What is a malignant bone tumor

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A malignant bone tumor is one that has Cancerous cells. It will require surgery or radiation to treat it. ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-malignant-bone-tumor ]
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What is a malignant bone tumor
A malignant bone tumor is one that has Cancerous cells. It will require surgery or radiation to treat it. ChaCha.
What causes a malignant bone tumor?
We do not know. Currently there are many scientific studies taking place to attempt to answer this question. Many people theorize that they arise from alterations in the DNA of one’s bone cells that cause the cells to grow abnormally. Howev…
Can a benign bone tumor transform into a malignant bone tumor??
Eating the right food is important for your health. You can try supplementing his your diet with acai berry, it is certain to fix your boyfriend’s bone tumor! It is not only a widely tested and acknowledged weight loss produce, it is a supe…

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What information can an MRI give about a tumor?
Q: I have a tumor in my arm and an MRI will be done to evaluate it. Can an MRI determine if it is malignant or benign? I know it can identify if it is a soft tissue or bone tumor. What questions can the MRI answer? What questions do I need to ask my surgeon?
A: You rarely if ever see tumors in someones arm…But and MRI can reveal the size, location, and maybe what stage it is in.MRIs cannot determine if it is cancerous or not (malignant or benign) that can only be done with a biopsy, which is to remove part or all of it and see what kind it is. Whether it is actually cancerous or not.Maybe its leukemia
Can a local tumor in the lung spread to develop bone metases without affecting the rest of the lungs?
Q: My father has been diagnosed with non-small carcinoma in the right lung. The doctors also found a lesion in the back bone L4 which is reported as neoplastic. A biopsy on the lung tumor was performed and confirme malignancy. On that basis they are presuming that the bone lesion is also a malignant cancer tumor. However, what seems to be strange is that the CT scan results for the rest of the right lung, the left lung, abdomin, intestines, bladder, prostate, pancreas are totally clear. His oncology blood markers are also clear. The bone scan apart from the suspected lesion at L4 is totally clean, and his blood test results are acceptable. His general health conditions are good. He was on a diet, stopped it and gained 3KGS within a span of 10 days. He simply does not show any of the symptoms of a stage IV cancer patient. The doctors said they cannot operate because of the bone lesion. Had it been only in the lungs they would. We are concerned that they might be making the wrong connection
A: definitely get a second or third opinion.. this is too important!
Malignancy Eating Away Bone on 8 yr old’s skull….?
Q: My son is 8 yrs old and just got results from CT Scan in on a soft spot on top of his head. The doctor said it appears to be a malignancy that is deterioating the bone and surgery is needed to remove the bone and replace with a titanium plate. He has a consultation and MRI and Biopsy scheduled on Monday. Is this cancer? Malignant and Benign refer to Tumors and I have always associated a Malignant Tumor with Cancer. I need some qualified help to explain to me what is wrong with him and if there is a chance this or the surgery could be fatal. I am a single mom and need someone to help me be informed so I can be informed when I go into the consultation and to help me make the correct decision on what to do. The only insurance I have is MaineCare (like Medicaid) and am afraid that I will be treated differently. Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!
A: You need to call the doctor for a definitive diagnosis. However the word ‘malignancy’ usually means that it is cancer.Go to all the meetings, have the tests, and biopsy and collect as much information as you can about this disease. I know you are concerned about insurance but most states have a ‘Children with Special Needs’ program that will cover many of the costs of this illness. Your first concern needs to be your son. But I understand how scared you are right now. If it is cancer than there are treatment options and if you are not satisfied you can ask for a second or third opinion. If possible you should go to a pediatric childrens hospital and your son should be seen by a pediatric oncology team so that his care can be coordinated among the disciplines.Stay strong.
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