What else could it be I’m not breastfeeding

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A:It could be cat-scratch disease, abscess, Sporotrichosis (skin infection), or just swollen glands. More? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-else-could-it-be-i%27m-not-breastfeeding ]
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What else could it be I’m not breastfeeding
It could be cat-scratch disease , abscess, Sporotrichosis (skin infection), or just swollen glands. More?
Does anyone else feel this way becasue they were not breastfed??
My mom breastfed me for a couple months. My younger brother was breastfed for about 6 months. I don’t blame my mother. My dad and my grandma weren’t very supportive of her. My grandma was constantly telling her that she didn’t have enough m…

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Dreams about breastfeeding…could my mind me telling me I’m pregnant?
Q: The last week I have been having these rather intense random dreams about breastfeeding. From what I remember of them I will have my daughter who is 20 months and hasn’t been breastfed since 5 months; and I feel like I must breastfeed. In my dreams she doesn’t seem hungry or anything to be wrong with her. It’s just whoever I’m talking to I keep telling them I have to breastfeed and when I wake up I get the wierdest sensation like when you have let down; but again I haven’t had any milk or anything for 16 months. It’s just crazy. We have ben trying to concieve again and someone told me that when they were prego they had dreams about breastfeeding (granted they dreamed about feeding animals but breastfeeding none the less). DOes this have any kind of “meaning” anyone else experience this? *By the way as far as I know I’m not prego. I mean I could be but I have about a week to go before I’d be able to take a test anyway.What your saying is I guess possible. However I have no problem with how long I breastfed for; i dont feel guilt or regret or anything like that. And also I am a stay at home mom; so I am literally with her almost 24 hours a day so it’s not like I miss her! And as far as growing up I really enjoy it. Sure I miss the baby stages but I think her independance is fun!Who said anything about a disappearing baby? I always wake up before the dream ends so I dont kno what else happens!Johnny-no in ur answer u said something aabout the baby disappearing. At no point did I mention that. The baby in my dream doesn’t at any point disappear; it’s there the whole time I have the dream. I have never gotten to the “end” of the dream tho. I always get woken up in the midst of dreaming.
A: I think it’s expressing a desire to be more nurturing to your daughter. Now that she’s not breastfeeding, you’ve lost a connection to her, and she is on the way to being an independent being.It’s completely normal, and even to be expected.
Ok, I must be crazy right?? What else could explain this sudden desire?
Q: As most of you already know, I have a two year old daughter and a one year old son. Thing is, lately I’ve been thinking about having another baby. Not right away (been there, done that! lol) but I’m thinking of trying to conceive next spring. That will put my daughter at 3 and a half and my son at 2 and a half (roughly) when the baby is born. I also want to get pregnant before I hit 35 (next July). That baby would definitely be my last. The fact that I’m even thinking about it makes me think I must be nuts. Having 2 under 2 has been a real challenge, especially when my son had severe colic for the first 5 months of his life. Even thinking of the possibilty that I could have another colicky baby should be enough to scare me away from having another one but oddly, it isn’t. What do you think? Am I straight-jacket crazy for even considering another baby or not? Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Another thing I must confess, I never got to breastfeed either of mine and it’s something that bothers me. With my daughter, she wasn’t interested at all in breastfeeding and with my son, he took to my breast only to projectile vomit after each feeding. Turns out he couldn’t handle the lactose and ended up on hypoallergenic formula after a week of breastfeeding. I am looking forward to being able to breastfeed this one. It’s not why I want another of course, just an added bonus.My husband is all for it. He would like to start NOW but I insist on waiting awhile longer.Mommy of 2, I think not finding out this time would be a great surprise. I couldn’t resist with my first two. I had to know! But this time I’d let it be a surprise.Lol, Artie Lange fan, I know what you mean. I think back to those stressful, sleepless nights and days with my colicky son and wonder how can I even consider another baby. But, like you I am. I mean, I have it great now! Both are sleeping through the night and it’s finally gotten a lot easier. And yet depite all this I’m considering a newborn! Crazy!
A: Haha! I know I have the same thoughts and mine are 14 months apart and my 2nd one was SOOOO colicky and I swore during his colicky phase that I was NEVER having more kids!Now I am actually considering 1 more also, I go back and forth every day….I feel crazy also for even considering it! I don’t know what’s wrong with me! LOL!
why am I not having normal periods after 6 months of not breastfeeding.?
Q: I’ve had 3 pregnancies all of which I’ve breastfed. Within 6 weeks my periods have returned. By the time I’ve stopped breastfeeding my periods are regulated and my pregnancy weight has come off. This last pregnancy I had light periods within 6 weeks. When I stoped nursing after 1.5 years I got totally engorged. My periods in 27years have always been every 28 days lasting about 5 days, 3 of which are moderate. My periods are now at 30 months postpartum anywhere from 22 to 28 days only spotting for 3 days, 1 regular day, then I skip a full day, then return for one day of spotting. My obgyn did hormanal tests 6 months ago and found nothing. I’ve lost no weight since the birth and really never had any sort 0f a heavy bleed.; What else could be going on? Doctor thinks it’s just that I’m older.Help, as I know my cycles and after 5 children something is not right. I feel like I need to bleed heavier. The pms is also horrible but, yet my hormonal levels show no indication of menapause
A: Sometimes it takes a bit longer for your periods to get back to normal. My sisters took alost a yesr and her doctor said it was nothing to worry about. Good luck and all the best. xx
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