What if i think i have an abscess? what should i do

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A:If it is a dental abscess then you should see a dentist right away to get some antibiotics. If you cannot wait, go to emergency. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-if-i-think-i-have-an-abscess%3F-what-should-i-do ]
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What if i think i have an abscess? what should i do
If it is a dental abscess then you should see a dentist right away to get some antibiotics. If you cannot wait, go to emergency.

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I think I have an abscess abscess?
Q: I have had a mound/lump/semi-hard knot for about 6 weeks. It does not hurt but feels uncomfdurable when pressed upon. It has been growin in size ( I think, so if it is its not obvious ) It is -placed in upper right side of my gum closer to the top of the mouth than the actual tooth. I think its abscess, what should I do about it?
A: You def want to see your dentist ASAP. Based upon your symptoms, you may have a periapical abscess, which just means an infection @ the tip of your tooth’s root/canal. Although it may not be causing pain now, if left untreated its just a matter of time before it does. In addition, being that your body is systemic, that infection is being carried throughout your body. Good luck!
dog has a lump on the side of his pad what should i do?
Q: i have found a lump on the of my dogs pad, after reading this dog are book i think it might be an abscess should i do what the book says and bathe the with slat water for a couple of days, then take to vets if its not clearing up. or should i Just take him Straight to the vets.ok, the vets it is then.he only went to the vets about his ear infecton 2 weeks ago.ok guys thanks for the advice.
A: Take it to the vet of course
possible abscess on my horses front fetlock?
Q: My horse has been lame for the past few weeks, i have had numerous vet visits and we have failed to determine what is causing it. she is a fairly old mare so i initially put it down to age and taking a bit longer to recover. she has a swelling on her cannon bone which i initially thought was scar tissue as it came up after she first went lame. so she has been wearing boots for support while turned out. but yesterday she came in and when i removed the boots i noticed a strange circular swelling on the front of her fetlock with a small vertical cut on it. it is very tender to touch. i have the vet scheduled to visit on wednesday (5 days from now) is there anything i can do right now to hold it until the vet comes?could this be an abscess? should i poultice the area to see if any infection comes out? any help will be greatly appreciatedthankyoufor clarification of all of your input 🙂 its not a sarcoid, but good thinking!! its not a puncture wound. this appeared from under her boot, its place on the bottom front fetlock doesnt tell me that its a rub from the boots or that they were too tight. i would know if they were tight.my horse is too old to be kept on box rest with 15 minutes of walking a day. she needs to be turned out daily to keep her joints moving, she isnt any lamer than she was alreadyhubbynoclue, did the horse you are talking about have any other swellings? what you explained sounds really close to whats going on.i put a warm poultice on it this morning and it seems to be better and less sore to touch its tender but hasnt made her more lame than she already was.i think my first suspicion of it being an abscess was rightthanks for all of your input
A: You need the vet to see this asap. Any time an open sore and potential infection is present in this proximity to a joint, it is too risky to wait since infection may invade joint tissues. I tend to doubt this is an abscess, but it certainly could be although you don’t mention seeing any drainage of exudate. I would flush the open wound with sterile 0.9% saline solution from the drugstore. Use moderate pressure to do the flush. The salt will dehydrate and kill bacteria, the water will debride the wound, and isotonic saline won’t cause any damage to healthy tissue needed for healing. I would not use any medicine to dress the wound until the vet sees it, unless you have a hydrogel such as Farnam makes. If you need to dress it with something, I’d use sterile non-stick gauze and Kling bandage wrap to cover it. Elastikon tape can be used to secure it. This dressing will breathe and not encourage growth of anaerobic microbes. Hopefully this is not a puncture wound with risk of Clostridium infection, and your horse is up to date on tetanus shots. I’d call the vet back and get him/her there asap because of the risk of sepsis developing within the fetlock joint.
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