What is a flector patch

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FLECTOR Patch is a prescription topical treatment for acute (short-term) pain due to minor strains, sprains, and contusions MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-flector-patch ]
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Diclofenac is in a group of drugs called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). It works by reducing hormones that cause inflammation and pain in the body. Diclofenac topical skin patch (Flector Patch) is used to treat pain caused b…
Psoriasis is a chronic skin disorder marked by periodic flare-ups of sharply defined red patches, covered by a silvery, flaky surface. The primary disease activity leading to psoriasis occurs in the epidermis, the top five layers of the ski…
It is a patch with continuous release of a non steroidal antiinflammatory (NSAID) medication. It is applied every 12 hours. It has all the side effects of other NSAIDS and works about as well. Seems like a big waste of time and money. It is…

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Wrong Catagory In Need of Help.. Family Issue?
Q: My mother is on 19 pills a day. Some of them she takes more than once a day so that’s why it comes to that total.. and she has a pain patch she wears on top of it all. Some of these medicines are two of the same but different brands.. Like 2 different muscle relaxers, 2 different anitdepressants, ect.. She has been really annoying ever since she started taking these and I have no patience for her whatsoever. She still helps out a lot though, not inperson but with money gifts.She forgot her pills here and I didn’t drive them to her. She went into withdraw and went to the ER because she didn’t know what was wrong with her until the doctor there told her that. Anyway, she said to me on the phone she doesn’t want to be on all that medicine anymore but she wants me to give them back. I will but today I called each one of the doctors, 5 different ones, and I left a message telling them her problem. One of the nurses called me back to a doctor and asked me her pharmacy so they can get all of her records. I gave it to them.Now.. My mother has no idea I did this.. And I’m terrified of what she will do. Do you think what I did was wrong or is this the beginning of her getting help? I’m so terrifed.This is a list of what she is on at least of what she has left here by accident:First is Hydrocodone AKA Vicodin. She takes one every 4 hours.Second is Ropingrole which is used for Restless Leg Syndrome. She takes 2 at bedtime.Third is Fexofenadine. She takes this for allgeries. 1 a day.Fourth is Tizanidine. This is a muscle relaxer which has been associated with hallucinations. She takes that 3 times a day.Next up is Trazodone. This is an antidepressant. She takes 2 of these at bedtime.Moving along the list is Tramadol. This is another pain killer with Codeine including Morphine. She takes this 2 times a day AS NEEDED.. So she could be taking it more.This next one is called Budeprion. An anitdepressant once again. She takes this 2 times a day.Then there is Savella. This is to treat Fibromyalgia which is a disease where the people think they are in pain all the time and the doctors cannot find what’s wrong. This is all mental pain yet they think it’s real. She takes this 2 times a day.Lorazepam is the next one up! What do you know.. another muscle relaxer. This one she takes 3 times a day. I also see Oxycotin. Which is the legal form of Herion. It is a major pain reliever. This says TAKE AS NEEDED. She at least takes this once a day but I know from personal experience with her she takes it more than once.Then there is the Flector Patch. This is a patch she puts on her arm or belly or leg to relieve pain. She uses this once a day.
A: 5 different doctors and 11 different drugs… You were not wrong. What’s wrong is that something was not done about this problem earlier. Aside the fact that she might already be addicted to some of those pills, she is in a great danger of drug interactions and therefore complications, including death. Your mother may be very angry that you did this, but so would any drug addict who’s had their pills taken away. She needs help, and be under supervision of one doctor who knows about all the drugs she’s taking.
Q: DANG IT, i just typed this whole question and some how it was erased. Here is my situation ( again). I have been having EXTREME pain between my shoulder blades and along my spine for about 9 or more months. Everyday the muscles all around my back become so tense and it feels like my entire back is being SQUEEZED together and there is MAJOR pressure on my spine! I can get slight relief from this by cracking my back ( which i can do multipul ways to get multipul results but the relief only lasts about 30 to 60 seconds) I know that i should not do that but it is the only relief i have. Every freeking day i wake up in the morning and it feels like my spine has been wrapped around a tree and i can hardly function ( i have a decent pillow top bed) Once i start doing physical activity at work my back STARTS TO BURN… the damn thing feels like its on fire and the spine hurts more so i crack it more(It really sucks because the more i do the worse it gets) The first doctor that i went to told me i have Functional back pain , systematic disfucntion , and hypermobility, Im not sure what any of that means but anyway.. that doctor perscribed me with flexeril( muscle relaxor ) and a script for physical therapy.. the therapy wasnt an option after about 3 weeks of going twice a week. I would get relief from the (PT) rubbing on my back and a T.E.N.S unit but the relief would only last about an hour… 30 bucks for an hour of relief yea right buddy. I tryed a pain management doctor who was a total jerk and told me to take more flexeril ( yea like that helps) and gave me lidocain patches ( negitive) and i went to yet another pain management doctor who after a crappy 10 min talk mostly ignoreing my statements he suggested a flector patch.. the same damn thing he told me the last time i was in that office and gave me samples of( That freeking thing works less then a sweettart to take the edge of the pain).. i had tears in my eyes .. and i said ” Please you have to help me dude im suffering everyday” The only responce i got from that was ” im not a dude” … WHAT THE @#$%? is that all you took from that statement? at that point i stormed out and left the office.. Anyway basicaly i am looking for someone that was in this current situation or has any insight on what i can do? ive been to multipul doctors and some of them just act liek there is nothing wrong with me.. There is something seriously wrong with me .. please help?The doctors cant see anything on the MRI so they are acting like there is nothing wrong.. this is ovbiously not the case.. i am not some drug seeking person but i will totaly accept pain medication to stop my suffering.. i am tired of this pain and it is wearing my thin.. Hurting badly everyday,the pain is wearing me thinBy the way the MRI’s were of my T-Spine ( location of the pain) and of my neck jsut incase.. i also had xrays of my back doneThanks ill ask them to run different tests
A: While an MRI is considered to be the “gold standard”in diagnosing back pain, there are times where serious injuries are missed. I would go back to the PM doctor or find a neurosurgeon and ask for a test called a CT Myelogram. This is where they inject dye directly into the spinal column, which is somewhat like an epidural and hurts like all holy hell, but the dye will seep into any ares that could not be seen in the traditional MRI. They will be able to see hairline fractures, old fractures that have healed improperly, and small tears in the spinal discs that could be causing the problem. If this test comes back with no significant defects, then it is likely muscular and physical therapy and massage are the things that will help in healing the problem. If the Flexeril does not help with the muscle symptoms, then you can ask for a muscle relaxer called Baclofen. This is a drug that they use with MS patients that have severe, full body spasms, and does work a lot better than Flexeril at relaxing any sore muscles.Honestly, if the MRI’s and CT Myelogram do not show anything, then there is not anything structurally wrong with your back and you need to suck it up and do the PT in order to strengthen the muscles surrounding your spine. It is hard work and can initially make the pain a little worse, but can eventually help you. Even Pain Management doctors are not going to prescribe long term use of narcotics if the imaging tests come back negative. Good luck
3 problems in one…?
Q: I know it is long but bare with me…I have had surgery on my neck. I have been on pain meds for 2 + years. I have severe pain in my back from 3 different places. Neck very severe canal stenosis, middle mild canal stenosis, lower severe canal stenosis.(Stenosis means narrowing) I have arthritis in my back in many places, bone spurs, herniated disk, budging disk, and bone deterioration + My surgeon told me to take Zanaflex for spasms which work fine for me. and Lorcets for pain which is ok but I do feel sick in my stomach if I don’t eat something when I take them.I was doing ok until….My Primary Dr. told me I need to see this Pain management Dr.NadarMy primary Dr. said I needed something to help with the pain more than want Lorcetes were doing..( It was driving my blood pressure up(the Pain)) I don’t like Narcotics so lets get that straight right now. I don’t drink either…Now this pain management Dr. Is telling me Surgeons only cut on you and send you out the door and they don’t care about you. I know this to NOT be true because my surgeon has been with me every step of the way to help me get well.’However, my Primary Dr.1 sent me to him Dr. Nadar Pain management Dr. Nadar.and He is telling me to throw all my meds away, and take what he wants me to take, and if I come back with Lorcets in my system he will not ever see me again..(Fine with me).He has prescribed a Flector patch which has Inflammation meds in it and it goes into the blood stream, This Dr. said it is only for the skin…Sounded crazy to me and I ask the Pharmacist about it and they said Yes it will go into the blood stream and has meds for Inflammation. MY Surgeon told me I can not take any thing that has to do with inflammation meds because it will cause my neck NOT to fuse together with the new bone they put in. He lied to me!!! which I felt was bull anyway.Then He gave me tramadol time release and It is $145.00 and is not covered my medicare… I don’t have that kind of money!! The Lorcets cost one $1.00 for 90 .So I can not take those Tramadol HCI extended- release either. Now the next Med is NUCYNTA…I have read on this one and I have respiratory problems mainly… I think is because my cervical canal is almost closed… and YES I am going back to surgery to get this fixed after I heal from this pass surgery. The thing is This med causes Respiratory depression…I already have problems with breathing at times.Has anyone me taken this one and know more about it. It is New and I don’t want to be a Ginny Pig with all the problems I am already having.Also I have called my surgeon and I just want to know what would you all do in this situation. (I waiting for him to return my call) As I was told my the Dr. Nadar if I don’t throw my meds away and they are still in my system by my next appointment in 1 month he will not see me again. Frankly I don’t give a hoot if I ever see him again. If fact I feel like sueing him for lieing to me.Nucynta Does anyone know about this drug?What is your thoughts on this. Please give me an answer or what I should do? I don’t want to loose my primary Dr. and he is going through a lot with hims wife having cancer so it is hard to get a hold of him right now.Thank you for taking the time with this. I am bed ridden right now until I get well which may be 1-2 years.Thank you and God Bless you! Regina
A: Personally, I don’t think you should go back to Dr. Nadar. He is not looking out for your best interests. Continue seeing your primary doc and ask for a referral to a different pain management doc. If you don’t feel comfortable with a doc, don’t tolerate him. can you help me?http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Apytq2RwmMdlg.eyM95jlEQk53NG;_ylv=3?qid=20090722125424AAU1stU
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