What is a random bump on my nose that is hard

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A:The bump on your nose could be a pesky pimple or an abscess. If an abscess, a doctor will drain the pus from it. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-random-bump-on-my-nose-that-is-hard ]
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What is a random bump on my nose that is hard
The bump on your nose could be a pesky pimple or an abscess. If an abscess, a doctor will drain the pus from it. ChaCha on!

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Need medical advice, lots of symptoms. help?
Q: Okay I am 16 years old, 5’6″, 145 lbs. I have had many problem but no doctor seems to know the problem (so i think)- For Nearly 6 MONTHS my jaw has been locked i can only open it about an inch and a half maximum. It hurts to chew on anything. I know it is the left side of my jaw that is locked. Every time I ask a doctor about it (called orthopedic surgeon, ENT ear nose and throat doctor, Went to E.R 3 times for it, seen dentist) they all say the same thing “it’s TMJ, Put heat on it periodically for minutes, rest it (don’t eat hard foods), and take ibu profen”. I’ve done all of those things and they are not working. It’s actually gotten worse, now the right side of my jaw is starting to lock. I woke up 5 and a half months ago and it was just locked. it was fine when i went to bed until the next morning. I can’t yawn and its gotten so stressful that i actually cry over it sometimes. Oh, i also eat a LOT of sunflower seeds. at least to small bags a day. Well my mom told me that was probably why so i stopped eating them for about a week and that’s when it started to get worse. I believe this is an unrelated symptom to anything i am about to tell you.- My breast are extremely sore to the touch. I could gently touch them and it is a sharp almost unbearable pain. People tell me its because there growing but i don’t think it should hurt this bad.- My lymph nodes on the front of my neck toward the jaw line have been swollen constantly for 2 years, some days worse then others, much worse.- I am constantly tired no matter how much sleep i get. I could get 12 hours of sleep and still be tired but if i tried to go to bed i couldn’t sleep.- I have a red bump on my head (on my scalp) for the past 5 years. (not a birthmark) that has significantly gotten larger. It’s about. it’s about in diameter i think is the term.- I have random bruises all over my legs that i have no memory of getting. It’s not like i’m a child and i play rough.- And on a VERY personal note. I have gotten a white discharge (female parts) everyday at least three times a day since i started my period 4 years ago. (had not had sex when this started)- Periods are very, very irregular. Sometimes i get it twice a month.Those are actually a few thing i can think of.If You actually read this whole thing thank you very much. I’m sorry it was so long. I’m just a girl looking for an answer because apparently the doctors have no clue. So please, help me. give me some sort of input on what you think it could be. I’m just so fed up with it all. Well thank you so much and i look forward to reading your commentsLove- Kenzi <3
A: Kenzi, You haven’t found the right doctor. If you have insurance, and you have a primary doctor, CHANGE DOCTORS. You need a doctor who cares about you. What I really recommend, and you might need a referral from your primary, is for you to see a psychiatrist. Not because you’re crazy! Because they are the smartest doctors (they go to school an extra 4 years) and they know how to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together, especially for someone like you, because you have so many problems. A psychiatrist will know how to help you. I’ve seen them work miracles time and time again, and I don’t even believe in miracles!It sounds to me like you have TMJ for sure, which I know is HORRIBLE. Your dentist should have referred you to a TMJ specialist, or you just have to find one on your own.I’m hoping you have a mother and/or father who support you. If not, find an older friend or relative who will come with you to see any doctor. It’s not necessary for a psychiatrist, but for all other doctors you’ll get much more respect and better overall “service” if an older relative comes with you into the small room with the doctor. This person can vouch for you, ask pertinent questions, and take notes. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about.So you need to: 1) change primary doctors2) get a referral to a psychiatrist and/or TMJ specialistI wish you the very best of luck, Kenzi. 🙂 🙂
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