It means your sinuses may be infected.

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What does it mean if my tooth hurts when i run?
Q: I know i have a cavity on 2 of my teeth, but the tooth thats hurts has no visable holes or anything. I dont get to go the the dentist that often, and i want to know if this is something i should get checked out.
A: often,sinus problems cause tooth pain,as the nerves are exposed in the sinus cavity…movement of the head can cause pain…try some tylenol sinus,see if it alleviates the pain
What does it mean when a tooth hurts when you chew, from the pressure. I know-it means go to the dentist, but?
Q: that is not what I am asking. I want to know what causes it?
A: It could be as simple as a “high bite” where you are hitting that tooth a little too hard. Yes, this CAN happen all of the sudden as your teeth are constantly shifting and your bite changes. Usually, things just work out, but sometimes you need to get the tooth trimmed a little bit.It is more likely that you have an abscess on the tooth, though, if it is bad enough to cause you to ask this question. As you bite on the tooth, the tooth wiggles just a little bit and pokes at the abscess causing pain. I have a hand gesture that I use to show this to my patients, but I can’t figure out how to do it on Yahoo! It’s like tapping on a balloon that is all blown up. When you tap, the balloon expands outward. The same thing happens with an abscess and as the abscess expands, it makes pressure on the bone and this causes the pain.
what does it mean when my tooth hurt like crazy when i drink any thing hot or cold?
Q: Last time i was at the denisit my denisit told me that i have a tiny cavity and he would wait 6 months and see what it looks like and it has only been 4 weeks and it hurts like crazy what does that mean and what shold i do about it?
A: Usually when heat bothers a tooth that is a sign that the nerve may be dying. This might not be your case but I defiantly would not wait 6 months because more than likely it will get worse. Just call your dentist and tell him your symptoms are getting worse. There are tests they can do to see if the nerve is dying or not. If not tell him you would like to have the filling done now. Why wait, it’s not going to go away on its own! Hope your tooth gets to feeling better soon!
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