What is a pulmonary consumption

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A:Pulmonary consumption is Tuberculosis(TB). It’s when a patch of inflammation develops in the lung, w/ formation of an abscess. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-pulmonary-consumption ]
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What is a pulmonary consumption
Pulmonary consumption is Tuberculosis(TB). It’s when a patch of inflammation develops in the lung, w/ formation of an abscess.
Does the consumption of green tea reduce the risk of lung cancer …?
Liang W, Binns CW, Jian L, Lee AH. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2007 Mar; 4(1):17-22. Epub 2006 Oct 24.
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It’s well known and understood that one of the main food of the Mediterranean diet is Fish. Since millenniums this food has been the main aliment of the Mediterranean people that lived of fishing. Today scientists at the Harvard School of P…

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For non-allergic person, is there danger in over-consumption of GARLIC?
Q: Talking about regular person, with no allergies whatsoever to anything (known anyway), Is there any danger in eating or rather cooking with too much GARLIC???I’ve been using a lot of it in most or all my meals. Recently read about someone who does the same. It makes me wonder if there’s danger to any change in metabolism of a person. I love to eat it raw, BUT I DON’T, for fear of bad breath. But I tend to cook with much, much more than the usual few cloves most people use!!! Basically because of doctors’ advice to cut salt considerably for heart patient in my family. As well as acid-causing foods, etc., so she won’t get it in her bloodstream. But what about garlic? Is there something in garlic that wouldn’t be good for someone with heart problems and chronic pulmonary obstruction?
A: Garlic is exceptionally good for you — there is good reason that it is associated with keeping away Vampires. It is good for your blood, your heart, and overall general health.Bad breath isn’t really the issue, but body odor is. My neighbor — a biology professor — has consumed several cloves of garlic daily for most of his life, and the aroma just seeps out of his body, and people have difficulty being around him for a long period of time. He has a fastidious toilet habit, but that does NOT prevent the smell from coming through his pores, nor do perfumes or body lotions prevent or disguise the aroma.Onions and celery can add a considerable amount of flavor to foods without the need for salt, and both of these are also very good for the body and bloodstream.
Which of these statements is incorrect? Multiple Choice Please HELP!?
Q: Please help explain also if you can! I don’t understand. I thought it was choice ( i)- 2 as correct but got it incorrect..can someone please explain what it would be? this was quite confusing. Thanks.Which of the following statement(s) is (are) incorrect concerning respirationa. Pulmonary ventilation normally requires ~3% of energy expenditure, but this amouont can be increased b. Exhalation is a passive process, but may also be an active process c. Inhalation is always an active process, it is NEVER passive d. Air is pulled into the lungs by a vacuum, and expelled from the lungs when alveolar pressure exceeds atmospheric pressure e. Oxygen diffuses from the atmosphere into the blood at the lungs and is taken to the tissues where it is offloaded based on the known physiological principles (ex. Bohr shift) f. The Haldane effect explains the carrying capacity of carbon dioxide by the blood in relation to oxygen consumption by the tissues. g. Carbon dioxide is converted into carbonic acid (and then into bicarbonate) by the enzyme carbonic anhydrase; this forms the most important buffer system against acidosis in the body. Carbon dioxide in transformed back into a gas by carbonic anhydrase at the lungs, where it diffuses into the alveoli for removal by pulmonary ventilation. h. Respiration is a general term that describes numerous functions and interactions of both the respiratory and cardiovascular system (and the muscular system for that matter) in regards to gas exchange and transport. i. Two of these statements are incorrect j. Three of these statements are incorrect k. None of these statements are incorrect
A: I think that it’s K. None of these statements are incorrect. They all seem to be accuratea. Trueb. Yes, because we can push air out when we contract our abdomnial muscles and force air outc. inhalation requires the diaphragm to contract to allow the lungs to expand so it is active.d. Is true, the space between the lungs and the pericardium create a vacuum, and yes when alveolar pressure exceeds pATM, the air is forced back out of the lungse. Yes – the Bohr shift is a result of the O2 concentration increasing which prompts it to offload into the alveolif. Haldane effect occurs when increased oxygenation of hemoglobin promotes dissociation of carbon dioxide, so yes this is in regards to carrying capacity of Hbg. This is true – carbonic anhydrase converts carbonic acid into bicarbonate plus H+. Its a buffer because when H+ builds up, the reaction occurs in reverse and eliminates H+ and we can expel it out via CO2. When people have a hard time breathing, acidosis is a result of them not being able to take in enough O2, and H+ keeps building up in the blood.h. This is true
Diving & Hot showers, is this the answer?
Q: Feb 13, 2010 at 10:28 amWhile moviebuff may be on the right track, he like most instructors can only spout off what they have read. I do this for a living, I have run more chambers, seen more cases of DCS in all it’s forms and been bent myself. Like most divers we tend to be hardheaded and defensive of our training and knowledge but, failure to learn is what spreads disinformation and causes deaths. To infer that I read an article in a recreational publication and then decided to hold a quiz, is insulting. I maintain a standard of training that you would pray for if you took a hit, so take a lesson. Feb 13, 2010 at 10:48 amVasodilation: An expansion of the veins and arteries causing an increase in the flow of blood. For our purposes caused by a hot shower after a dive. Basic physics show us that if thing are heated they expand. Gas law supports this as well.Most of the “no-no’s” the masses spout as precursers for DCI such as, Alcohol consumption, dehydration, smoking, etc. have three things at their core. Vasodilation, Vasoconstriction, and/or a change in the “surface tension” or thickness of the blood.While the body may “on-gas” faster when the tissues are cold it’s not a major issue because recreational tables are conservative enough to address the slight increase in the rate. The rapid and massive vasodilation occuring from exposure to hot water can cause a rapid and massive “off-gas” of remaining inert gas, resulting in DCI. Charles’ law basically states if you heat a gas, it will expand. So, the increase in flow and bubble formation could overwhelm the pulmonary system abilities.
A: is this a question or an answer?
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